SocialUpgrade Top Alternatives 2022 + The Shutdown

Last Updated: May 12, 2022

Social Upgrade was most likely shut down by Instagram because they saw them as their direct competitor. If you looked to Social Upgrade for your regular engagement, don’t worry – we’ve made a list of some great alternatives you can try instead.
SocialUpgrade Top Alternatives + The Shutdown
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UPDATE: SocialUpgrade’s website is closed, they are no longer accepting new clients :/

You may have noticed that there are now many avenues to pursue when thinking about the best engagement strategy for your Instagram. Recruiting a third-party Instagram engagement company who can take control of the reigns and leave you to focusing on other parts of your brand has many benefits. In this day and age with so much competition online to stand out, investing in a third party company is definitely recommended.

However, you may have also noticed that there are hundreds of these types of companies out there, and not all of them are seen in a good light, especially when it comes to Instagram itself. In fact, Instagram has been going a bit crazy lately shutting down a lot of these services.

So, why would Instagram feel the need to do this? There appear to be two significant reasons. The first is that both Instagram and Facebook which owns Instagram have their own ways or promoting their users. In fact, it’s hard to miss the abundance of ads that are flowing through your Instagram and Facebook feed every day, and while you may find them slightly annoying, they are the backbone of a lot of big companies.

Big brands on social media rely on this type of marketing to garner the attention of more potential customers. Naturally, Instagram and Facebook are proud of their ad services and see outside companies that offer an alternative way for you to grow your profiles on their websites as competition – which is understandable. It’s also understandable, then, that Instagram wants to reduce their competition as much as they can, which is why they’ll do anything to get these companies shut down. 

SocialUpgrade was, unfortunately, one of these companies that got caught in the firing line and as a result, is no longer a viable option for your Instagram engagement. Another reason why social media sites like Instagram and Facebook do everything they can to get companies like SocialUpgrade off the map is due to their existing terms and conditions.

Both Facebook and Instagram make it pretty clear that they don’t want the people who use them to opt for third-party engagement companies to grow their following and presence. The biggest way they work out who is doing this is by looking at their engagement patterns – if they appear to be spammy, then there’s a good chance they’re using a third party.

Within the engagement industry, there are two main strategy types that companies like SocialUpgrade can be divided into. The first is companies that sell you engagement, and companies that sell you a growth service. A growth service is preferable to a company that’s selling you engagement because it’s most likely fake.

Social Upgrade was most likely shut down by Instagram because they saw them as their direct competitor. If you looked to Social Upgrade for your regular engagement, don’t worry – we’ve made a list of some great alternatives you can try instead.

Top SocialUpgrade Alternatives



Growthoid is a classic Instagram marketing company – but they want to make sure that you’re comfortable as their customer before they set up their service with you. This involves you giving them your Instagram username, and they’ll issue a report that shows you what they could do in regards to your engagement. This carefully built trust is going to translate into some stellar features and services, which are all going to go towards making sure your Instagram is running at its best.

Stellation Media

Stellation Media

Stellation Media is the home of everything creative, so if you think that there’s more to engagement than just the technical aspect, then you’ll love what Stellation Media bring to the table. This creative agency can help you with many different aspects of your brand, from email marketing and website building to social media management and advertising. They’re up with the times and know what they’re doing.

Follow Adder

Follow Adder

If you love the idea of someone helping with your engagement but don’t feel the need to hand over the controls completely, then Follow Adder will suit you well. Their easy to use dashboard can be downloaded to Windows, Mac or Linux, and it helps you do everything from scheduling upcoming posts to editing photos and adjusting your engagement settings. Your engagement strategy is completely customizable with Follow Adder.



If you’re looking for a company that doesn’t believe in reinventing the wheel, then you may want to check out Instato. They know what it takes to build up an Instagram account with good engagement, and they’re so confident in their formula that they see no need to change it. They can automate things for you like commenting, liking and following, so you get to focus on the exciting parts of your business.



Like Fan Bump and Instato, Instagooo is an automated Instagram marketing tool that is honest about how their services interact with your account. Instagooo is an Instagram bot, which means that all of your engagement will be automated.

This is a great chance to really boost that engagement rating and make sure that all the right people are seeing your content. Instagooo doesn’t want to pretend to be something they’re not – they know what’s worked for other people and they want to do the same for you.



Jarvee is similar to Follow Adder because it involves a downloadable dashboard that you get to access and have fun with. This is another great option if you like doing some aspects of the engagement process yourself.

While Jarvee will only work with Windows, they’re definitely worth giving a go. You can customize your engagement settings through Jarvee, as well as manage multiple Instagram accounts at once. What more could you need for your engagement?

Final Thoughts

While SocialUpgrade is done with, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your influencer dreams on Instagram just yet. There is a long list of companies that are still out there that can do the job just as well – if not better.

