SocialCaptain Review 2022 + Shutdown

Last Updated: May 12, 2022
UPDATE: SocialCaptain has shut down :-/ They’ve even been accused of exposing thousands of client passwords – not good.
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 UPDATE: SocialCaptain has shut down :-/ 


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SocialCaptain Review 2022

AI definitely makes things sound interesting enough, right?

SocialCaptain is another Instagram popularity-growth application that aids you in boosting your Instagram fame by increasing your followers count.

So what’s the deal with AI in SocialCaptain? What makes it different from the average Instagram bot?

In this SocialCaptain review, I’ll be catering to all these questions of yours. I’ll also be answering the utmost important question, that is: Is SocialCaptain legit or..?

We will also be helping you figure out if SocialCaptain is the right choice for your Instagram growth. While you would like to think so, we’ve already got our doubts. You see, the thought of automation might be nice, but in reality it’s just going to make your life a whole lot more stressful.

Why? Because it’s going to get you in trouble with Instagram.

There are plenty of companies out there that can help you with your Instagram growth, but the majority of them don’t sell a bot that’s going to cut corners and increase your risk.

Let’s see what SocialCaptain is about, and decide whether you should use them or not.

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Key Features of SocialCaptain

Now, the number one thing that definitely distinguishes SocialCaptain from the rest of the Instagram bots is that it utilizes AI automated mechanisms to further enhance its functions.

This might distinguish it, but this doesn’t make it a good thing, and a feature that’s worth your time. If anything, it’s going to make it stand out more, and get put on Instagram’s radar, which you don’t want.

AI in SocialCaptain

SocialCaptain claims to use artificial intelligence and targeted marketing to attract relevant followers with an interest in the type of content your account’s all about.

As a result, these followers are supposed to actually engage and interact with your posts. Showering you with likes and comments.

Not only that but SocialCaptain’s AI can mimic natural human-like activity on Instagram.

This means that your followers won’t just jump to 1M overnight so that Instagram bans your account immediately, rather, it takes a natural pace so that your fame builds up in a nice and reasonable way.

The sheer fact that SocialCaptain is being so brazen about their use of a bot is surprising to us, but we admire their confidence. This is mostly bad, though, and doesn’t bode well for them. While they are trying to cover up the fact that they take the lazy way to grow their clients accounts, you still shouldn’t align with a company like this.


That’s like the cherry on top – or so you think.

SmartGrowth is another characteristic of SocialCaptain, in which the AI module implemented constantly scans your activity over Instagram, including your likes, interests and so forth. All this in order to improve SocialCaptain’s performance overall.

It’s nice to think that they can do all this automatically, but automation never got anyone anywhere good. If you want to grow your Instagram profile, you need to make sure that you can do so organically, without a bot.

Targeted Marketing Using Hashtags

SocialCaptain claims to target Instagram users who follow hashtags that are relevant to your content.

This is a method to ensure that all your followers aren’t just there, rather, they’re always hooked up on your posts and content. They’re supposed to be ACTIVE followers. While they very well could be active, there’s no guarantees that you aren’t going to get shut down by Instagram for using a bot. The risk isn’t worth it, especially as we don’t think that the quality of their followers is that high.

Real-Time Statistics and Results

On your SocialCaptain dashboard, you can find stats representing your growth rate. Business owners would surely benefit the most from such a thing.

There are numerous charts and data analyses you can find on your dashboard, with the one that’s caught my attention the most is the evolution of your account’s growth over time.

There’s no promises that these are accurate, and clients have talked about how they’ve had issues getting their analytics to refresh.

Quick Settings

On your dashboard, You’ll also find a quick settings section.

So first, there are buttons for allowing automated likes, follows, and unfollows.

These allow your SocialCaptain helper to automatically like back and follow those who have been interacting with your posts, as well as unfollow lower-tier accounts. You can, of course, disable these and just handle things manually.

On top of these, there is a comment button. If you switch that on you’ll leave the task of commenting on your followers’ posts up to the SocialCaptain AI-powered system.

It will leave bot-like bland automated responses. You can enter your own selection of comments and the bot shuffles between them. There’s also an option to restrict comments to only once on every followers’ account.

There is no guarantee that the bot isn’t going to repeat itself often with these types of comments, so this definitely isn’t the best approach.

Managing Multiple Accounts

Not only one Instagram account, but their system can also manage as many accounts as you want. There are even special discounts and offers for social media managers.

Again, this might seem like a perk, but we think that they are going for quantity over quality, here. They just want to sell as many of their features as possible, and don’t actually care about the sustainability of your multiple Instagram accounts.

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Getting Started

After covering all the features of SocialCaptain, I’ll write a brief walkthrough of the service. Let’s check things out.

Their website is laid out okay – it could be better, though. While it does have https secure, we think that it looks rushed and lazy.


On SocialCaptain’s website front page, you’ll find a small icon reading ‘Live Demo’. By clicking this, you’ll be directed into a page demonstrating SocialCaptain’s dashboard and account manager.

Trial Period

SocialCaptain isn’t a free service, but you can test the service through a 24-hour free trial to see if it’s to your liking.

The trial period’s countdown starts once you create your account, so beware. If it’s that you’d like to test out the service for some time, pick the smallest SocialCaptain plan and test it out.

We don’t think that 24 hours is enough time to decide whether SocialCaptain is a good fit or not. They probably set it at this because they don’t want potential clients finding out too much about how they really do things before they commit.

SocialCaptain’s Plans and Pricing

Here are all SocialCaptain’s Plans.

Yearly Plans

SocialCaptain offers the following yearly plans:

  • Growth – $349/year
  • Turbo – $690/year

Both packages offer you what they claim to be organic, real followers.

The Turbo package is characterized by a 10x accelerated growth rate through its exclusive SmartGrowth functionality, AI-powered optimization, and a priority chat support which will cater to your needs at any time.

Other Plans

SocialCaptain also offers the following flexible plans:

  • 7 Days – $15
  • 30 Days – $39
  • Turbo (30 Days) – $99

We don’t like either of these plans, and think that they are charging way too much for what they’re offering.

Risks and Dangers

With Instagram’s new policies tackling down bots and fake followers, you’d think that SocialCaptain will fall down as well.

SocialCaptain is associated with risks of getting your Instagram account banned just like any other Instagram bot, which means that risks with SocialCaptain are high.

That is because SocialCaptain provides low-quality followers and is designed to try and work within the constraints Instagram’s put in order to halt the invasion of bots. However, they hardly get this right – not enough to be considered low risk.

SocialCaptain’s AI features the option to mimic human-like Instagram activity which might expose the user’s dependence on a bot.

I think I wouldn’t consider SocialCaptain. While they might look like they’ve put in a bit of an effort, they really haven’t.

Review Verdict

I don’t think SocialCaptain’s legit.

It’s built on a flimsy basis and has channeled the use of AI into targeted marketing, which means spam.

I don’t think it’d be the perfect aid in expanding your popularity whether you’re a business or just an individual looking for fame. SocialCaptain has bad reviews and reception which is a bad bonus point.

They’ve even been accused of exposing thousands of client passwords – not good.

There’s no way that we can condone a company like this – they just have too much associated with bots. They are trying to make a quick profit out of customers that are naive, and you don’t want to be the next person that they take advantage of. Avoid companies like this – they’re way to spammy with their automation.

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