Best Easy Steps to Come Up with a Custom T-shirt Design Idea: Guide

Last Updated: July 10, 2022
Fortunately, having a few simple skills, anyone can create their own T-shirt design. Here’s a guide to come up with a custom t-shirt design idea.
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The modern mass market offers a variety of clothing items to choose from, but among them, it’s still difficult to find something that would emphasize the individuality of the owner.

Fortunately, having a few simple skills, anyone can create their own T-shirt design, the originality of which is limited only by imagination. This article contains several important rules that will help each reader to get T-shirt bundles with their own design and show their individuality fully.

The Most Common Graphic Styles in T-shirt Design

The following design options for T-shirts are increasingly found on store shelves or in the online stores’ catalogs:

  1. Artistic illustrations
  2. Animation
  3. Doodles and simple images
  4. Black and white graphics
  5. Geometry
  6. Negative space
  7. Minimalism
  8. Typography
  9. Real photos
  10. Collages

There are really a huge number of options, so printing on T-shirts will be a great solution for people with different tastes and interests who are looking for a way to express themselves.

Trendy Colors

Colors are sometimes the most difficult choice in T-shirt design development. When styling clothes, it’s worth adhering to the rules of color psychology. To do this, a person should be able to select combinations of colors, use the color values, and choose a successful shade. But for a T-shirt with its own design, these rules may not be necessary at all. The main thing is that the colors work in favor of the overall appearance of the T-shirt.

An unpleasant mistake of novice fashion designers is when the image merges with the fabric’s color. Therefore, in most cases, styling is first developed, and only then the color of the T-shirt is selected. Contrast has always worked well for drawing attention to the picture.

image 22

Printing doesn’t always accurately convey the colors of the digital image. The design may lose its intensity and the colors may be muted. Therefore, a person can provide the printing studio with color codes. Employees of such studios will keep the exact tone of certain elements of the picture or the overall design.

Steps to Find a Suitable Design Idea

To get a beautiful and original T-shirt in the end, a user needs to:

  1. Find their own niche
  2. Evoke inspiration and ideas for creating an individual product
  3. Take advantage of popular internet platforms with lots of tips and beautiful images
  4. Form an original T-shirt design

Everything is as simple as possible—it’s only important to find the right idea and start creating a masterpiece!

Niche Search

The work won’t be done with dignity if its creator does everything without a soul and desire. It’s enough for a person to reflect on their interests in order to find a niche for development in design.

It can be floristry and floral design, graphic art and graphic t-shirt bundles, or perhaps cartoons and animation. Inscriptions can also be put on the T-shirt (serious motivational quotes or funny statements, for example). This version of clothing will perfectly dilute the image and become the highlight of its owner.

Ideas and Inspiration

In the presence of active inspiration, the head is full of new ideas, and any task is easy to accomplish. If it’s not there, then the hands fall helplessly and any activity becomes an unbearable burden. Here are the best options that help to bring the creative mood back:

image 23
  •  listening to music
  •  meditation
  •  liberation from oppressive thoughts
  •  thoughts about something distant and pleasant
  • laughter
  • quiet walks
  • training
  • journeys
  • search for the causative agent of creativity

Indeed, in conditions of huge competition in the clothing market, it can be quite difficult to create something individual and well-sold at the same time. In this case, everything is based on a qualitative idea.

Using Popular Online Services

image 27

If the creators don’t have enough inspiration to come up with something original, they can look for a suitable print on different Internet portals. Pinterest, Instagram, and Behance are perfect for this! There’s an abundance of design projects on these services, so sometimes ideas can come at the most unexpected moment.

Transferring a Print to a T-shirt

Before that, it’s worth considering these points:

  • t-shirt model
  •  potential buyers’ gender
  • style (loose or snug fit)
  • trendy colors
  • the style of the model (for example, vintage t-shirt bundles and graphic designs are now gaining great popularity among people of different ages and genders)
image 24

If the first part of creating custom T-shirt bundles is extremely clear, some problems with the printing itself may arise in the process. To transfer the invented image, designers buy blank t-shirt bundles. The following types of printing are used to transfer the finished drawing or inscription:

1. Direct Screen Printing (Silkscreen Printing). 

Silkscreen printing is the most common way of printing on T-shirts. It’s universal and most suitable for single and wholesale purchases. Direct printing can be applied to a logo, picture, image, or symbolism on almost any natural or artificial material including cotton, nylon, and polyester.

image 25

People prefer this technology because it provides the product with a beautiful, reliable pattern that can tolerate about 50 washes. Also, this method is more profitable than the others, and it keeps cheap t-shirt bundles printing inexpensive. Even at a low price, the quality isn’t lost. This printing method provides a bright, wear-resistant image.

2. Thermal Transfer Printing. 

In fact, thermal transfer is the transfer of an image to a product using an intermediate carrier. Thermal transfer printing creates different visual and tactile effects on the fabric such as glitters to add flicker and shine, bright fluorescent colors on clothes, metal particles from light gold to bronze and silver, metallized foil, and so on. The transfer doesn’t take much time and keeps all the colors in their original form.

image 26

The right choice of printing method will save money and give the highest quality products in the end.


Sometimes it takes a lot of time to find the desired T-shirt, and all because the clothes offered in the markets and other stores don’t correspond to the image that a person wants to embody in one of their things. In this case, the modern method of drawing patterns on the fabric comes to the rescue. After all, a T-shirt is one of the practical things that you can wear every day, which means it’s quite normal to make it extraordinary!

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Written by Allison Langstone

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