SocialWick Review - Does it Work for Social Media Growth?

SocialWick Review 2024 – Does it Work for Social Media Growth?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

SocialWick Review 2024 – Does it Work for Social Media Growth?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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SocialWick Review 2024

Everyone is looking for the best ways to gain more traction in terms of social media growth; the more followers and engagements you have on social media, the better your reputation is and the more natural reach you’ll get on each respective platform. 

Since followers and engagement lead to more followers and engagement, there are plenty of companies that have emerged to try and bring you social media growth.

They know that people want to increase their social standing and try to capitalize on this.

While some of them can deliver results, there are many companies out there that put their efforts in buzzwords and false advertising, hoping to make a quick buck. 

This is a huge problem and you must do your research to avoid being taken advantage of.

The problem is that many people fall victim to these scams and end up losing their investment and putting their accounts at risk.

Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are among some of the strictest platforms when it comes to third-party interactions, and many companies cannot deliver effective growth results because of this. 

SocialWick Review

After doing a lot of research, we’ve decided to bring you this SocialWick review so that you can make a good decision for both your social media growth as well as the health and safety of your accounts. 

SocialWick is a company that claims to help you boost all of your social media networks through different packages you can buy.

Let’s take a look at what SocialWick will do for you and whether or not it’s a good option for social media growth.

How Does It Work? 

SocialWick social media

SocialWick describes its services as a social media marketplace where you can buy “real followers, viewers, likes & more with our blend of marketing tactics.” 

This isn’t off to a good start, as their website copy and service description is the exact same as another social media growth service,

This is a bad sign because is a terrible service that delivers nothing but problems for people who pay for their service. 

In any case, SocialWick doesn’t describe any specific marketing tactics; they only offer packaged followers.

This goes to show that they are simply sending over fake followers and engagements for all of the social media sites they service. 

They are a bit different from other sites in that you select the number specifically that you want, and they will send you the price quote.

If you’re looking to buy 800 Instagram followers, for instance, it will cost you $7.91; you will see the delivery in an estimated two hours, and they mention that the quality is “high.” 

This means nothing; they are fake followers, nothing more. They also claim “free refills,” which isn’t surprising, since Instagram will remove any fake followers that they come across on a routine basis. 

When you are looking to get Instagram followers, it may be more effective to use an Instagram growth service.

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Is it Safe?  

SocialWick Market

While it’s true that the services are “legal,” that doesn’t mean they are secure or safe. The good news is that they don’t require your social media passwords, so you don’t have to surrender that sensitive information. 

In terms of keeping your account secure, however, it won’t. Purchasing fake followers from a service like SocialWick isn’t a good thing for your social media account health.

If you get flagged by one of the platforms, your account could be disabled or even blocked from the platform. 

As we mentioned, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are notoriously strict on this, and other platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more are following suit.

Buying fake followers isn’t a good idea for your account health and security. 

What’s more, SocialWick knows that they aren’t providing social media growth services that are in line with social media policies.

You can see it on their terms of service: “It is your sole responsibility to comply with the social media platforms’ rules and any legislation that you are subject to.

You use SocialWick at your own risk. We are not responsible for your actions and their consequences. We are not to blame if your social media account is banned for any reason.”

SocialWick ultimately doesn’t take any responsibility for their services and actually won’t protect you if something happens to your profile while using their services.

This is a big red flag; everything is at your own risk and there is no support if you lose everything.

Is it really worth it to possibly lose your social channels for trying to buy followers and engagements from SocialWick?

We don’t think so.

Is it Reliable?  

SocialWick Instagram

While SocialWick may deliver the followers and engagements that you purchase, that won’t guarantee they’re effective or valuable to your social media account. 

In fact, when you buy fake social media followers and engagements, it actually hurts your account.

Users are experts at spotting fake followers and engagements, and that lowers your reputation and credibility. 

Also, if you buy TikTok followers, for example, you’ll have a higher follower count but no more engagement and these followers won’t engage at all.

That means your follower-to-engagement ratio will be weak, and people will take your brand less seriously. 

This puts you in a position where you need to buy engagements as well, and thus begins the vicious cycle of buying followers and engagements.

Then followers start to drop off, and so do likes and comments because social media platforms clear out fakes and bots. Everything gets really messy. 

SocialWick doesn’t deliver reliable, real followers that bring your account value. They say they do, but unfortunately their service model simply can’t guarantee that the followers are real.

It doesn’t say anything ensuring the quality of followers, but it does say this: “We cannot guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted, or error-free operability of the services.”

They can’t even guarantee that the service works properly.

These are things that the company shouldn’t be making excuses for; they should be finding ways to make the service effective since people are paying for these services!

What to Look for in an Instagram Growth Service 

Instagram Growth

Even though SocialWick isn’t going to be the best option if you want to buy Instagram followers, you can still keep searching for a service that can work for you. 

The following five criteria are things that you should be looking for when you are researching a possible service to buy Instagram followers from. These are things that a reputable company should be able to provide without issue. 

Terms of Use 

This is arguably the most important thing you should be looking for when you want to buy Instagram followers.

As you can see from our SocialWick review, looking at the terms of service is really important. It holds a lot of information about the service that they’d never put on the website. 

No matter what the company claims on their website, always verify what they claim in their terms of service and you will know whether or not they are a good option for social media growth.



Another thing you should look for is a well-executed section explaining the frequently-asked questions that people have about the services and what to expect from the results.

The FAQ on SocialWick is nice, but it doesn’t align with information in their terms of use.

It’s important to make sure that the FAQ is reliable and has the most accurate and substantial information available.

About Page 

There should also be an About page on the website that describes more about the company and what their methods and goals are.

On SocialWick, there’s no About page, which means that there isn’t a lot of information about the company or who they are.

This is a red flag because there must be information about a legitimate company and if you don’t see the company information, it’s impossible to know who is actually providing the services and where it comes from.



Delivery is also a good indicator of how legitimate the Instagram growth service is. On SocialWick, once you choose your package and put in the quantity, you will see the estimated delivery time.

We put in for 455 Instagram followers and it populated a delivery time of 1 hour.

While this is quick, it does possibly run the risk of you being flagged by Instagram because there’s a huge influx of followers out of nowhere.

It’s good to ensure that the company offers a realistic and natural delivery period so that your Instagram account remains safe.

Security and Guarantees


Last but not least, you should make sure that the website is secured and has SSL encryption with a lock in the left corner of the website address bar. SocialWick does offer this.

You also need to verify the terms of service and see what the policy is for lost followers and engagement and any refund offering.

SocialWick claims in their terms of use to provide a refund, but whether or not you can actually get it is another story.

Many times, these fake followers and engagement drop off because the social platforms go through and clear out fake accounts, which means you’ll often see services offering “refill guarantees.”

This is pretty much a dead giveaway that the followers and engagements are fake and that the service knows they’re going to be lost.

Review Verdict

All in all, SocialWick isn’t the best option for social media growth.

They initially try to sell their service as a marketing solution for social media that will help your accounts grow, but they’re just another service that sells packaged, fake followers that bring little benefit to your accounts. 

While they do serve a lot of social media platforms, it’s best to avoid SocialWick‘s type of service if you’re looking for real, long-term growth. 

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