Spotify Tips And Tricks: 10 Tips to Get More Engagement (2021)

10 Spotify Tips & Tricks To Increase Engagement

Published on: April 16, 2023
Last Updated: April 16, 2023

10 Spotify Tips & Tricks To Increase Engagement

Published on: April 16, 2023
Last Updated: April 16, 2023

One of the most famous music streaming applications in the world is Spotify. This Swedish audio streaming provider has helped many musicians publish their music or podcast and also discover other new songs and musicians.

This site, founded in 2006, has gradually grown over the years and become one of the most famous streaming platforms in the world of music.

It is also rated as one of the best in the industry and has become a safe haven for upcoming artists who want to shoot to fame quickly.

Using Spotify to Boost Your Music Career

Music streaming has become very popular these days and has even generated more income than MP3 recently. This shows that music streaming has great potential and is even the future monarch.

As a record company, a band, or a solo artist, it has become a crucial step to consider when starting a career in the music industry.

The reality is that recording your music is easy but breaking into the music industry as a mainstream artist is difficult.

Due to this, many artists are always looking for new and faster avenues to gain more fame, streams, and followers.

Spotify has been a helping hand over the years and has presented artists worldwide a golden opportunity to make something great out of their careers. 

Despite this fantastic platform presenting itself as the most excellent place on the internet with the opportunity for budding musicians and exposing their music globally, many don’t know how to take advantage of Spotify’s capabilities.

To grow your followers and streams on Spotify, as well as attracting real people to listen to your music, requires using specific reliable strategies.

How to Increase Spotify Engagement

One thing you should know about Spotify is that its algorithm favors users with a large number of active fans and streams.

How to gain more views, streams, and followers on Spotify is what most users who have released music on the platform try to find. Even after studying the intricacies of how Spotify works, many still find it difficult to speed up the rate at which their views, followers, and streams increase.

Some artists use a few strategies to boost their followership and the number of views for their playlists on Spotify.

Sadly, many of these strategies still fail or don’t help these artists meet their goals. The truth is the strategies you employ to promote your music on Spotify determine the result you get, and many artists don’t go about it the right way.

Tips to Boost Your Engagement on Spotify

Spotify Engagement

If you are an artist and you want to grow your fan base rapidly, here are some tips you can use to gain more followers and streams.

These tips and tricks won’t turn you into a star overnight, but they will help you achieve the desired results over time.

Put Your Songs on Spotify

The first step to increasing the number of streams and engagement you have on Spotify to achieve success in the music industry is by creating a Spotify account and putting your songs out there.

This might cost you a few boxes to enjoy their services. This is because Spotify, unlike many other streaming platforms such as Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube, doesn’t provide users a free means of uploading their music.

Using a digital music distribution business or a record label is the most effective and efficient approach to get your music on Spotify.

Once you’re signed to a label, one of their marketing strategies is to upload your songs to Spotify, so you don’t have to worry about it. However, if you are an independent artist, it is your responsibility to handle your distribution; therefore, you’ll have to upload your music on Spotify yourself.

Another option you have as an independent artist is to use music distribution businesses to upload your music on Spotify, as they will operate as a record label for you.

Your music won’t only be sent to Spotify; it will be sent to other major streaming platforms worldwide to help your music become popular. These music distribution services will collect the revenues generated from your music and distribute them accordingly

Also, they will ensure that all music services, digital marketing tools, and artist resources needed to promote your music are available. All that is required to prepare, sell, advertise and license your music successfully will be provided.

You will only enjoy these services if you choose a premium music distribution company, as all music distribution services are distinct.

Some may offer additional services to help boost your growth on Spotify and other platforms, while others won’t. Therefore, before choosing a music distribution service, ensure you carry out proper research.

Claim Your Profile on Spotify

Once your music becomes accessible on Spotify, it is essential to invest in building a verified artist profile on the platform.

