6 Best Sterling Silver Moissanite Engagement Rings (NEW Styles!)

Published on: November 22, 2022
Last Updated: November 22, 2022

6 Best Sterling Silver Moissanite Engagement Rings (NEW Styles!)

Published on: November 22, 2022
Last Updated: November 22, 2022

Of the different rings you can buy for your spouse, sterling silver moissanite engagement rings are among your best options.

These rings are one of the rarest kinds, as not every ring designer makes them.

However, when you come across them, you can rest assured that you’ve seen moissanite at its best, though with some disadvantages.

What are these sterling silver moissanite engagement rings, and what are some good options?

Some good sterling silver moissanite engagement rings include those from brands like Yeedamy, Nylry, and GemQueen.

There are also other top picks in the Amazon Store, with a money-back guarantee and top quality.

Sterling silver is a good choice for rings, especially the one labeled “925.” Its blend with other metals ensures you enjoy the jewel for a long time without it rusting.

This exciting post will get good information on some of the best sterling silver moissanite engagement rings.

Thanks to this post, you’ll get an excellent description to better understand these types of rings. You don’t want to miss these crucial details, so stick with me to the end.

Best Sterling Silver Moissanite Engagement Rings For You

You may not find sterling silver moissanite engagement rings in top stores like Forever Moissanite, She.Said.Yes, and Barkevs.

However, you can find some interesting options on the Amazon store. Below are some of the best picks for you:

1. Yeedamy Sterling Silver Moissanite Engagement Band

Yeedamy Sterling Silver Moissanite Engagement Band

The highest quality moissanite is graded D in color and VVS1 in clarity. It shines and sparkles just like genuine diamonds.

It’s the type of moissanite you will find in this Yeedamy engagement ring.

This ring has a 925-sterling silver shank with a good 24k gold finish. The ring is finished in 18k white gold and plated three times to prevent tarnishing and discoloration.

Its moissanite stones are set securely by hand. Plus, it has been given an excellent polishing job to make it sparkle and shine even more.

Timeless and elegant, you can purchase this beauty for your spouse or offer it as a gift. You get a 30-day free return if you feel disappointed.

2. SAMIOVJ 1/1.5/2 Carat Round Cut Sterling Silver Moissanite Engagement Ring


Do you want something that makes you feel like a queen? Then this is just one of the perfect sterling silver moissanite engagement rings. 

When it comes to hardness, this moissanite diamond ring is second only to diamonds and is harder than any other gemstone.

It’s a timeless and graceful design that suits any woman.

The ring is mighty, pure white, and has tremendous glitter and fire without appearing false. Plus, it is a classic cut.

The moissanite at the heart of this beautiful ring weighs 1 carat. It has a band that is approximately 2.1 mm wide.

The ring setting is 18k white gold over 925 sterling silver, which helps the diamond’s D-E color grade stand out.

The stones in this beautiful piece are set by hand instead of wax to ensure they will last and stay in place.

Also, it ensures the stones will be more uniform in appearance.

For your peace of mind, every moissanite gemstone you buy comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

3. Nylry 1 Carat Oval/Square Cut Sterling Silver Moissanite Engagement Ring

Square Cut Sterling Silver Moissanite Engagement Ring

This moissanite ring is made of 925 Sterling Silver and genuine moissanite that is 1 carat in size. The timeless square ring is as beautifully cut as a diamond and sturdy as a rock.

Moissanite statement rings are classic because of their understated elegance.

The timeless style of the square ring makes it appropriate for both special events and everyday use.

It also highlights the wearer’s refined taste.

The Moissanite is securely attached to the sterling silver band with a four-claw setting and unique design.

Each moissanite stone is hand-picked and comes with a quality guarantee and an inspection report to prove it.

The sterling silver moissanite engagement rings come in beautiful gift boxes. These square rings come in beautiful packaging, perfect for your engagement. 

4. SecreTalk 5 Carat Hearts & Arrows Cut Sterling Silver Moissanite Engagement Ring

SecreTalk Moissanite Engagement Ring

When you feel you’ve seen the best of them, you come across this five-carat ring. This ring’s quirky design will make your finger appear full and graceful.

Each of the five moissanite stones in this ring for ladies has a diameter of 3–6.5 millimeters. They weigh between 0.1 and 0.5 carats each.

The total carat weight ranges from 0.5 to 5.0 carats. The ring setting is 18k white gold, and the stone is graded D-E for brilliance. 

To guarantee the durability and security of the stones within the setting, the company chooses a hand-made setting rather than a wax setting.

This also has the added benefit of giving the stones a cleaner, more uniform appearance.

5. GEMQUEEN 0.33 Carat Brilliant Round Cut Sterling Silver Moissanite Engagement Ring

GEMQUEEN 0.33 Carat Brilliant Round Cut Sterling Silver Moissanite Engagement Ring

This beautiful ring is made with the best 925 sterling silver and Moissanite.

The 18K white gold coating is finely polished, so it doesn’t rust and keeps its shine for as long as possible.

This moissanite ring is safe for people with nickel and lead allergies. It is hypoallergenic and won’t cause any skin reactions.

The four prongs make the setting for the gem more stable and safer, allowing it to fit into your everyday life.

The moissanite is of the best quality. Each stone is cut in a round brilliant shape with a D color, VVS1 clarity, and a 9.25 hardness.

