Soax Review – Safe and Working?

SOAX Proxy Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 2, 2024
Last Updated: April 2, 2024

SOAX Proxy Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 2, 2024
Last Updated: April 2, 2024


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Soax Review

The proxy market has been flooded with many proxy providers claiming to be number one and promising to provide the most outstanding services.

They come up with several attractive features, use cases, and options; unfortunately, most of them don’t deliver on their promises.

The good thing is there are still some good proxy providers that will not fail you, as they have set a standard and will always live up to expectations.

One of such proxy providers in the popular SOAX. This proxy provider has promised its intending users of several features and has kept its promises.

SOAX are one of the best proxy providers in the market; however, before making any monetary commitment with them, it is best to learn more about SOAX’s proxies.

This review of SOAX will give you an insight into all the features they offer, as well as their pros and cons.

An Overview of SOAX Proxy

Soax Review - PC

Soax proxy is a highly-rated proxy provider in the market ranked among the best proxy services we have today.

They have won several awards thanks to their performance and were recently awarded the Reliability Award for having the cleanest proxy pool and ISP-level GEO-targeting.

They are also ranked as the proxy provider with the best mobile proxies. Soax is a fantastic proxy service for Instagram automation.

Their mobile and residential proxy pools are massive, and their users can mix both proxies when surfing the internet.

Their proxy pool is secure and constantly being monitored to remove any unclean proxy. This is why Soax offers the cleanest proxy pools globally.

This backconnect rotating residential proxy provider uses residential IPs from real Wifi devices and mobile, making them hard to detect.

Also, their proxy pool is entirely theirs and is highly effective and reliable. They are great for many use cases such as social multiple accounts automation, sneaker botting, and data scraping.

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SOAX Pros and Cons

  • Excellent Location Coverage
  • Large Proxy Network
  • Good Scraping Performance
  • Acceptable Proxy Speed
  • Easy To Use
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Very Secure Connections
  • Different Proxy Types
  • Supports Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) and Socks5
  • Free Trial
  • Live Customer Support
  • Refund Policy
  • Mobile Proxy Pool
  • Compatible Social Media Automation
  • Expensive Pricing
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Monitored Connection

Top-Rated Proxy Providers

These proxies providers have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.

First we collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the proxies.

These are by far the best proxy providers on the market today.

RankServiceMore Info
2Bright DataVisit

SOAX Proxy Features

Soax Proxy Features

Soax is a proxy provider loved by most Internet marketers because it provides several features good for marketing. Here are the features they offer.

Excellent Location Coverage

Soax Location Coverage

Soax is one of the premium proxy providers with good location coverage. One of their strengths is the exceptional residential IPs which are available in most countries worldwide.

They are supported in many countries around the world.

Some of the countries Soax proxy has its server in include the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Turkey, Brazil, UAE, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Japan, Korea, and many more.

This is good for geo-targeting and ensures that users have access to their services in any part of the world. Soax also allows users to target specific cities, regions, and even Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

With this, their users can easily access any geo-targeted content on the internet, as users can unblock regional restrictions.

Their fantastic location coverage and targeting options are some of the best features they possess.

Large Proxy Network

Another feature of the Soax proxy provider that makes users love using their services is the number of IP addresses they possess in their proxy pool.

Soax has a large proxy pool, with more than eight million real residential IPs and over 3.5 million mobile proxies assigned by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Internet Service Providers.

These IPs are perfect for surfing the web because they don’t go through much scrutiny and get banned easily.

This is because these proxies are from internet service providers; therefore, they are trusted by websites.

Even when an IP Soax rotating system changes it, the banned proxy is removed from their proxy pool.

Since they have excellent location coverage, it is easy to replace any banned proxy. This makes the Soax proxy pool clean and ensures users don’t have any issues on the internet.

Their large proxy pool makes them a perfect fit for specific use cases. Soax proxy is suitable for use cases such as web scraping and crawling, account management, social media automation, and other forms of automation and botting.

Good Scraping Performance

Having a tremendous specialized use case like high scraping performance is one of the criteria that makes a good proxy.

