SoGro Review: Will Instagram Ban You?

Last Updated: December 4, 2020

With Instagram being one of the top social media platforms for connecting with new people and having your products and services discovered, businesses and brands are taking to the platform now more than ever to solidify their presence and gain reach. 

Having a high number of Instagram followers is important; the more people who see your content on a regular basis, the more you’ll gain engagements which help to bring your content to more people through the Instagram algorithm. 

It’s due to this fact that engagement matters; long gone are the days when having a bunch of fake followers was alright, looking popular was all that mattered. Now, with the changes that Instagram has made to its algorithm, it’s very important that engagement is high, otherwise it won’t be shown to people in feeds, both regular and hashtags. 

So, if follower count and engagement is important, what can an Instagram user do in order to boost these numbers? The most common way is to manually engage with users in your target audience, but this can be really inconvenient with your already-packed schedule. Keeping workflow up and focusing on your growth can be a difficult task. 

Due to the need for follower growth, many third party Instagram growth services have popped up, claiming to bring you the necessary followers and launch your platform’s popularity. 

While there are a few growth services out there that bring you Instagram growth, most of them are looking to make a quick buck without being able to provide valuable or efficient services for their clients. 

SoGro Review

In this review, we’re going to take a look at one of these growth services, Sogro, to see if it can hold its weight and actually offer its clients a service that works.

Let’s get started! 

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What Is SoGro? 

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Sogro claims to be an Instagram service that makes it easy to buy real active Instagram followers and also to buy real Twitter followers, there is also an option for Pinterest on their pricing page. 

One big red flag is that the website is very general; it tries to use attractive buzzwords to get people to buy into what they’re offering. When the service isn’t transparent in describing exactly what they do or how it works, it’s likely that it’s using a bot or automation and doesn’t do much for your account. 

Let’s take a look at a few of their claims in terms of how the service works. 

How Does SoGro Work?  

Sogro has a page that describes a few steps that their service goes through. The first step is to develop a custom target market for your account based on your niche. While this sounds like a good idea, first of all, they’re not going to do this in detail for every account. 

When SoGro says that they’re developing the custom target market, they’re just plugging in some general targets for your account. This has no guarantee that they’re actually related or valuable, because they don’t even discuss your goals with you or find out what you’re looking for in new followers. 

The second step is for you— it says that you need to keep posting. So, that second step isn’t really a step at all. SoGro just want to tell you that you have to post. 

Third, they say they follow, unfollow, and like specific users and images at an organic rate while still being efficient. They claim this to be the most effective way to gain Instagram followers, and they wouldn’t be wrong; that’s not the problem. 

The problem is that their “tested and proven” method is through bots and automation, which goes against Instagram’s terms of use. SoGro simply can’t provide the necessary number of engagements through Instagram automation because your account can be flagged; they must keep the engagement levels incredibly low so that they don’t fall under Instagram’s radar. 

This means that you’ll see hardly any interactions happening, not generating enough interest in your profile to gain real followers that you need. Not only that, with their general targeting, they can’t guarantee that these accounts are within your target ranges. 

SoGro really try hard to make it look like this simple process is going to gain the followers that you need, but unfortunately it falls flat. The growth will be limited, if you see any at all. 

Why Doesn’t Instagram Automation Work? 

The problem with many services like Sogro is that they actually don’t do much of anything; they will simply continue to charge you and make up excuses as to why you haven’t seen any growth. 

Organic growth is understandably unpredictable, and even when you do the engagements yourself it’s not guaranteed that you’ll see a lot more followers, but that’s not what’s happening when these growth services give you excuses; Instagram effectively blocks their service, which means you can’t see any results from them no matter what. 

Instagram follower growth became really popular shortly after the platform launched with people buying a bunch of fake follower packages. It was quickly discovered that these followers were fake, and once Instagram caught on, they effectively eliminated many of these services or cleared out the followers so they didn’t last. They still do the same to this day. 

After follower packages came automation, where people were engaging thousands of times a day on the platform through bots and AI services. This worked for quite a while, but Instagram came to realize that bots were negatively affecting the user experience through a bunch of spam. 

Instagram’s goal is to maintain the integrity of the platform, so they effectively began to ban all services using automation, or if an account was found using a service like this, they could be flagged or disabled from the platform. 

After that, most growth services had to shut down, or they lost the effectiveness of the service, and that includes Sogro. While it would be great if these services could provide some tangible results, the only thing they do is take your money, hurt your credibility, and put your Instagram account and data at risk. 

Sign Up Process

sogro pricing

If you’re still considering giving Sogro a try, the enrollment process is fairly easy. You can find their plans on the pricing page; they have two, one that is monthly and the other that is yearly. They’re the same plan, but they will offer you a discount if you pay a year upfront. Of course they will! Otherwise, they’d never get someone to stay signed up for a year. 

SoGro also offers a 10-day trial that you have to use before you’ll start the monthly plan option. When you click, it will pop up a small window and ask you for your credit card number, expiration, and CVC code, as well as an email. This is an extremely alarming way to charge someone for a service; they don’t even ask you for the name on the card, nor do they ask for your Instagram handle. 

It’s pretty clear that what SoGro care most about is getting that bank info, and your service and satisfaction comes last. Since you’ll be on the ten-day trial, it’s unclear how you’d cancel the service if you didn’t want to continue. It seems likely that they give you the runaround without a real answer, taking forever to actually cancel or respond to your inquiry. 

They have a contact tab, but that looks to be the only form of contacting Sogro, so definitely sign up at your own risk. They’ll probably get at least a few months out of you before you can actually get your account cancelled. 

Review Conclusion: Pass

Sogro is a remnant of Instagram automation services that don’t work with the current Instagram platform, nor are they allowed. If you use a service like Sogro, you’re ultimately looking to lose your investment as they don’t have any guarantees or service promises.

Not only that, they ask you first for your card information and literally nothing else. 

There’s no way to track their interactions, the number of followers you’ve gained, and SoGro only have one contact form which makes it difficult to get a hold of them. You’ve worked hard to get your Instagram where it is; don’t throw it away by choosing a growth service like Sogro. Pass!

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