Comprehensive SocialFlight Review: Is it Legit?

Last Updated: September 13, 2020

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably looking for creative and effective tools that you can use to grow your Instagram account. While Instagram has hundreds of millions of users worldwide, it can be challenging to attract organic followers.

Nowadays, it takes time just to reach the 1,000-follower mark using conventional, organic methods. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have time to waste waiting for their Instagram profile to take off organically.

That’s why a growing number of people are turning to services such as SocialFlight to help accelerate the process.

You may want to build a strong Instagram following in order to market your services or goods, or maybe you want to build brand equity and get your business noticed. Either way, the general rule of thumb when it comes to growing an Instagram account is that once you get followers, you’re most likely to attract even more.

Therefore, the best way to boost your social media presence and online profile is to grow your Instagram account.

Read on for our comprehensive SocialFlight review.

What is SocialFlight?

SocialFlight is an Instagram engagement service that’s designed to assist businesses and individuals to increase their Instagram following. The main function of SocialFlight is to help you get real, organic followers, real people who actually resonate with your message and movement.

That’s because SocialFlight is made of a real team instead of Instagram bots like most of its competitors.

This is great news because it means you won’t have fake likes and followers. Instead, the SocialFlight team will manually grow your account using the targeting options provided by you.

They’ll use these filters to find, like, follow, and comment on accounts and photos that are relevant on your individual filters.

SocialFlight also offers a top-notch Instagram service which is customized to suit your individual budget. All you have to do is select a package from the many that are available and watch your account skyrocket.

The best part is that SocialFlight is backed by 24/7 customer support and it’s 100% secure.

Why Choose SocialFlight?

SocialFlight is a service that’s designed for Instagram marketing and so far it has attracted over 1,000 brands and individuals. It’s a unique service that uses innovative marketing techniques to achieve genuine results.

They’ll help you grow your Instagram account without upsetting the social network’s algorithm or risking your profile. They’ll also ensure that your account is secure and safe throughout the process.

Here are some of the factors that distinguish SocialFlight from other Instagram marketing services that you might see on the market:

  • They have a secure HTTPS website that’s safe and stable
  • They offer transparent pricing so you won’t get any surprise charges and you’ll always know what you’re getting
  • 24/7 support means there will always be someone from SocialFlight available to answer your queries and comments
  • Verified Payment Gateways guarantee safe and verified payments free from cybersecurity threats
  • Clear contact information on the website including a contact form and chat functions

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How Does SocialFlight Work?

In the following tutorial, we’ll share with you how SocialFlight works and give you an idea of why the service is so successful.

Give SocialFlight Your Account Numbers

The first thing you need to do is provide SocialFlight your audience numbers. This includes the type of followers you’d like to attract to your account.

SocialFlight will take this information and use it to find followers that are most likely to take an interest in your content and your niche market. The best part is that it’s a customized service that allows you to change your targeting at any time.

SocialFlight Will Get People’s Attention

The second step is to garner people’s attention to your page. SocialFlight does this through curated comments, follows and likes. They go out of their way to research your follower’s interests in order to gain genuine engagement.

They Will Create a Targeting Strategy

The goal of SocialFlight is to gain genuine followers. This is all thanks to a targeting feature that ensures that you only get high-quality followers that are honestly interested in your brand and the work you do.

Your Account Will Experience Organic Growth

This final step is the best because this is where you get to enjoy all the organic growth offered by SocialFlight.

At this point, you should have an impressive group of highly engaged followers, who genuinely connect with your content. Your page will also have a high average number of comments, likes, and engagement.

SocialFlight Pricing

SocialFlight is by far one of the most affordable services in its niche. It’s great for anyone that needs help growing an Instagram account on a budget. The best part about SocialFlight is that they offer transparent pricing with all the details shown on their website for all to see.

To be honest, no other Instagram marketing service is offering this kind of transparency right now and it’s something worth writing home about.

Most companies are notorious for hiding their prices and forcing users to “ask” for a quote via email sign-up. Others will try and sneak hidden charges into their pricing just to milk as much money as they can from users.

There are currently three different plans available on SocialFlight. There’s the Starter Package which is available for $39 per month or $15 a week depending on your preferences.

Next comes the Advanced plan which is available for $59 per month, while the final package is known as the Business plan and it’s available for $140 per month.

The latter is different from the first two because it comes with an “accelerated growth” guarantee.


Overall, SocialFlight ticks all the right boxes when it comes to being one of the best Instagram marketing services out there.

Like most people, we were skeptical of the service at first but after using it for a few weeks, we’re able to see results as promised. We got genuine followers and an impressive growth that far surpassed our previous numbers.

Therefore, we can wholeheartedly recommend SocialFlight as a service that actually delivers on its promises. It’s a great option for influencers or small business owners that want to grow their online footprint and influence through Instagram.

It’s simple, easy-to-use and doesn’t come with any downsides as far as our experience is concerned.

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