Review: Do They Help You Grow Your Instagram Account?

SocialRush Review 2024: Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 21, 2023
Last Updated: April 21, 2023

SocialRush Review 2024: Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 21, 2023
Last Updated: April 21, 2023


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SocialRush Review 2024

Instagram is one of the most competitive social media networks for brands and businesses, and with good reason: the results of increasing your marketing efforts and loyal follower base can bring in big revenue for your business. 

SocialRush knows it, and that’s why they’ve been promoting their services that claim to help you get more Instagram followers and engagements. 

Social media in general is very competitive due to the fact that it’s one of the easiest ways to reach people in your target audience, and that’s why companies like SocialRush have become so popular.

Even if they don’t provide the results they claim, they’re still making a huge profit on selling these types of services. 

There are very few companies that can actually help you grow your Instagram follower count in a reputable way, and if the company doesn’t deliver the valuable results that they promise, they can actually hurt your Instagram performance in general. 

With so many third party options available for Instagram growth, how can you pick one that will, in fact, help your Instagram get the attention of more people in your target audience? 

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SocialRush Review 

SocialRush logo

Our goal is to help you find the best solution for your Instagram growth and check out one of these companies, SocialRush, to determine whether or not they can work for you. 

In order to protect your Instagram account, it’s vital that you look closely at what a company offers you and how the value matches up in terms of price, so we’ll examine those elements and give you our findings after reviewing carefully and testing out

Let’s get started. 

Why You Need Real Instagram Followers and Engagement 

SocialRush Followers

Before we jump into our review, we need to consider why someone might need to look to a third party to get more Instagram followers and engagement, as well as why it’s important that you don’t go with any company that doesn’t offer you real Instagram followers

Most people want to get more Instagram followers because it was the original metric that measured Instagram success.

You will look very reputable when you have a high follower count, and there will be more people that see your content on a consistent basis. 

You can also increase the likelihood that your content will be engaged with, as well as shared, saved, or even purchased from. You can only generate revenue or engagement with real followers. 

Engagement, while seemingly less important than follower count, is actually just as important.

Engagement is the driving factor of the Instagram algorithm, so when your content has high levels of engagement, it will appear more valuable for your target audience and followers, so Instagram will show it to them and recommend your content more. 

You can even get your content onto the Explore page when it has high levels of engagement. 

Fake followers will not help you to meet any of these goals, and so that’s why it’s so important that you only work with a company that will help you get real Instagram followers.

Let’s find out if SocialRush can do that for you. 

What is SocialRush? 

SocialRush Features is an Instagram growth company that claims to help you “promote your social account with, the best of ‘em.” This means that they offer growth for not only Instagram, but also for other social media networks. 

It’s better to work with a social media growth service that focuses explicitly on providing you with real Instagram followers instead of providing you with tons of different social services, but it depends on the methods the company uses at the end of the day. 

So, how does work? 

Well, the first problem is that SocialRush doesn’t give you any of that information on their website. In fact, it’s incredibly unprofessional that they haven’t even completely filled out their whole website.

All of the sections on their main page that should tell you more about how their services work is full of the dummy text called Lorem Ipsum. 

That means they haven’t even completed their website and have invested no time in ensuring that website visitors know how the services work.

If they can’t even complete their website design and copy, can they really grow your Instagram followers? 

This is just one of the problems that we encountered upon our investigation of SocialRush. 

SocialRush has been around since 2013, which is when they claimed their Trustpilot page, so there’s really no excuse for this sloppy work.

If it weren’t important information, perhaps it’d be forgivable, but such a vital element of their service isn’t explained? That’s a big red flag. 

Getting Started with SocialRush

Getting started with SocialRush is fairly simple, and it’s the only information they give users about how their services work. 

  1. Visit the SocialRush website
  2. Choose the package you want to buy 
  3. Enter your username 
  4. Checkout 
  5. Wait for delivery 

They claim to have instant delivery, but they also sell packages of up to 10,000 Instagram followers— how can they instantly deliver that many followers to your account? This is extremely dangerous for your profile. 

Even when you select that package and go to the checkout page, they don’t tell you when you can expect your order at all. Another big red flag that leads to a serious lack of information on how their services work. 

SocialRush Pricing

SocialRush offers a range of packages for many different social platforms, so pricing is quite varied. We’ll explore some of the options they offer for Instagram, since this is what we tested their services on. 