Before most proxy users subscribe to any proxy provider, especially users using it for internet marketing, they compare its ability for web scraping and many other automation cases.

Soax proxy is ranked among the best proxy providers for web scraping and crawling.

It is the most popular proxy provider to Internet marketers for advert verification, price monitoring, SEO monitoring, travel aggregation, and many other automation use cases.

This is because of their excellent scraping performance.

Acceptable Proxy Speed

A proxy provider’s connection speed is a significant determinant of how much users will patronize its services. This is because no user wants to waste productive time with a lagging proxy provider.

Soax backconnect proxies are one of the loved proxies in the market because of their fantastic connection speed.

Soax proxies also have an incredible response time, and their residential proxies are fast, unlike most residential proxies. With this, users trust they will permanently save time when surfing the web. 

Easy to Use

Soax proxy remains one of the most accessible proxy providers to use, thanks to their straightforward dashboard.

Their users have access to one of the most beautiful dashboards, which is also one of the best dashboards compared to other popular proxy providers.

Users can quickly authorize their device IP address from their dashboards and don’t need to worry about using username and password for authentication.

Soax provides an API that is available on request that makes their usage easy for developers. They also use copy buttons that allow users to copy any data from the proxy detail section easily.

Users can also download the details in TXT format. Their dashboard is so unique that it will enable users to use their geo-targeting features directly easily.

Flexible Pricing

Soax Pricing

A fantastic feature the Soax proxy provider offers is their flexible payment packages. They are actually an expensive proxy provider like most premium proxy services.

However, users have the privilege of subscribing to several plans that fit their budget. Users can buy their daily, weekly, or monthly plans, which helps complement the expensive pricing.

However, it is more costly to buy the daily and weekly plans when compared to their monthly plans.

You can also get a SOAX coupon to receive a discount.

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Flexible Payment Options

One of the Soax proxy’s best features is its flexible payment option.

They offer users a variety of proxy plans to choose from, and these users can make payments from numerous payment options, including Credit Card and PayPal.

Very Secure Connections

Soax proxy is one of the most secure proxy providers in the market. They ensure they use the latest security protocols to protect their users from unscrupulous activities.

They even encrypt their connection to prevent hackers from stealing users’ information when browsing the internet. 

Different Proxy Types

Soax Proxy Types

Soax offers its users different proxy types. Their users can use the datacenter, residential and mobile proxies for so many use cases. This gives users excellent access to several online activities.

Their residential proxies are very powerful and offer many specialized use cases. They are among the best in the market and are best used because the security systems of most websites rarely detect them.

Supports Proxy Protocol HTTP(S) and SOCKS5

Soax supports the HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 proxy protocol. It remains one of the few premium proxy providers that supports all three protocols. This ensures that users can safely use their services on several devices.

Free Trial

Free trials are something many premium proxy providers have started to shy away from due to their abuse by many proxy users.

Although they have their reasons for this which is also valid, however, free trials go a long way to help marketing.

Soax is one of the few premium providers that still offer their users free trials. With this, users can have a feel of what they are buying into before making a payment. However, Soax free trials last for only one hour. 

Live Customer Support

Providing users with live customer support is one of the best innovations for rendering top-notch customer service.

Soax is a proxy provider that believes in this and has therefore ensured that their users have access to live customer support. With this, users’ complaints can be resolved online in real-time.

Refund Policy

Although Soax provides users a free trial, they also offer an efficient refund policy. This is to compliment the short free trial time of one hour.

With this, any user who is not satisfied with their services can request a refund within three days of purchase.

There are also other instances where users qualify for a refund. This instills trust in their users and encourages them to subscribe to Soax plans.

Mobile Proxy Pool

Soax Mobile Proxy Pool

Mobile proxies are a new innovation in the proxy market, and not all proxy providers offer them.

However, a significant feature that is one of Soax most fantastic selling points is their mobile proxies.

