SocialMeep Review – Buyer Beware.

With the never-ending list of Instagram growth services out there, we took a look at one growth service that claims to be the best real, organic Instagram growth tool– SocialMeep.

We did the work so that you don’t have to, and are going to give you the lowdown on this service and some alternatives. Let’s go! 

What is SocialMeep? 

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Since Instagram became a heavy-hitter in terms of social media marketing and providing users with a huge reach to over 1 billion monthly active users, there have been a number of services that have surfaced claiming to give you more followers. 

At first, these were bulk follower packages that just filled your account with fake followers so that your numbers looked good to anyone trying to determine your profile’s popularity. 

That trend is dead and gone, as anyone working on Instagram these days knows that active and engaged followers is the only way to turn a profit or see business results. Thus, growth services today will tell you that they provide “real, organic followers.” But do they? 

SocialMeep is one of the many growth services that claim to do so. They say that they can increase your real, organic followers and that they provide an average of 4,500 real followers a month. 

4,500 real organic followers a month!? That’s quite an amount, right? So if SocialMeep is providing people with almost 5,000 new organic followers every month, why isn’t everyone using them? 

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Is SocialMeep Right for You? 

SocialMeep Services

While at first glance a service like SocialMeep might seem like a godsend, looking a bit more closely, it’s easy to see that they probably can’t deliver what they are offering. 

Of course, who doesn’t want to grow 4500 real followers a month? But think about this– Instagram growth services that use targeting are going to basically be interacting with profiles on the assumption that they follow you back. 

How then can any growth service tell you that you’re going to see 4500 real followers on average monthly? 

They simply can’t, and much less when there are so many diverse niches and markets. 

There are also a variety of red flags on the site– and they’re not small inconsistencies. They’re big ones! Let’s take a look. 

So, Are They Bots, or Not? 

SocialMeep claims on their homepage, “no bots.” But then, they say that they use “AI-powered automation” to grow their clients’ accounts. 

Tricky wording much? They’re being super shady about trying to downplay the fact that they use automation and bots to interact with accounts. 

Why would they do this? Well, everyone knows that Instagram has really cracked down on automation services in the past few years, which has crushed the Instagram growth service market because many services run on automation. 

Now, they’re saying “no bots,” and that they use AI-powered automation. It’s virtually the same thing. 

Perhaps they mean you won’t gain any “bot” followers, but it’s not possible to claim this either if they’re using automation to grow the accounts. 

It’s really tricky wording on their part and they’re not being clear about how they go about growing followers and the follower quality that you’ll receive. And there’s definitely no way that this type of growth service can promise an average of 4500 followers a month. It just won’t happen. 

SocialMeep, or SocialCopiers? 

Not only is their wording vague and inconsistent, but they also completely ripped the website design from another popular service for Instagram monitoring, HypeAuditor. Literally, it’s the same site.

If you take a look, they basically stole their format and changed out the wording. 

Well, so is it so bad to take the exact same web format from another business in the industry? First off, it’s tacky. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

They’ve copied all of their website landing pages and content from Nitreo, another popular growth service site. 

So, if they’ve copied their website design and website landing pages/content from other companies, what is left that is actually theirs? 

Not much, and certainly not the results that they promise. 

Top SocialMeep Alternatives 

In all honesty, SocialMeep isn’t worth the wasted time and false hopes of growing your real followers. But we have a few other alternatives out there that can bring you better results and are more transparent in their services. 

1. Growthoid

Growthoid Review: Organic Follower Growth Service

Growthoid is our top pick because they’re changing up the game with manual follower growth. This is much better not only for growing followers with real interactions, but also for peace of mind that your growth is in good hands. 

After signing up, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager that will take over where you left off.

 It’s great because many people just don’t have time to spend time doing the interactions themselves, and Growthoid gives you peace of mind that the growth is being done by someone who cares about really getting you results. 

Growothoid doesn’t give you a set amount of followers that you will gain each month because it’s unpredictable and depends greatly on your niche and targets. 

This is a great example of a business that is upfront with their clients and cares about providing great service.

2. Nitreo


Nitreo is also a good, straightforward Instagram growth service alternative that uses targeting in order to gain you more real followers. 

They have you sign in immediately after you sign up so that you can send over your targeting instructions and they also don’t promise you a number of followers that they can’t deliver. 

They don’t specify what kind of growth they’re doing, whether it’s automation or manual, but in any case, they have a simple service that will gain you mostly valuable followers. 

3. Stellation Media

Stellation Media

Stellation Media is also an interesting growth service that uses techniques like mass story sharing and follow/unfolllow to grow your account. 

These methods can also be fruitful in gaining real followers. They specify that you can grow 2000+ followers monthly; this is a high number also, so take it with a grain of salt. 

SocialMeep Review: Hard Pass 

Ultimately, SocialMeep isn’t going to provide the growth you’re looking for, and they’ve copied a variety of other services to try and put together something that looks attractive. 

Take a look at Growthoid and our other alternatives Nitreo and Stellation Media. They’ll get you way better results that you’ll see with SocialMeep. 

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  1. Good article very informative; thank you for listing alternatives to SocialMeep. as a blogger I use Instagram almost every day and because of the automation services SocialMeep provides, Instagram blocked my account and I lost followers instead of gaining new ones. Defiantly going to try the alternatives you listed above and see how things will go since I didn’t like this service.

  2. My friend who has a pretty big IG following recommend me Socialmeep as an organic growth tool. However, when I tried it, in about two hours my account froze because of bot activity. I deactivated the service right away and changed my password. I don’t want to lose my account because of some shady business!


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