StormLikes Review – Is it legit?

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If you want to excel over your competitors on Instagram, then you need to have as many likes as possible on your posts, video views, and comments.

But how do you do this?

How can you entice your followers to like or comment on your posts?

Thankfully, there are tools that sell Instagram likes and other services that can help to boost your Instagram account and win over your competitors.

One of these is StormLikes. Aside from the option to purchase likes, they also offer other services, such as user targeting based on gender, country, and other factors.

And you’d be glad to know that all these services will be available for you at a very minimal cost!

Sure, the platform sounds too good to be true. So, let’s find out more about it and see if it really works!

Read on for our in-depth StormLikes review.

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StormLikes Speed of Delivery

One of the best things about StormLikes is their speed of delivery. This means that as soon as you make a payment for the service that you need, you’ll immediately receive what you paid for.

Such aspect is actually their major selling point. No one wants to wait for a long time to receive Instagram likes after spending their money.

According to some customers, you can get your likes in as fast as 30 seconds! Sure, this is such a great promise but it doesn’t appeal to other users.

For them, if your post receives several likes in only a few seconds, your audience might think that something strange is going on and this could damage your business reputation.

Although StormLikes doesn’t indicate that they offer an option to delay your likes, this may be an issue to some Instagram users. Furthermore, there’s no mention of whether you can choose the delivery speed of your likes.

What is the Quality of the Accounts?

StormLikes is known for providing good quality of accounts. If you take time to look into the accounts from where their likes came from, you’ll find that these accounts have their own standing on social media. They come from real accounts with profile pictures, followers, posts, user engagements etc.

As such, these likes will appear authentic to your audience and will create a good impression on your brand. This is such a great feature because not a lot of Instagram growth tools are capable of providing authentic likes.

StormLikes Targeting Options

Another great attribute of StormLikes is its targeting options. If you sign up for their service, you’ll be able to set targeting options for your account depending on where you want to receive the likes.

For instance, you can set it in such a way that you’ll receive likes coming from customers that live close to you. You can also choose to receive likes from Instagram users of a specific country and from a specific gender.

The targeting options work exactly as how you expect them to. You’ll be getting likes from certain countries, regions, locality, etc. which is truly a plus if you’re still in the process of building a fan base on Instagram. Furthermore, they also offer an option where you can “randomize the likes.”

For instance, you currently have 10 posts in your account and each of these posts has 250 likes regardless of when they were posted or what the content of the post is.

This could fuel suspicion on some of your followers because it’s just not possible for posts to have a similar number of likes.

So, to avoid this, you can randomize the likes for each of your posts.

The only downside with the randomize option is that this feature is only useful to those who’ll avail of the monthly service plans that StormLikes is offering.

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Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, StormLikes doesn’t fair well. Unlike other companies that offer similar services, they don’t have any chat support or even a number where customers can call for help.

What they have is an email address where you can send in your queries and a ticket-like customer inquiry form.

When you use this option to send an inquiry, you’ll get an automated response on your email acknowledging your request.

Is StormLikes Reliable?

Unfortunately, the reliability of StormLikes is somewhat questionable.

Compared to other Instagram automation tools, StormLikes doesn’t accept PayPal payments, which can be bothersome for most people who’d prefer to transact with PayPal instead of using their credit cards.

The absence of a PayPal payment option is a major concern for most users, which also questions the website’s reliability. A company that doesn’t have PayPal integration could mean that it’s facing a dispute with PayPal due to some fraudulent transactions. This fact is a red flag for some users and may find it doubtful to use the service.

However, some reviews that were written about StormLikes have mentioned that they used to accept PayPal as a mode of payment in the past. But for some unknown reasons, they have stopped providing this option.

Whatever the reason is, the company’s lack of PayPal payment option has made users question its credibility.


StormLikes is a great option for improving your Instagram account, especially if you’re new in the business and you can’t afford to spend a lot of money for your social marketing efforts just yet.

The likes that you’ll get from StormLikes seem real since the accounts look authentic. This is very important because it’ll give a good impression to your consumers.

However, as mentioned above, StormLikes come with disadvantages and one of them is the speed of delivery of likes. Liking several posts in only a few seconds could make your followers suspect you of using bots, which isn’t a good reputation for your business.

Furthermore, they don’t offer the option to pay with PayPal, which makes their credibility questionable.

Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong with giving the Storm Likes a try. After all, their services are among the cheapest in the market, which is great for those that have a very limited budget.

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