SocialMonk Review – Does It Work?

Last Updated: October 15, 2020

Enter SocialMonk. Do we think that it has what is takes to be your go-to for your Instagram growth? Let’s find out.


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SocialMonk Review

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With so many growth services available online, it can be difficult to work out which ones are worth their salt, so we’re here to make your life easier by reviewing these services before you commit to purchasing one.

When it comes to growing your Instagram, we know that it can be tough and with so many unhelpful reviews and feedback it can be tough to select a product where you will actually see a meaningful increase in your follower number.

One of the hardest things about being on Instagram, as such you never know which companies out there are legit, and which ones are a scam, so there’s no way to know whether a company is just going to try and rip you off or not.

That’s why reviews like this are so important, so that you can learn a little bit about how these kinds of companies work, and how to avoid the ones that are just going to take advantage of you. The more you know about how the industry works in general, the more you can keep your Instagram profile safe from companies that aren’t legit.

Enter SocialMonk. Do we think that it has what is takes to be your go-to for your Instagram growth? Let’s find out.

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What Is SocialMonk?

Social monk is a growth service that you can use on your Instagram account to help increase your reach.

It does this by utilising the organic growth strategy through interacting on your behalf.

The middle package that social monk offer will follow, like, comment and view stories of other users on your behalf, it is this interaction that will grow your account, as social monk can complete more daily actions than you would be able to. 

However, there is a risk here that Social Monk is a bot, which is ultimately going to hurt your account’s reputation.

Is SocialMonk Legit?

SocialMonk is not that legit. There are a lot of companies out there that are more than likely scams, and we think that Social Monk falls into this category.

You will have to worry about it hurting your follower to engagement ratio, as social monk won’t load your account with fake and scam followers.

If you want supercharged growth on your account, you won’t get it here. No matter what you get from Social Monk, it’s not worth it.  

How Does SocialMonk’s Targeting Work?

SocialMonk relies on hashtags and similar content in order to help grow your account.

Depending on what accounts or types of users you are trying to engage with will determine what type of hashtags are used.

Whilst this strategy is ok in practice, when you compare it to other products, we have reviewed it is limited, and it is highly likely to get your account banned.

Hashtags and similar content can only go so far when you are trying to reach new users, whilst the service is legit, its lack of scope lets it down if you really are trying to extend your reach. 

Is SocialMonk Safe? Is it a Scam?

SocialMonk is a scam product, so you can be sure that it is not safe to use. It doesn’t even stick within Instagram’s daily limits, which is worrying.

Unlike bots, organic growth service providers can grow your account safely and securely without putting you at risk or shadow banning you. You’re not going to find this here.

Socialmonk won’t keep your follower to engagement ratio at a good level, so your content won’t be shown to others. This is something that scam software will do, so you need to be aware of it when looking at companies likes Social Monk.

What is Social Monk’s Pricing?

As far as we can tell, Social Monk is currently offering three different price points. Their first price point is going to cost you $9.90 per week, and they claime that this offers organic Instagram growth, 100% manual care, my personal account manager, support through their email system, and targeting by similar profiles.

Their Standard price point is going to cost you $14.90 per week, and this includes everything that their basic package offers, as well as a story view feature, and double your Instagram growth. Their Business price point as offering clients everything that the middle price point offers, along with triple the Instagram growth, and filtering by gender and language. This is going to cost you $19.90 per week.

Overall, we don’t think that this pricing is too bad. However, we are of the opinion that the features themselves aren’t genuine enough to take care of your Instagram account. So while their pricing might be pretty reasonable, we don’t think that their features are worth your time.

What About Their Team?

With Instagram growth companies like this, you can expect to see at least a little bit of information on their website about the team behind the features. This is their way of reaching out to potential clients, and proving that they can be accountable to them.

If you don’t find this kind of information on a company’s website, then you can understandably be a little suspicious. We couldn’t find anything remotely in line with this on Social Monk’s website, which means that from the beginning they aren’t prepared to give their clients what they need.

Review Summary

SocialMonk claims to provide their customers with a good entry level product for people that want to grow their Instagram accounts.

However, if you are an already established business, brand or influencer, then you will require something that has more targeting capabilities.

Targeting on hashtags and similar content alone is not a strategy that will yield the same level of results as other strategies that rely on other data points such as gender, age, location and interests, to name a few.

SocialMonk isn’t a legitimate service that is safe to use and won’t provide you with an increase in your follower number. There are much better services available out there, so avoid these guys when you can.

Written by Jason

Hi! I’m the editor at EarthWeb. I have a deep interest in technology and business. I also enjoy testing products out. Contact me to be featured!

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