7 Best Tips for Starting a Music Blog

Do you have good knowledge and experience with music? You may profit from a music blog using the following tips. 

Not everyone who starts a music blog has experience with blogging about music. You can have a lot of music knowledge and be a great writer and still not have blogging experience. You also need to know the basics of SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing strategies. You can learn most of these things as you go. 

There is a learning curve when you are trying to figure out the overlap between marketing and the music industry. You have landed on an article that can help you prevent the trial and error method of learning to start a music blog. Therefore, you can avoid the rookie mistakes made in the music blogging arena. 

Even if you are just starting out with blogging you can use these tips to make it easier. Without further ado, here are the 7 best tips for starting a music blog.

1. Choose Your Web Host

Web Host

Choosing your web host is one of the first things on your to-do list. You will need good hosting with good support. The main earmarks of a good host are:

  • Accessible support service
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Easy to manage
  • Secure website option

The best solution, if you are a beginner, is Siteground because they have great introductory offers, customer service, and they are reliable.  Yes. I am an affiliate because of how good these web hosting services are. The other option is Bluehost, which is a very good option with a lot of features and options. Overall, getting the right host is the foundation of your website.

2. Define Your Music Niche


If you have been reading other information about starting a blog, you likely see this mentioned a lot because it is a standard tip. A music blog cannot be successful without a niche.

What does that mean? It means you need to focus on a specific aspect of the industry. Your posts should reflect your niche all or at least most of the time. For example, not everyone is going to care about your jazz music blog unless they like jazz. 

3. Be Consistent & Creative

Music Creative

Being consistent means to make sure to add content on a regular schedule. A big part of successful blogging and viral content is related to being consistent. For instance, writing an article or a music-related review on your niche at least three times per week. Some bloggers write posts or reviews daily. That consistency helps your readers to know when you will post next. 

Being creative while staying relevant and interesting is another major element of a successful music blog. The posts you create must be engaging enough to keep your readers interested. Be professional and create original content related to your niche. 

4. Stop Doing What Doesn’t Work

Stop Doing What Doesn't Work

Be willing and open to change direction when necessary. Keep your eye on your analytics so you can determine what is working and what is not. Be ready to drop things that are not working and make changes accordingly as you go. Your time is precious, so avoid wasting it on content that is not producing.

When you find that your readers are not liking some of your content, leave it behind and try something new. Be willing to try new strategies and create new and more interesting content. This can prevent your blog from going stale.

5. Get Interviews from Experts


Singers, musicians, radio personalities, and anyone who is considered an expert in the music industry can be interviewed. Even if that means interviewing local talent. People love to feel connected to the people behind the music.

Interviews are a valuable tool for your blog. You can write out the review, get a video (Zoom or in person), or use both on your blog. Have fun with it and ask questions people want the answers to. Adding this to your music blog will boost your content taking it from written well and interesting to very engaging information about this music insider. 

6. Create Your Own Team of Writers


As your music blog grows you will need more content. It could become overwhelming for you. Creating a great team of writers will help take the stress off of you and help you keep that interesting content coming. 

More writers can also provide different perspectives on topics related to your music blog niche. It is that kind of content that reaches out to more readers. It can make it more fun, unique, and prevent your blog from getting stale. 

7. Read Blogs & Books About Blogging

Blogs & Books

One book I can recommend is “How to Build a Music Blog“. Creating and maintaining your music blog will take some knowledge. You need access to information, which is what this book provides. 

There is an overwhelming amount of music blogging information available online which often causes confusion. Much of this information is written by bloggers, but not music bloggers. It is always best to get specific information to help you build a music blog. 

The aforementioned book includes information such as how to pick the right niche, how to build an appealing website that will become a community, how to grow enough to get artists contacting you with information, how to build your team of writers and content contributors to help enhance your perspective and maintain your music blog tone, and how you can better monetize your website to make it sustainable. 


You can stress yourself out about music blogging or you can learn from someone’s mistakes and avoid the pitfalls. The information about music blogging you need to know is specific to this industry and can help you create something that could become helpful to your audience and profitable for you.

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