Social Blaze Review – Do They Still Work?

Last Updated: September 20, 2021



Social Blaze is an automation tool that allows their customers to build their own Instagram growth strategy through their platform. The tool they provide has a nice, simple interface, so even if you have never configured an automation tool before, you will be able to work out what you are doing with this one.
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Social Blaze Review

Growing your Instagram account can be done in a variety of ways. Usually after tirelessly trying to grow their account, people realize just how much work it can actually be. It takes a lot of time and a lot of patience in perpetuating interactions with people in their target audience, which can be frustrating for people and eventually they burn out. 

Luckily, many companies in the Instagram growth market have services that can help facilitate your Instagram growth; from buying followers to outsourcing to a company who will grow it on your behalf, there are so many different companies that can take the reigns.

If you don’t like either of these options, however, there is thankfully another way.

The other way is known as Instagram automation. Automation tools do what they say— they automate actions on your behalf and reach new users with the hope that they will interact with your account and become a follower of yours. 

While it sounds like an ideal solution, not all automation tools are created equal. Some of them promise results that they can’t deliver, some of them hurt your account engagement, and some of them don’t do what they say they will. 

 We’re here to let you know if one of these automation companies, Social Blaze, is worth the money. We have tried it and reviewed it so that you can make the right decision as to whether you use their service or not.

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What Is Social Blaze?

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Social Blaze is an automation tool that allows their customers to build their own Instagram growth strategy through their platform. The tool they provide has a nice, simple interface, so even if you have never configured an automation tool before, you will be able to work out what you are doing with this one.

When it comes to setting up how you like posts, you have 7 options to choose from, and in our experience the more options you have, the better. 

When you have more options, it means you can really work on that targeting strategy, which is key in pulling in followers that are relevant to your account and will actually benefit you. 

If you were to select the option to like by followers, you are limiting your reach, so it is always worth thinking about what types of users you want to draw in.

Think about your target market’s age, location and interest to build a picture of the type of person you want to interact with your account. It’s really important for automation tools that you give the right targeting information, otherwise you’re bound to be dissatisfied with the results.

Does Social Blaze Work?

Like all automation tools, Social Blaze is only as good as the information that you provide it with. If you give it blanket data and huge parameters, you will end up with a following that doesn’t match your target market or niche. If you get really specific about what it is you want, your followers will match this more closely, which is the preferred result. 

It is worth noting that the more specific you get, the slower your following will take to build, as a targeted approach will have to spend longer finding accounts that meet your data points. 

This is a positive in the long run though, especially if you are a brand, as the end result is a group of users that you will be able to market to and you have a high chance of converting this into sales. This is what people fail to consider when they buy followers in packages. 

It is also worth noting that you need to be careful when you set the daily action limit, the proposed amount of likes and follows that you can perform in any one 24-hour window is under 400. If you set the tool to do anymore, you run the risk of Instagram flagging and banning your account, so it is well worth setting your interaction limit well under this threshold.

This is one of the main reasons why Instagram automation has faltered in the recent past; Instagram has a lot of regulations in terms of what third party services can interact with the platform, and they are highly against bots and automation. 

In fact, it’s against Instagram’s terms of use, so when you use an automation service, you need to use it with caution. It can have negative consequences. 

Not only that, because of these strict engagement caps that Instagram has implemented, some Instagram growth services have slowed to almost zero results. This can end up being a big waste of money depending on how much the service is. 

Social Blaze has a pretty decent review on Trustpilot, but we’re cautious of any growth service these days as they can stop working at the drop of a hat. Keep that in mind when making the choice to contract one. 

Also think about what kind of support they offer if something goes wrong and you need help. You definitely don’t want to be stuck without support or answers if the service isn’t working the way you’d hoped or something goes wrong with your account.

Review: Final Thoughts

It would seem that social blaze has created an effective, legitimate tool that will help people grow their Instagram accounts pretty effectively. Whilst the interface is good, we have seen some better ones that are easier to navigate, so if it is your first time setting up an automation tool, make sure you watch and understand the how to guide on their website.

A tool is only ever as good as the information you give it, so before you set off on your quest for growth, you need to make sure that you have fully evaluated and understood your target market as this will make sure that you get results that you want. 

Make sure to keep the automation tool functioning under the daily action limit to keep your account safe and secure! Send a few messages to support to make sure that you get the responses that you need in a timely manner. 

I hope this Social Blaze Review helps.

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