Interestingly, they look just like natural diamonds and can be tested with a diamond pen with the same results.

This Moissanite ring comes in a beautiful gift box and is wrapped in silver linen. It is an excellent addition to any jewelry collection or a great proposal.

The jeweler also offers a lifetime and money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy.

6. AnuClub 2.48 Carat Oval Cut Sterling Silver Moissanite Engagement Ring

AnuClub 2.48 Cttw Oval Moissanite Engagement Ring

When maximizing light reflection, an oval form wins hands down. With this, you can imagine the beauty of this masterpiece.

To prevent oxidation, bending, and color changes, the 925 silver has been blended with other metals.

You should know that this keeps the jewelry from rusting, bending, and changing color.

You won’t have to worry about an allergic reaction if you have sensitive skin, thanks to the product’s highly polished surface.

AnuClub guarantees 100% customer satisfaction or your money back. Each jewelry item undergoes a rigorous inspection before being put on the market.

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects to ensure you’re happy.

You’ll never be stuck with an item you don’t like.

What Makes Sterling Silver Rings A Good Pick?

chuttersnap u91R8WPaKQU unsplash

You may have been thinking about getting a moissanite ring for a while now. Moissanite can be found in nature but is mainly made in a lab.

It is a popular alternative to diamonds. This jewel costs a fraction of what diamonds do and, at first glance, can fool even the most skilled jeweler. 

There are different types of moissanite rings concerning how they are styled or made. Sterling silver moissanite engagement rings are among the least popular, but they are pretty valuable.

Sterling silver is an excellent choice if you want something that is both classic and durable. Still, it’s worth noting that it isn’t the best choice for everyone, no matter how beautiful it may look.

It all comes down to what you value most. Plus, you can save a lot of money by buying a moissanite ring made of sterling silver.

Moissanite’s purity and sparkle are its best qualities, and sterling silver’s classic, the understated tone is a good match for them. 

Though sterling silver isn’t completely hypoallergenic (it may have traces of nickel), it usually isn’t too harsh on sensitive skin.

Most moissanite sterling silver rings can have their sizes changed. You’ll like how it looks, and it’s great that someone with less money can still use it well.

Sterling silver moissanite engagement rings are not exactly rare. They don’t have a high resale value and will not increase in price.

Unlike moissanite, sterling silver is not as strong (a Mohs hardness grade of 9.25, second only to diamonds). Sterling silver must be taken care of so it doesn’t get tarnished. 

Moissanite rings are strong enough to wear every day, but sterling silver rings can turn black if they aren’t polished often.

Lastly, know that moissanite doesn’t look exactly like a diamond. As the carat number goes up, the differences become more apparent.

Tips For Finding The Best Sterling Silver Moissanite Engagement Rings

atul vinayak jKvwtbrxzdY unsplash

When looking for a moissanite ring, you have to be quite picky. Although moissanite might be a good investment, you shouldn’t buy the cheapest stones.

It’s vital to tell the difference between low-quality moissanite and high-quality moissanite.

Knowing the difference between lab-grown and minded moissanite is also helpful.

Having a gemstone that is damaged in any way, especially by tarnishing or cracking, is the last thing you want.

Due to a lack of natural stones, most moissanite is now made in a lab. This is to keep up with demand.

Lab-grown moissanite is cheaper than natural moissanite, but it is the same in terms of quality and durability. You should, however, avoid language that suggests “man-made.” 

This is a telltale sign that a simulant like cubic zirconia is passed off as moissanite. Although moissanite is not outrageously pricey, it is not the cheapest option.

Furthermore, you have to know that there were so many silver variants. Always look for the 925-sterling silver hallmark when making a silver transaction.

Tiny layers of silver are put into a base metal that’ll corrode and turn your finger green to make plated silver. 

The “925” stamp guarantees that the ring is at least 92.5 percent silver and not an alloy.

Because pure silver is so delicate, you can’t wear it daily. Plating anything with rhodium makes it last longer.

How To Choose Your Sterling Silver Moissanite Engagement Rings

alyssa hurley IdU1Si3wJ I unsplash edited

Now that you know how to spot fake moissanite and that it isn’t even an option, let’s get the best. Below are characteristics that you should consider as you shop for your moissanite ring:


It’s really up to you to decide what you want your cut to be. The brilliant, round, and cushion cuts are all attractive and widely used.

It is possible to save a lot of money without compromising quality by choosing an oval or radiant cut

You may also like princess-cut moissanite because of its unique shape and subtle luster. Deeper-cut gems, like emeralds, look old, but their brightness is often dulled.

Color And Clarity

If you only have pictures of the stone, buying might be a big mistake. To choose a moissanite ring with the most sparkle, you need to know the color and clarity of the stone.

The hue should be white if you want it to look like a diamond. 

You can also go for something very close to colorless (D, E, F grading or G, H, J). Since some moissanite has a yellowish tint, this is the most critical consideration.

In addition, I recommend checking the clarity, which should be pretty high. A beautiful moissanite gem will emerge from the collaboration of these two qualities.


Though sterling silver may not be the number one choice for many people, it is definitely worth it.

If you’re on a low budget but wish to get something classy that everyone will love, you can try it out.

Start with the sterling silver moissanite engagement rings recommended in this post, and you will not be disappointed.

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