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SocialFlight Review 2022: Is it Legit?

Last Updated: May 12, 2022

A growing number of people are turning to services such as SocialFlight to help accelerate the process.
SocialFlight Review: Is it Legit?
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SocialFlight Review 2022

SocialFlight logo

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably looking for creative and effective tools that you can use to grow your Instagram account.

While Instagram has hundreds of millions of users worldwide, it can be challenging to attract organic followers.

Nowadays, it takes time just to reach the 1,000-follower mark using conventional, organic methods. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have time to waste waiting for their Instagram profile to take off organically.

That’s why a growing number of people are turning to services such as SocialFlight to help accelerate the process.

You may want to build a strong Instagram following in order to market your services or goods, or maybe you want to build brand equity and get your business noticed.

Either way, the general rule of thumb when it comes to growing an Instagram account is that once you get followers, you’re most likely to attract even more.

Therefore, the best way to boost your social media presence and online profile is to grow your Instagram account.

Read on for our comprehensive SocialFlight review.

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What is SocialFlight?

SocialFlight is an Instagram engagement service that claims they are designed to assist businesses and individuals to increase their Instagram following.

The main function of SocialFlight is to help you get ‘real’, ‘organic’ followers, real people who actually resonate with your message and movement.

That’s because SocialFlight claims to be made of a real team instead of Instagram bots like most of its competitors. However, we think that they are just a bot.

You will probably receive fake likes and followers.

They aren’t going to use these filters to find, like, follow, and comment on accounts and photos that are relevant on your individual filters. We don’t think that they’re safe or secure.

Why Instagram Followers?

SocialFlight followers

You know that your Instagram followers are important, but you never realized that they were this important.

In fact, your Instagram followers are still the lifeblood of your Instagram growth, and if you aren’t nurturing them in the right way, you are not going to do as well and be as successful with your Instagram profile as you would like.

Of course, there are some people out there that are going to do better with their Instagram growth than others, but if you implement the right engagement strategy, and make sure that you are taking care of your followers, it is going to be pretty difficult to go wrong.

The good news is that there are lots of growth services out there that can help you, but the bad news is that it is hard to tell the good ones apart from the bad.

Getting Started with SocialFlight

To get started with SocialFlight, you will need to visit their website through your web browser, and check out their features.

You’ll see that they have a wide range of features to choose from, which we don’t necessarily like.

Once you have chosen the features that you think are going to suit your needs the best, you can go through their payment checkout process, and they claim to be able to deliver their engagement within a short amount of time.

SocialFlight Features

SocialFlight Features

SocialFlight, as we have already mentioned in this review quite a bit, promises its clients organic growth, but we don’t think that they are providing their clients with growth that is really that organic.

Their features include you talking to them about your target market, as well as what your goals are for your Instagram profile in general. They claim that this is how they help their clients get real followers.

However, we don’t think that they are using this information for good, and they are probably just using it to stall or at least give out the impression that they care about their clients.

When it comes to features, they obviously don’t have a lot going on, because they probably believe that their growth service is the best in the industry and is going to take care of everything that you need.

How Did SocialFlight Do in Tests?

SocialFlight was tested out by our team of professionals because we think that it is important to be able to know how a service works first-hand if we are going to give you a well-informed review.

We decided to sign up for their basic service, and we are pleased to say that they reached out to us to communicate to us about what our target market looked like.

However, this is where the good times stopped.

After this, we started to get engagement that had nothing to do with our industry and niche on Instagram, and the other thing that we really worried about was the fact that a lot of the engagement fell off again after just a couple of days.

What About Their Team?

Companies like SocialFlight need to keep themselves in check with their clients, and one way to do this is to be highly accountable to them.

For the most part, this means having enough information on their website about their services and about the team of individuals behind their features to make their potential clients feel comfortable.

If you are running a company like this and you aren’t offering this information upfront, then you aren’t going to get too many people through the door.

We are sad to say that SocialFlight didn’t pull through on this, which indicates to us that they don’t really care about their client’s welfare.

Bad Reviews

SocialFlight definitely don’t have any real reviews on their website. They do have reviews, and they would like you to believe that they are real, but we know what to look for, and we can confidently say that they aren’t.

They are associated with real Instagram profiles, but we believe that they have paid people to say good things about their services.