Check out our list of the best alternatives to SocialUpgrade and find out just how easy it can be to see your Instagram strategy successfully grow your account. Here is the review we wrote before Social Upgrade closed down:

Original Social Upgrade Review

When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram is, without a doubt, the most powerful. This platform can do more than you might have ever thought. It can help raise awareness around your brand and drive more customers to your business. However, Instagram is sometimes complicated to use, especially for first-timers. You can’t just post photos and expect people to follow you.

There are complex strategies that you need to implement in order to be successful with your social media marketing campaigns. But, don’t worry because there are now plenty of tools and services that can do all the work for you. One of these is SocialUpgrade. This tool can help you to quickly and efficiently reach out to your target market on Instagram.

But before you start using this tool, it may be worth knowing what this service is all about and how it can help you with your marketing campaigns on Instagram. So, read on for an in-depth Social Upgrade review.

Top-rated Growth Tools for Instagram


How Does SocialUpgrade Work?

Unlike other Instagram bots, SocialUpgrade works like a management service tool that can help to organically expand the reach of your Instagram account. When you sign up for their service, your Instagram account will be handled by an expert who can apply advanced targeting techniques in order to connect you to thousands of Instagram followers in your niche.

Great Partnership

Partnering with Social Upgrade for your Instagram marketing campaign is like hiring an expert to manage your account on your behalf. They know the rules and guidelines, as well as the best strategies to apply in order to successfully reach out to your target market. It may be a tool that relies on automation but using it is like working with an actual person who’s very knowledgeable with how Instagram works.

Advanced Targeting Strategies

For one, they’re familiar with the advanced targeting practices to employ on Instagram. This means that they can look for potential followers for your business based on locations, competitors, blacklisting, and hashtags. Looking for potential followers and making your business visible in the social media platform through hashtags require trial and error.

But Social Upgrade knows the most effective strategies to augment your brand.For instance, you want to make your presence known in your local area. They can make this possible by looking for potential customers near you. Social Upgrade may also look into your competitor’s followers, which is very useful for your business.


They can also do blacklisting, just in case you need to avoid interacting with certain channels that could potentially harm your business. Aside from following and unfollowing people, they can also respond to comments posted, reply to direct messages, post attractive content, re-share content, compose remarkable captions, schedule your post, and so much more.

But the best thing is that they can execute a successful strategy that can make your social media marketing campaigns even more successful. Remember that as a business owner, your main task is to run your business and develop your brand.

You won’t have the time to manage your Instagram account and apply strategies that can boost your followers. Thus, handing over your account to the experts behind SocialUpgrade can greatly benefit you. In doing so, you can use your precious time to handle more important aspects of your business, such as managing your employees, developing business strategies, meeting suppliers, etc.

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SocialUpgrade Pricing

When you sign up for Social Upgrade, you also get to benefit from other perks. They offer two plans, Turbo, and Standard. Standard plans cost only $39 per month and this already includes targeted audience outreach, tailored strategy, real growth, etc. On the other hand, the Turbo Package costs $99 and it comes with similar features as the Standard Plan except it doubles your exposure in order to engage more users and increase your traffic.

Social Upgrade has a team of customer support people who can immediately attend to your queries and address your concerns. They’re easily reachable and if you’re going to sign up for the Turbo package, you’ll be given priority support. Even if you choose to change your marketing goals halfway through the marketing campaign, they would be able to handle your request and continue to expand your online presence.

Has SocialUpgrade Been Shut Down?

There have been reports going around the Internet about Social Upgrade being shut down. But is there any truth behind these reports? Although SocialUpgrade hasn’t released any official statement regarding this as of yet, the message they posted on their website is enough to shed light on this matter.

It seems that they’re no longer accepting new users but assured their existing clients that they’ll continue to support and serve them. There are also recent reports suggesting that Social Upgrade is facing a lawsuit with Instagram due to the fake likes that they sell.

SocialUpgrade owns thousands of Instagram accounts, along with devs and shop where anyone can purchase followers and likes. It seems that they violated some of Instagram’s policies. They apparently took some Instagram accounts and sell the likes of these accounts to people.

In case you’re not aware, Instagram has imposed limits on the number of actions performed by each account per day. So, if you’re going to pay for $39.99 for one month of an Instagram bot, you can expect that all the actions will be geared towards your potential customers, followers, and likes. Yet, these developers are selling your likes to some other users. You’re paying them money yet you’re not getting the maximum performance that you’re supposed to get.

What About Customer Support?

As of now, there’s only one working link at the website of Social Upgrade since their shutdown. This link allows their existing clients to get in touch with the company’s customer support team. But they’re not taking any sale inquiries as of the moment.

Review Conclusion

Even though SocialUpgrade has already ceased its operations, this doesn’t mean that you just have to give up your Instagram marketing goals. There are numerous other companies out there that offer the same services and perks as Social Upgrade.

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