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SocialStudio Review 2023: Is It an Instagram Scam?

Published on: September 23, 2021
Last Updated: May 12, 2022
Let’s check out what is offering and if it’s worth your time.
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SocialStudio Review 2023

Every day it seems that another Instagram growth service is born, each one offering more incredible results than the last. It can be overwhelming sifting through all of the different services out there trying to figure out which one might actually give you the results you need. 

These days, the trend of high follower count being the only important factor to determine Instagram success is a thing of the past. Nowadays, it’s important for people to have high levels of engagement, as follower interaction will bring higher rates of conversion as well as brand partnership and sponsors. 

Getting real, engaged followers is still a challenge, however; you want to reach more people and get your content out there, but interacting with new followers in your target audience for hours on end just isn’t feasible when you’ve got content to worry about. 

That’s why Instagram growth services are more popular than ever. These companies will do the work to grow your Instagram so that you can focus on other tasks that will drive your Instagram success. 

One of these companies,, is new on the market and we’ve taken the liberty of trying it out so that you can make your decision more easily. Let’s check out what SocialStudio is offering and if it’s worth your time. 

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As Studly as the Name Suggests? Review

We’ve got to hand it to them, their name is catchy. SocialStud or Social Studio, they did come up with something that can grab people’s attention. Other than that, we definitely weren’t impressed. is a service that basically offers users a heightened presence on Instagram through targeted follower growth. This is pretty much the standard sell for Instagram growth programs.

The difference here, however, is that SocialStudio claims that your Instagram growth will be done by a unique account manager who will create a strategy for your account. 

We don’t think that the growth given by is done by any real account manager, not even for a second. Let’s look at some of the reasons why that’s just a bunch of fluff. 

Is SocialStudio Legit? Features

It’s not uncommon for Instagram growth services to overpromise and underdeliver. wants you to think that they are going to do everything by hand, when in reality, they employ bots to get the work done. 

We didn’t feel that they were doing nearly as many engagements on our behalf as we’d have liked, and this is a tried-and-true indicator of bots. Instagram has engagement caps, so when they’re doing really low interaction levels, it’s likely because they are not really providing the service, a bot is. 

Not only that, the few followers that we did receive were definitely not connected to our target audience. This is the reason why we didn’t see an uptick in engagement from what we received from SocialStudio. 

They say that you’ll get real followers that engage, and we were so excited, but unfortunately they just fell flat. We know that Instagram engagement is the key to success on the platform, so ultimately what provided us with were pretty marginal followers.

They also say if you’re not getting likes, it’s because your content isn’t good! That’s a bold statement. I know that it does matter how good content is in order to gain results from any organic follower service, but to avoid all responsibility due to follower quality is just trying to shift blame. 

What do Customers Think?

SocialStudio Review - logo

We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed the same thing. We’ve seen other reviews online saying more of the same— they say that they do a bunch of things, but don’t excel at any of them, which makes the service really lackluster. has some reviews on their profile, and of course they’re all glowing. But does anyone really believe website testimonials anymore? 

They don’t even categorize them as reviews, they claim them to be “success stories.” How cute. They have an interactive map with little photo bubbles from clients who are meant to be from all around the world, but you can’t click on any of them. 

The mouse changes and appears like you’d be able to, but you can’t. I wonder why? Because they don’t link to anything. 

They also guarantee 100% user satisfaction. 100%! Well, they’re certainly not modest. You’ll never please anyone completely. It seems that is trying really hard to establish a solid reputation where they really don’t have much to boast about. 

There’s no way that they’ve gained over 10 million followers for clients around the world. This is an obscene number, especially for an all-organic growth service that is relatively new in the market. 

Let’s Talk Numbers Pricing

The final point we want to cover is the pricing packages of One thing we noticed right off the bat is that they don’t offer any money-back guarantee, only a 10-day free trial. 

This is a big red flag because they’re going to give you 10 days free, perform as best they can, and then all of a sudden things don’t work well. This is a big problem because their support team isn’t very responsive, and writing to your account manager doesn’t always get a reply right away either. 

This also leads us to believe that they’re working completely on bot-run services. 

Now, in terms of pricing packages, they have three options that range from $79-$149 a month. That’s right, per month. They claim you can expect to gain 100 targeted followers for $79 a month. 

Not only is that one of the higher prices in terms of organic growth services, but it also is absolutely ridiculous! If I gained 100 followers a month for one year, I’d only have grown my Instagram following by 12,000 followers, and I’d have paid around $950. This is the cheapest plan available. 

Not only that, it doesn’t include targeted growth related to hashtags or location. So I pay $80 a month to get whatever followers they feel like interacting with, regardless of my account type and niche? It really doesn’t make sense. It’s almost insulting. Their clients clearly don’t matter to them unless they’re willing to fork over the bills. 

Even if you pay $119 a month, they still won’t give you hashtag or location targeting. Sorry, that’s just outrageous. 

The service, for what it is, really isn’t enough to justify the price. We like that they didn’t overpromise things, but it seems unrealistic and doesn’t make good financial sense that this could actually help boost Instagram presence. 

In addition, they claim that the $149 option is “most popular,” and they also say that it will provide the fastest growth. Why? If you pay them $150 a month, they say you can gain anywhere between 300-1000 followers. How is it possible that they’re going to try to give you that follower range? 

Ultimately, they are just making up empty numbers. Organic follower services can’t guarantee any range of followers because there are a lot of factors. We really saw SocialStudio’s colors come through on their pricing page. It’s clear that they’re using bots, and that their clients are just a number to them. 

There are more affordable organic growth services out there. 

SocialStudio Review: Final Verdict? No. 

We wouldn’t go with; they don’t care about their clients’ success and only offer valuable targeting tools if you pay them $150 a month. 

They try to give off an air of professionalism and good results, but it’s all just for appearances. What they care most about is their bottom line, and we weren’t impressed with their services nor the growth that they provided. 

You can find better organic growth services for Instagram that offer more features for much less, and better support and communication as well. 

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