SocialSteeze Top Alternatives + The Shutdown

Last Updated: November 11, 2021



Let’s take a look at some excellent SocialSteeze alternatives that can help you get back up and running on Instagram.
SocialSteeze Top Alternatives + The Shutdown
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UPDATE: SocialSteeze’s website is closed, they are no longer accepting new clients :/

It’s no secret that there are now many ways to implement your ultimate Instagram marketing strategy. However, with every industry, there is a dark side, and Instagram has been on a crusade recently to eliminate a number of growing companies that sell Instagram engagement to its users.

This mostly has something to do with the fact that both Facebook and Instagram have their own ways of promoting their users, so naturally, they want to try and cut out the competition. Social Steeze was one of these companies that found itself in the firing line of Facebook and its lawsuits against Instagram marketing services – and they have paid dearly.

Another major reason for Instagram shutting down third-party engagement companies is that a lot of the time their engagement strategies go against Instagram’s terms and conditions. If a company sells likes and follows at an unprecedented rate, then this is going to look spammy and stand out on Instagram – and the social media giant is going to do something about it.

So, Social Steeze has been shut down, and it’s most likely because Instagram didn’t like how they were helping their users promote their content online. If you were someone who relied on Social Steeze for your Instagram marketing, don’t worry – there are a number of great alternatives that can be used in its place.

Let’s take a look at some excellent SocialSteeze alternatives that can help you get back up and running on Instagram.

Top SocialSteeze Alternatives



Growthoid is by far the best SocialSteeze alternative on the market. It says on their website that they can organically grow your Instagram – and they can even give you an idea of what this is going to look like before you commit to anything.

All you need to do is give them your Instagram username, and they can create a report so you can see what working with them could look like.Growthoid doesn’t use fake accounts or bots to grow your account – just good old fashioned manual Instagram engagement that can help you connect with hundreds if not thousands of people who will be interested in your content.

Stellation Media

Stellation Media

Stellation Media describe themselves as a ‘creative growth agency’ that can help you build a successful brand through Instagram. Along with social media management assistance, Stellation Media can also help you with email marketing and social advertising, so they could be considered your go-to all-rounder for all things online.

As well as branding and web design, Stellation Media offers a free consultation with one of their helpful case managers, so you can get a good idea of what they’re all about before you sign up for anything. This is a great alternative to SocialSteeze.

Follow Adder

Follow Adder

If you’re someone who loves the idea of sharing the responsibility when it comes to your engagement on Instagram, you’re going to like Follow Adder. While some companies take over completely, Follow Adder stands alongside you and helps you with your engagement growth so that you can stay in control while getting all the help you need with it.

Follow Adder comes with a downloadable dashboard where you can customize your settings, schedule your upcoming posts and even upload images. Follow Adder is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.



Similar to Follow Adder, Jarvee is the type of Instagram growth company that lets you keep some of the responsibility. If you’re someone who enjoys all aspects of growing your Instagram, then you’re going to like what Jarvee has on offer.

Just like Follow Adder, Jarvee is a downloadable software that is available for Windows, so if you have a laptop or desktop, you can set it up in no time. Through their easy to navigate dashboard, you can do all kinds of things, including scheduling and customizing your engagement strategy.

One thing we love about Jarvee is that they give potential customers a free five-day trial so that you can try before you buy. If you’re looking for a fast, effective Instagram engagement tool, you’ll want to check out Jarvee.



Instagooo tells it like it is, which is why we like them so much. They don’t try to church things up and are honest from the get-go – this is, very simply, an Instagram bot that’s going to attract real people to your account and its content. Like Instato, Instagooo does all the boring, day to day stuff for you so that you can sit back, relax and focus on the bigger picture side of things.

As well as auto liking, commenting, and following, they also have a direct message feature, as well as a scheduler if you’re someone who wants to plan out your posts for the week. Instagooo is the kind of Instagram growth service that doesn’t make things complicated – if you want to do well on Instagram, they can help you.



Instato is another one of those third party engagement companies that can deliver organic followers to your account, using their sophisticated automated software. There are many different things that you can achieve through Instato, including auto liking, commenting, unfollowing, direct messaging, and auto-following other people.

This is a great way to not only connect with other people in your niche but to manage more than one Instagram account if you’ve got various brands on the go. Instato lets you monitor different hashtags and locations, as well as respond to comments so that you can make the most of being online and growing your brand. This is the type of company you want to work with if you’re serious about your online presence and want the growth to be effective.

Original SocialSteeze Review

Here is the review we wrote about SocialSteeze before they shut down so that you can get an idea of the service they offered:

Growing your Instagram followers and boosting your posts requires a lot of time and effort. And it can even be more challenging if you’re new to Instagram and don’t quite understand how this social media platform works. When it comes to this, using an Instagram growth service is your best bet.

