Social Bound Review – Is it a Scam?

Social Bound Review 2024 – Is it a Scam?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Social Bound Review 2024 – Is it a Scam?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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Social Bound Review 2024

Instagram is still the choice platform for marketing and reaching your target audience. There are countless brands, businesses, influencers and hopeful users who want to monetize the platform and see real results.

This happens through getting more exposure, which means you need to get more followers. 

When it comes to growing your Instagram account, you want to grow it with real, targeted followers that are interested in your content.

If you have a list of followers that don’t engage with what you are putting out there, then what is the point? You won’t be able to make any of your goals a reality. 

This is a concept that SocialBound seems to understand; they are a social media management company that claims to help their customers achieve their growth goals— but are they worth the money? Here we review their service.

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Who Are Social Bound?

Social Bound - logo

SocialBound is a relatively new company that will grow your Instagram account on your behalf.

They believe that their customers need to spend time doing what really matters, which is developing high-quality content that their audience wants to see. Sounds great, right?  

The feature that we found most interesting from SocialBound is that you are given your own growth assistant who will talk you through how they are going to grow your account with the goals that you have in mind.

They believe in “marketing campaigns” to get your content out there, but they also offer customizable targeting options.

Having direct access to an account manager at all times can be really beneficial as social media trends can change at a drop of the hat depending on what is going on in the world.

They utilize multiple strategies to get the growth you want, from targeting specific accounts, hashtags, and locations.

All these factors work together to build a cohesive organic strategy that will compound over time and fill your account with real followers that will engage with your content.

Does Social Bound Work?

While we want to believe in SocialBound, there are a few things that raise some eyebrows for us. 

SocialBound mentions that they believe in Instagram management and say something about a “campaign,” but they’re really not doing any type of campaigning for you.

Basically, they say their service works through engagements such as likes, comments, and follows. All of their wording is very general and doesn’t give much detail, even in FAQs, about what to expect from the service. 

It also doesn’t explicitly explain the targets and how the growth assistant works. It says that there are human engagements, but the language used throughout the site says “assistant,” which really makes us think that it’s automated. 

SocialBound uses engagements to perpetuate growth, which is typically the tried-and-true method for growing your Instagram account. If it is, in fact, done by humans and not bots, perhaps you could get some results. 

Another downside is that they are a new company on the market, so there are limited testimonials from their customers.

There is no trace of them on Trustpilot. The way they manage their customers’ accounts may work, but it would be worth waiting for more reviews from other users. 

How Much does SocialBound Cost? 

SocialBound has a few different pricing options; they will bill you either monthly, biannually, or annually, and depending on which option you choose, the price point changes.

You’ll save money if you decide to pay annually, but we’d be weary of paying upfront for a year’s worth of service. 

It’s better to try out the service and if you feel comfortable, you can upgrade to an extended plan.

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Can Social Bound Be Trusted?

We’re always very apprehensive to suggest that we trust a new company straight off the bat. It is easy to develop a professional-looking website and fill it with testimonials that may or may not have happened. 

The simplicity of SocialBound’s website as well as the lack of information really did leave us wanting more.

Their site didn’t give us the jolt of confidence we were hoping for, and the idea that a new company is trying to get people to sign on for a year’s worth of service with such little information is really a bit alarming.

In addition, Instagram sometimes affects how third-party companies work with the app, so they may have a service interruption if Instagram starts to become stricter.

This would prevent them from providing a full year’s service; it seems like a headache. 

That being said, we don’t believe SocialBound is a scam, it’s just that they haven’t built up a wide enough client base to give them a good reputation as of yet.

If you are unsure as to whether or not to use them, there are an array of already well-established growth management services available to you that have been proven and have ratings and reviews out there.

So, if you aren’t sure and have some doubts, go with an already established and trusted company that can give you the results that you want; always do your research before deciding on a growth service.

Review Conclusion

If you are interested in growing your Instagram, your money may be better spent working with an already-established growth service that can back up its claims with customer testimonials and reviews.

We’re not saying that SocialBound is a scam, they are simply a very new organization without a solid reputation behind them. 

If you do decide to go with SocialBound, you should message them first in order to see how their support team works and also get some more specific information on how the service actually functions.

They aren’t too transparent about things on their website, so use with caution.

However, their growth methodology seems sound and the fact that their customers are given their own assistant that can be contacted at any time is an excellent feature, so we’d love to hear more about how their clients felt working with the assistant.

It’s something that may come with time, but for now, stick to growth services that already have a bit of credibility under their belt. 

It can give you more peace of mind and help to make sure you get the level of Instagram growth you need.

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