With over 3.5 million mobile IPs, Soax remains the second world’s leading mobile proxy provider. It is only second to Bright Data with 7 million mobile proxy IPs in terms of mobile proxy providers.

Compatible Social Media Automation

Soax proxies are entirely compatible and effective with many use cases, even complicated SEO tools. They are a proxy provider loved for their features and use cases.

One of such use cases is social media automation which they have high performance for. Out of all the social media available, Instagram is one app that Soax works with best.

This is surprising and well appreciated by proxy users because Instagram is one of the most challenging social media apps to crack. Their anti-spam software and other protocols effectively detect proxies and block them.

Proxy users who need to perform Instagram automation prefer using Soax proxies because they are undetectable and easily bypass Instagram’s anti-spam system.

Their mobile IPs are perfect for many specialized proxy use cases like web scraping, and so are their data center and residential.

Soax Downsides

Soax is generally an excellent residential proxy provider, especially when their residential and mobile proxies are considered.

However, just like every proxy provider in the market, Soax has its flops and areas that need to be improved.

Before subscribing to Soax, ensure you check their downsides. Here are the downsides that affect Soax’s performance.

Expensive Pricing

Soax Monitoring

One of the most significant downsides of Soax is its pricing. Soax is a premium proxy provider and so comes with the exact expensive pricing as its peers.

Although recently, they updated their pricing, and this has made their monthly subscription price more reasonable. They also have much clearer proxy packages than they used to have.

Their payment options are flexible, and this is a plus. But still, their pricing remains one of the highest in the market.

This makes it difficult for small marketers on a tight budget to enjoy their specialized use cases.

The price of a user’s packages is dependent on the number of locations, bandwidth, and ports the user subscribes. Their smallest plan, which is the daily plan, goes for $20.

This is limited to a single location but offers 300 ports attached with a bandwidth limited to 19GB. If a user wants to increase the location available, the daily plan will go for $100.

Another problem with their plans is that users can easily mistake plans because of their high flexibility and make wrong subscriptions.

Poor Customer Support

Another downside of Soax proxy providers is their customer support unit. They provide users many channels to reach them and make complaints, which is good.

Their users can contact them through live chat support, ticket support, email address, and Skype. However, these channels are not as effective as they should be.

Soax’s email support system is very slow and takes days for users to respond to their requests. Their FAQ section is also disappointing, as there are manyessentialt questions it does not cover.

Your Connection is Secured, But you’re Being Monitored

A central selling point of SOAX proxy is its secure connections and clean IPs.

Users can also surf the internet knowing that their traffic is secured thanks to their end-to-end encryption that protects their users from eavesdroppers.

However, while Soax tries to protect their users, they also monitor users’ activities. They also use their users’ Know Your Customer (KYC) system to watch the identity of each user on their platform.

This is not safe for Soax users, although there have not been cases of complaints.

Also, Soax has its headquarters in The United Kingdom. This makes them subject to the law that applies there—considering that the UK is a member of the 5 eyes alliance.

If the authorities in the UK requests any user’s data, Soax is obligated to share this information with them.

In fact, it is clearly stated in their terms and condition of service on their web page that users’ data is being retained.

It also says that by request, these data can be shared with relevant authorities.

Free Trial is Limited to One Hour

Another downside Soax needs to work on is its free trials. It is nice that they offer free trials in a world where many proxy providers are shying away from the free trial; however, one hour of free trial is relatively small.

This may not be enough time for users to explore the full potentials of their services and could discourage users from even trying out their services in the first place.

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Review Verdict

Based on the review of SOAX’s features, it is clear that SOAX is a proxy provider that provides efficient and effective proxy services.

Their proxies work for many use cases and also cover a good number of locations. SOAX offers users a large proxy pool and high compatibility with many websites.

Their specialized use cases are a significant selling point and make them stand out amongst other proxy providers in the market.

This makes SOAX one of the best and one of the most recommended proxy providers in the market.

However, before buying any of their services, it is always best to compare their shortcomings with the benefits they offer.

If you are comfortable with this, especially their slow email support and expensive pricing, then you can go for this proxy provider.

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