For instance, SocialSteeze is a tool that aims to help businesses grow their Instagram accounts and reach out to their target consumers. Recognized by Forbes, Social Media Explorer, and AdWeek, SocialSteeze is an effective Instagram automation tool that isn’t too complicated to use.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been getting quite a lot of positive responses online, which is why some people are hesitant to use it. So, in this SocialSteeze review, we’ll find out more about this tool and whether it’s really useful for your business.

Top-Rated Instagram Growth Tools

These Instagram growth tools have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.

First we collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the tools.

These are by far the best services on the market today.

1GrowthoidGet Started FREE

How Does SocialSteeze Work?

SocialSteeze promises to boost your Instagram audience with the help of some advanced social media technologies and strategies. It markets itself as an effective Instagram growth tool that can provide you with real targeted followers instead of the usual bot followers.The tool specializes in boosting Instagram accounts in a different niche, such as online retail, lifestyle, travel, photography etc.

SocialSteeze Features

SocialSteeze provides a wide range of features to its users and helps them grow their Instagram accounts using the following:

Hashtag Targeting

Just like with the other tools that promise to grow your Instagram account, SocialSteeze relies on hashtag targeting in looking for and engaging users that might be interested in the kind of products or services that you offer. By engaging these users, they’ll be encouraged to take a look at your account and perhaps follow you if they find your content interesting.

Username Targeting

SocialSteeze also uses username tagging, which requires you to choose any Instagram account that you think is relevant to your brand or those that you want to work with and have been following your competitors.

The concept behind this feature is to tap into the users that’re following accounts within your niche and make them follow you as well. These are the users that will most likely take an interest in your account and be enticed to follow you.

Location Targeting

If you want to tap into Instagram users within your area, Location Targeting is a great strategy to use. With this feature, you’ll be able to target users based on specific states, cities, or countries.


SocialSteeze also gives you the option to blacklist users. This is a very useful feature if you don’t want to engage with certain users in your niche.

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Getting Started With SocialSteeze

It’s pretty easy to get started with SocialSteeze. You just need to sign up and answer a few questions during the process. After this, you’ll then be connected to a growth expert.When you’re logged in, you can start creating your target preferences.

This requires choosing hashtags and locations related to your niche. The tool will also connect you to the followers of your competitors. Unfortunately, SocialSteeze doesn’t offer a free trial on their services, unlike the other Instagram growth tools.

SocialSteeze Pricing

If you sign up for SocialSteeze, you get to choose from two different plans with three different pricing structures. You can go for either the Elite Plan or Regular Plan, with the option to pay either yearly, monthly, or weekly.

Each of these plans promises to provide real Instagram growth, audience-targeting, strategies tailored to your niche, and security. Let’s find out more about the pricing plans of SocialSteeze.

Regular Plan

If you want to avail of the Regular Plan of SocialSteeze, here’s how much it will cost you:

  • Weekly payment – $15
  • Monthly payment – $38
  • Yearly payment – $449

Elite Plan

For the Elite Plan, this is what you can expect to pay:

  • Weekly payment – $25
  • Monthly payment – $99
  • Yearly payment – $669

In terms of the features, you won’t find plenty of differences between the Regular Plan and the Elite Plan, except that the Elite Plan promises to double your Instagram exposure.

You’ll also be given priority support if you choose the Elite Plan. Overall, the SocialSteeze tool is on par with the other Instagram growth tools in terms of affordability.

SocialSteeze and Social Envy

Just like SocialSteeze, SocialEnvy used to be on top of its game. But around the early months of 2019, when the API of Instagram underwent a lot of changes, this tool became unusable. But prior to this event, SocialEnvy was already getting a bad reputation.

Some of its users complained that they just wasted money on this company since they didn’t get the results that they were expecting. When you do a search online, you’ll find plenty of reviews from customers who have had a similar bad experience.

In fact, SocialEnvy is facing a lawsuit with Facebook due to fake likes and follows that they were selling. Some bloggers have written that this lawsuit also includes SocialSteeze. But upon closer look at the document, the only other sites that were included are and

Review Conclusion

SocialSteeze is a decent tool that offers good features, typical growth results, and average pricing. It’s just like any of your average Instagram automation tools. Although it also comes with some operational downsides, it can still help you boost your Instagram account.

But the biggest problem is that there were rumors spreading that SocialSteeze is actually a revamped version of SocialEnvy, which had a bad reputation. If you want to stay on the safe side, you might as well opt for other alternatives with a better reputation and lower risk.

Whether you want to give SocialSteeze a chance or not is really up to you, but it’s not fair to paint a bad picture of this tool based merely on rumors. However, Facebook has the power to shut down a website if these rumors are proven to be true. Therefore, it’s best to avoid SocialSteeze until it clears up its name and disconnects itself from the bad reputation of SocialEnvy.

SocialSteeze – Wrap Up

SocialSteeze may be out of the picture, but this doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on real, effective Instagram engagement growth. There are still plenty of alternatives out there that can help you with this.

Think of it as an opportunity to meet your next third-party engagement company – and who knows, perhaps they’ll be able to catapult you into Instagram stardom. With any one of the companies on our list, you can get back up and running with your Instagram today.

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