Instagram Followers 

SocialRush Instagram Followers
  • 250 Instagram Followers: $3.99
  • 500 Instagram Followers: $5.99 
  • 1000 Instagram Followers: $12.99
  • 1500 Instagram Followers: $19.99
  • 2000 Instagram Followers: $24.99
  • 5000 Instagram Followers: $54.99
  • 7000 Instagram Followers: $74.99
  • 10000 Instagram Followers: $107.99

Instagram Likes 

SocialRush Instagram Likes
  • 100 Instagram Likes: $2.89
  • 250 Instagram Likes: $5.90
  • 500 Instagram Likes: $7.90
  • 1000 Instagram Likes: $12.50
  • 2500 Instagram Likes: $24.50
  • 10000 Instagram Likes: $68.50
  • 25000 Instagram Likes: $149.50
  • 40000 Instagram Likes: $270.00 

This may seem straightforward, but the pricing is a bit strange with random numbers. Even more worrying, it tells you absolutely nothing about how your Instagram likes will be distributed.

Are they going to be delivered across a variety of different photos? Is it just for the most recent photo? 

Again, no information about delivery or how the service is provided. 

This is the general pricing for Instagram engagements; SocialRush also offers packages for Instagram views, Instagram comments, Instagram impressions, and Instagram auto-likes. 

One big problem is that this company has no information on how services are provided, and the fact that they sell Instagram comments is a huge signal that this company is simply a bot service that generates a bunch of fake followers and engagements for your profile. 

Top-Rated Instagram Growth Tools

These Instagram growth tools have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.

We have also performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of these tools.

These are by far the best services on the market today.

Do We Recommend SocialRush for Instagram Growth? 

As you may be able to deduct from what we’ve discussed so far, we DO NOT recommend SocialRush for Instagram growth.

They are a lazy excuse for a social media growth company and deliver absolutely nothing valuable for your Instagram growth or long-term reputation. 

Here are a few of the main reasons we don’t recommend them and what we discovered when we tested their services. 

Unreliable Results 

SocialRush claims to be able to offer you a lot of very attractive social media growth, including packages of Instagram followers that would be extremely useful if they were of value. 

Unfortunately, nothing about SocialRush indicates that their services are actually real followers; they use no natural methods at all, and can’t even show one piece of evidence that they actually offer real followers. 

Sure, they use buzzwords like “real premium results” and “premium quality,” but they don’t back that up at all. This is hollow marketing simply geared at swindling people.

What’s more, SocialRush offers no concrete information about when your package will be completely delivered and how to confirm that it was actually fulfilled. Their services are totally unreliable and you should avoid them at all costs. 

We tested their smallest package for Instagram followers, and they certainly weren’t delivered instantly.

While we did see some increase in followers, almost all of the 200-ish followers that we gained fell off of our account within a day or two. 

Unfortunately, no response or guarantee from SocialRush, and in fact, you can’t even access their terms of service, which we’ll get to later. 

Limited Online Presence

Consider this: SocialRush claimed their Trustpilot in January of 2013 and has only 6 reviews, all of which are from January 2013, within a day of one another. All of them are positive. Isn’t that just so convenient? 

Based on this information, SocialRush has been around since January of 2013. Why aren’t there more reviews? Why are none of their reviews recent? This just screams fishy. 

If SocialRush really was reputable and a viable option for Instagram growth, people would be talking more about it. They’ve been around for over 8 years now and it’s been radio silence. Don’t take the risk. 

No Terms of Service

Last but not least, SocialRush has what you would imagine to be their terms of service linked at the bottom of the apage. When you click on it, it redirects you to the top of the page you’re already on. 

So, they offer no real information about how their services work, don’t have any way to understand exactly what you can expect when you use their services, and haven’t even completed their website to help users understand? 

Do not use an Instagram growth service or third party growth tool if they don’t have a terms of service page.

You must understand your rights as a buyer and what the company is actually going to be responsible for. On this alone, skip SocialRush. 

Review Conclusion: DO NOT USE 

All in all, there is nothing about SocialRush that we recommend in terms of Instagram growth.

They offer different services for different social media networks, but because their services are so unreliable and they lack a terms of service page, we aren’t inclined to believe you’ll see any better results on other platforms. 

These social media networks are getting smarter every day about how third parties interact with their platform and how people try to fortify their growth.

Don’t cut corners with a company like SocialRush— it will only harm your social media reputation and can actually get you into hot water with the platform itself. 

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Written by Eddie Hurst

I’m a full-time social media research specialist. Actually you could say I’m a bit obsessed. I seek out the latest information and hacks for our How-to Guides. As well as that, I put companies under the microscope for reviews.