If you are a verified artist on Spotify, you will have access to tools that will help you manage your profile better.

These tools will help you sell your music, pitch new songs to playlists, improve your viewing audience statistics, and many more. However, to use Spotify for Artists, the first thing to do is to claim your profile.

As an artist, both you and your team can join Spotify for Artists. With Spotify for Artists, you can put a blue checkmark on your Spotify profile.

This indicates that the profile belongs to you and provides extensive data about how your music is performing and the number of active listeners you have.

It also grants you access to sending new releases to independent playlist curators or directly to Spotify’s editorial staff.

Spotify for artists will help you attract a more extensive fan base, other Spotify playlist curators, and various music business experts.

This would help you gain a better reputation; therefore, having a professional-looking Spotify artist profile is essential.

Friends, Family, and Colleagues can Help You Promote Your Music

Friends, Family, and Colleagues

Asking your family and friends to listen to your songs is one of the traditional ways to grow in the music industry.

Initially, it might be intimidating to reach out to all your network at once, but it is sure to yield good results.

Your network can start by listening to your music on Spotify, then inviting their network to do the same. 

Thankfully, in the world today, technology has made sending messages easier. It has gotten to the point where we can send bulk emails or SMS through a service provider to reach out to our network, no matter the size.

This method may not be the most complex or advanced advertising method; however, it does a pretty decent job.

It remains an easy and quick way of getting your music or podcast to a large number of people and resulting in organic growth.

This is also an excellent method of having actual people subscribe to your music or listen to your Spotify playlist.

The most important aspect of this method is that your family and friends enjoy your music or podcasts, encouraging them to promote your music even on their personal social media accounts.

Present Spotify Playlist Curators Your Music

Whenever you contact Spotify, another playlist curator, or other music business experts, it is best to keep it simple. Keep your message within 200 words and avoid fluffs and repetition.

Ensure your message is centered on drawing their attention to the genre and mood of the song. Your message should also contain a couple of important information and significant conversation topics about your music and your group.

When curators contact you and additional information about you and your music is requested, this means that they have gone through your work and would love to work with you.

Now, you can brag about your music or band all you want. However, until you’ve been offered alternatives, avoid letting them know the playlist you prefer your music on.

Keep in mind that curators have experience dealing with artists and do this daily for a job. They are also proud of their expertise in various musical genres and take pleasure in showcasing this.

Just by listening to your music, they already know what they will do with it. Therefore, telling them where you want your playlists before being offered an alternative could come up as an insult.

Using Spotify to present your playlist to curators has even been made more accessible, as your music can now be contributed directly to official Spotify playlists using Spotify for Artists.

On Spotify, record labels, music artists, and artist managers may now submit one unreleased music using the Upcoming function available for Spotify for Artists users.

Make Your Playlists and Promote Them

Spotify Playlists

The most popular sources of streams on Spotify are charts and playlists. Charts and playlists offer artists a world of opportunity and remain one of the fastest ways to reach millions of prospective listeners.

Once you can get your music included on any of Spotify’s popular playlists, you are on your way to stardom.

However, achieving this is not as easy as it seems because the most popular playlists on Spotify are handled by big record labels or Spotify’s editorial team.

As an artist trying to gain more followers and streams, it is essential to know that some independent playlist curators that are also musicians are attempting to put their music out there.

Therefore, they build their playlists to include a mix of trending songs and some of their own music. Creating your playlists is one of the easiest ways to increase your followers and streams.

When making your playlists, ensure it contains trending songs and songs of other artists you like, as well as your own music.

Sharing your music regularly and supporting other artists alongside can significantly improve your chances of receiving favor in return.

When updating your playlists, ensure you maintain a consistent schedule. At least once every two weeks, update your playlists by adding new tracks and deleting old ones.

Your followers will be prompted whenever you update your playlist. With this strategy, more listeners and followers will be attracted to your profile, thereby increasing your streams and fan base.

