Spray Paint that Old Chair!

Last Updated: June 8, 2020



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Spray Paint that Old Chair!
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Do you have old upholstered indoor or outdoor furniture that could use a little TLC? Maybe you have a piece that has some stains or fading that needs some love and you need a cost-effective and the simplest delivery method of repair.

Did you know you can spray paint your upholstered furniture?

Imagine using simply spray fabric paint to revitalize your upholstered furnishings around the house. You can literally spray paint your way to a whole new look for your old furniture.

Simply Spray is non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, kid-safe, not sticky or stiff after it dries, and is efficient and effective for bringing new life to old or faded furniture.

You can turn an old, stained RV seat into a whole new RV seat like this:


It’s not just great for RV seating. You can use Simply Spray fabric/upholstery paint on virtually any kind of fabric or upholstery.

For instance, this beautifully designed old wingback chair needed a new look.

Which turned into this new, updated, elegant look:


Outdoor patio furniture, automobile seating, sofas, loveseats, rugs, and other types of fabric covered furnishings can all benefit from a few coats of Simply Spray fabric spray. These pictorial examples are from real customers who used our products.

People across the globe are discovering how it’s easy and more cost-effective to use Simply Spray fabric spray to renew and update their upholstered home furnishing inside and outside.

It costs hundreds to reupholster furniture and thousands to replace it when it becomes stained or you simply get tired of looking at it. Furniture covers are okay, but they are often quite costly and they don’t stay on well. You will find yourself constantly tucking it corners, between cushions, and basically trying to make them look presentable all the time.

Home improvement projects using Simply Spray fabric spray allows you to spray paint your furniture faster, easier, and more conveniently than any other method of revitalizing your furnishings. You can also do this kind of project with you kids, spending some much-needed quality time together and teaching them a new skill.

There are many benefits of using Simply Spray fabric pain for a wide variety of projects in and around the home. Whether you enjoy arts and crafts, you’re just getting started doing your own home décor and renovations, or you just love a new challenge, spray painting upholstered furniture is a fun project. The sense of accomplishment when you see the end results makes the time and effort you put into it well worth it.

Another benefit of using Simply Spray is the ranges of colors you will find in this brand. Plum, lavender, burgundy, bright red, coral peach, burnt orange, saddle brown, camel, sage green, hunter green, hot lime (fun color), Caribbean blue, navy, periwinkle, midnight black, and charcoal grey. Some people get creative with stencils and color contrasts on their furniture designs.

Almost any upholstery in your home can be updated or covered with Simply Spray. Learn more about our products, at the home of Simply Spray here:  https://www.fabricspray.co.uk/


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Hi! I’m the editor at EarthWeb. I have a deep interest in technology and business. I also enjoy testing products out. Contact me to be featured!

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