Some of the Biggest Companies That Have Done Well with Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing isn’t going to suit every company, but there are an increasing number of businesses that realize how helpful it can be for them to grow their company at scale, and successfully manage the rest of their goals. Here are six examples of huge corporations that found success in cloud computing.

General Electric

General Electric

General Electric began to shift over to digital back in 2014, but three years later, it decided to use Amazon Web Services as its main provider and depended on the service to help with more than 2000 cloud-based services and apps.

General Electric’s Chief Technology Officer Chris Drumgoole says that adopting a cloud-first strategy helps their IT team get out of the business of running and building datacenters, so that they can refocus their resources on innovation, as they continue to scale their company.

Before they moved to Amazon Web Services, GE considered the idea of building its own industrial cloud but decided that opting for one that already existed was a better idea. This was going to be a much better use of their resources.



General Electric has found success with AWS, but other companies out there have avoided using this platform in favor of other options instead. Kroger, the major grocery retailer, is one of these. It splits its cloud usage between Microsoft and Amazon, and reportedly has millions of dollars in each provider. Between products that are still in the testing and development stages to those that are live, this company keeps thousands of its projects stored in the cloud.

Back in 2017, it was giving approximately the same amount of data to each cloud provider, but representatives have consistently weighed in on the cost-value ratio to determine whether one is better than the other. Kroger also makes the most of a private cloud system for particular needs.

Back in 2019, Kroger announced a unique partnership with Microsoft that they plan to use to revolutionize grocery shopping, allowing them to move forward with a data-driven approach to shopping for groceries that keeps the needs of the customer in mind.



Of course, most people appreciate being able to make travel arrangements that can suit their busy lifestyles. HotelTonight is an app that helps people find accommodation quickly at affordable rates. Currently, it is hiring for more cloud-related positions, including data engineers and platform engineers. Being able to store information in the cloud makes it a lot easier for this app to manage its hotel-related information.

As a result, you will see consistently updated content including short-term discounts. This company also offers a loyalty program through their app, but ultimately keeping information in the cloud allows them to offer more room options on the website, and to bring new features to their audience effortlessly.



Of course, if you use eBay regularly to bid on items, then you expect it to show you updated listings, and to maintain a reliable performance. This means that if the site crashes at a crucial moment, thousands of people could miss opportunities to place winning bets for products that they want. This is why eBay decided to move its marketplace to the cloud.

With the help of experienced engineers, it managed to move over to Google’s cloud platform within just five months. In fact, they managed to achieve this so quickly that they found themselves six months ahead of schedule when everything was done. In 2018, eBay decided to start using Google’s cloud platform to test machine learning algorithms that help with image recognition.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a nonprofit that offers disabled and elderly people access to nutritious meals delivered right to their door. One branch located in South Carolina realized that moving to the cloud would lead to a much more streamlined method of communicating between its volunteers, as well as other benefits.

When the company put its financial management method in the cloud and started using Microsoft 365, it was able to save more than $500,000 as a company. This has meant that paid staff members can communicate with volunteers on the road through many different methods, which allows them to give fast updates when they need it.

It’s also a great way for them to create specific communications around things like fundraising.



Fitbit is one of the most popular smartwatch brands right now, but because the competition is quickly growing, the company is starting to struggle. However, Fitbit realized a couple of years ago that one of the best ways to reinvigorate the brand was to make it appealing to more consumers.

One way to do this was to accept a partnership with Google For Healthcare, which is the company’s health-centric cloud program. This allows people to share their health data with providers, which put the brand up against Apple, which already offers a feature that is similar.

Of course, this relatively recent feature that Fitbit has decided to add to their repertoire has definitely helped with their financial gains. Additionally, providers have another interface that lets them view the data. They can monitor patients remotely, and even schedule appointments using the platform in the cloud.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many big companies and corporations around the world that have managed to make the most of cloud computing within the last five years. Most of them have found that making the switch to the cloud has helped them retain or increase their ability to remain ahead of their rivals.

While cloud computing isn’t going to be the right option for everybody, as you can see there are some solid examples above that show how it can enhance offerings and operations for certain companies.

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