Create a Spotify Code and Distribute it to Your Audience

QR-like scannable tags are what Spotify Codes uses to discover or share music on their platform. All artists, bands, brands, songs, albums, and playlists can have Spotify Codes created for them.

Also, these Spotify Codes can be shared with practically anybody. As an artist trying to gain popularity in the music world, it is vital to use Spotify Code on websites, blogs, social media, and other places Spotify URI code can be included.

Your fans will be able to scan the Spotify Codes on the Spotify app because of their built-in scanner on the app.

Lyrics Can Be Added on Spotify

Spotify Lyrics

One feature on Spotify that you find useful is adding lyrics to your song displayed on Spotify. It is a newly implemented function that would help followers vibe better to your songs.

This option is provided by either Musixmatch or Genius. Musixmatch beats Genius by allowing you to sync your lyrics to your songs in real-time. To enjoy any of those services, you must be validated on the right platform.

Keep Track of Your Development Goals

Strong emphasis is placed on singles rather than albums on Spotify. Therefore, if you wish to market your album, adopting a track development strategy would work better.

Spotify’s algorithm will identify an artist’s music once it has been added to a user’s collection, and other tracks by that artist will be recommended.

Therefore, developing a marketing strategy that revolves around the type of music you choose will help you achieve better results.

Also, whatever strategy you are implementing for promoting your music, keep in mind that advertising is included.

A substantial percentage of your budget set out for advertising should promote your track downloads and track streams.

However, promoting your pre-orders and albums is essential even though the focal track is becoming more critical.

Make Use of The Spotify Ad Studio


Spotify users can develop and manage their adverts on the streaming service with the aid of an advertising tool called the Spotify Ad Studio.

It allows you to narrow down your targeting, as you can choose target followers of your genre or fans of a particular artist. 

Therefore, it is essential to know your target audience, as it helps you effectively and efficiently target them.

If you haven’t identified your target audience, you can play around with Spotify Ad Studio. You may get to figure out the genders and ages of listeners likely to be interested in your music with it.

Increase the Number of Monthly Listeners

On your artist profile, in the right corner, there is a gauge referred as to the Monthly Listeners number.  This gauge helps evaluate your popularity for 28 days.

The number on the gauge varies every day based on the previous 28 days. Also, the number of listeners does not accumulate. If you have a Spotify for Artists profile, you can see your daily and weekly listeners; however, it is not visible for the general public to view.

What Is The Difference Between Listeners And Spotify Plays?

Listeners And Spotify Plays

Listeners are the audience you have on Spotify that listen to your music, while Spotify plays refers to the number of times these listeners have played your music on the platform.

However, plays can’t be accumulated; therefore, it will be beneficial for you to keep track of your monthly listeners just like you keep track of your streams, sales, or followers on social media

How Does the Spotify Algorithm Work?

The Spotify algorithm is designed in a way that you are presented with the most relevant new music when streaming.

It works almost the same way the Google algorithm helps SEO content writers and businesses find the most relevant search results when they use the search engine.

As an artist, when it comes to how the Spotify algorithm works, there are just a few things to be concerned about. This is because the Spotify algorithm is complicated and, therefore, it is difficult to explain.

However, the factors like how regularly you upload your music on the platform, playlist additions, and interaction with your songs, among other things, are what the Spotify algorithm works with.


Music streaming has significantly contributed to the development of the music industry. There are several streaming platforms worldwide, of which Spotify remains one of the best streaming platforms.

As a musician, it is a perfect venue to share your music and develop a worldwide fan base. Although Spotify is a platform with great possibilities, achieving great success on the platform can be difficult.

To achieve success on Spotify, you have to be proactive, regularly release new excellent songs, and invest time and resources to engage your fans.

Also, it is essential to stay updated on the features they offer because they are constantly evolving.

Ensure you experiment with these features and develop effective strategies like a track development strategy to help improve your statistics on the profile.

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