SocialFlight Trustpilot

Why You Shouldn’t Choose SocialFlight

SocialFlight engages

SocialFlight is a service that claims to be designed for Instagram marketing and so far it has attracted over 1,000 brands and individuals.

We don’t think that this indicates credibility at all, it just indicates that they are good at pulling the wool over their client’s eyes.

They claim to help you grow your Instagram account without upsetting the social network’s algorithm or risking your profile.

They also claim that they ensure that your account is secure and safe throughout the process.

Here are some of the factors that you need to know about SocialFlight:

  • They have a secure HTTPS website that’s safe and stable – but doesn’t indicate credibility
  • They claim to offer transparent pricing so you won’t get any surprise charges, but we think that their pricing reflects low-quality features
  • 24/7 support is not available with SocialFlight, so they aren’t available to answer your queries and comments
  • Verified Payment Gateways isn’t up to snuff
  • Confusing contact information on the website including a contact form and chat functions

How Does SocialFlight Work?

In the following tutorial, we’ll share with you how SocialFlight works, so that you can know why to avoid it.

Give SocialFlight Your Account Numbers

The first thing you need to do is provide SocialFlight your audience numbers. This includes the type of followers you’d like to attract to your account.

SocialFlight will take this information and claims to use it to find followers that are most likely to take an interest in your content and your niche market.

However, we think that they are just a bot that sends you randomized engagement that’s not going to help with your credibility at all.

SocialFlight Claims to Get People’s Attention

The second step is to garner people’s attention to your page. SocialFlight claims to do this through curated comments, follows and likes. They don’t though.

Your Account Won’t Experience Organic Growth

At this point, it is going to be obvious that your account isn’t receiving organic growth.

SocialFlight Pricing

SocialFlight Pricing

SocialFlight is not one of the most affordable services in its niche. They are one of the cheapest, which means that they are providing their clients with low-quality engagement.

Companies like this are notorious for hiding their prices and forcing users to “ask” for a quote via email sign-up. Others will try and sneak hidden charges into their pricing just to milk as much money as they can from users.

There are currently three different plans available on SocialFlight. There’s the Starter Package which is available for $39 per month or $15 a week depending on your preferences.

Next comes the Advanced plan which is available for $59 per month, while the final package is known as the Business plan and it’s available for $140 per month.

Again, some pricing is cheap and low quality, while other pricing is over the top.

Top-Rated Instagram Growth Tools

These Instagram growth tools have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.

We collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the tools.

These are by far the best services on the market today.


Review Conclusion

Overall, SocialFlight doesn’t tick all the right boxes when it comes to being one of the best Instagram marketing services out there.

Like most people, we were hopeful of the service at first but after using it for a few weeks, we’re able to see that we didn’t get the right results as promised. We got fake followers and low-quality growth that put us back majorly.

Therefore, we can wholeheartedly say that we don’t recommend SocialFlight as a service that actually delivers on its promises.

It’s a terrible option for influencers or small business owners that want to grow their online footprint and influence through Instagram.

SocialFlight Alternatives

SocialFlight is a company that you need to avoid, especially if you care about your Instagram’s reputation. With this in mind, let’s look at their alternatives.



Growthoid is a SocialFlight alternative that has a good grasp on what its clients need, and they say they can help you get more real Instagram followers.

Of course, many companies in the industry say this, but these guys can actually follow through on it.

They believe that this is the only way you should be growing at Instagram profile, and they have a special technique to do it.

They target the people that are following your rivals so that you can tempt them to come and check out your content instead.


Nitreo Review & 25% Discount Coupon

Nitreo is really in tune with its clients, which is perhaps why it has been so successful so far in helping them grow their Instagram profiles.

One of the things that we love the most about this company is that they only require your email address to get started, and the entire process of signing up with them is only going to take a couple of minutes.

Of course, like all companies in the social media marketing industry that have a good reputation, they guarantee real results as well.



Growthsilo is similar to Growthoid, which means that you’ve got yet another SocialFlight alternative that you can rely on for great Instagram growth.

These guys want to help their clients with a completely managed service, meaning that you can take a step back and put more of your schedule and time into creating videos and images that people are going to love for your Instagram feed.

We love companies like this that can take care of everything, because it relieves a lot of stress on your end.

Written by Jason Wise

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