SocialFollow Review – Are They Safe to Use?

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SocialFollow: A Review

When it comes to building social proof on Instagram, it helps to have followers and we’re not talking 500, we’re talking 50,000.

SocialFollow markets itself on being able to provide their customers with the ever-sought-after social proof.

But does SocialFollow follow through on its promises to customers? Here we find out, we have tested and reviewed SocialFollow so you don’t have to. There is very little information about this service anywhere else, so we’ve given you a comprehensive review to keep you safe when you are trying to grow your Instagram account.

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What Is SocialFollow?

SocialFollow free-instagram-followers

SocialFollow is a service where they state they will give their customers free Instagram followers.

Seems easy right? All SocialFollow ask you to do is download their app, follow 10 accounts that they specify and then in return they will give you 50 followers a day.

The more accounts from their specified list you follow, the more followers they will give you in return, but have you ever heard the saying if it is too good to be true, it probably is?

Well this applies to social follow, the accounts that they ask you to follow are real accounts, the accounts that follow you in return. Not so much, they are bot accounts with no avatars, that won’t engage with your content, they will just occupy valuable space in your follower list. 

Is SocialFollow Legit?

This is a difficult one to answer, because they do give their customers exactly what they say they will give their customers, but is it legit?

Well, we would say no. It’s certainly not the worst scam we have come across when it comes to Instagram followers, but it isn’t above board.

What SocialFollow ask you to do is in essence promote the accounts that they want you to promote free of charge and in return they give you followers that add absolutely no value to your Instagram growth strategy. 

Surely A Follower Is A Follower?

If you are new to trying to grow your Instagram, it is important that we cover this fact, not all followers are created equal.

SocialFollow provide their customers with followers, yes, but what they are doing is damaging your follower to engagement ratio.

So whilst isn’t a scam per say, it won’t give you the social proof that you want.

A bot accout or fake account won’t interact with your content, it will just sit in your follower list taking up space, the more of these accounts you have in your follower list, the worse your account looks to instagrams algorithm.

You are better off having a smaller following of people who actively engage with your content, such as liked and comments, then a huge follower list and zero engagement. Instagram actively seeks out accounts with poor follower to engagement ratio and stops the content being shown to other users as punishment for buying followers.

So, whilst SocialFollow is somewhat of a Schrodinger’s app, in that it is neither legit or a scam, it won’t do your account any favours. 

Final Thoughts

SocialFollow gives their customers free followers if they follow pre-selected accounts, the more you follow the more bots you have follow you in return, seems fair right?

If you are trying to grow your Instagram with a meaningful following, we advise that you look to an organic growth service to provide you with real followers that are genuinely interested in your content.

The results will take time to build, but the wait will be worth it when you have a follower list of users that are excited to see your latest content. 

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