Best Snapchat Story Games

7 Best Snapchat Story Games in 2024

Published on: June 21, 2023
Last Updated: June 21, 2023

7 Best Snapchat Story Games in 2024

Published on: June 21, 2023
Last Updated: June 21, 2023

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The easiest way to a friend’s heart is to try the best Snapchat Story games everybody loves!

Admit it or not, the majority of us big social media fans want to soft-launch a little bit about ourselves on these platforms.

Gladly, Snapchat is taking a step forward by allowing users to play engaging games through its short-lived Snaps.

No surprise, Snapchat has always been a trendsetter since launching in 2011.

Well, not all games are created equally. Some are interesting while others are a total flop.

For sure, we want to ditch the damaged goods and go straight to the ones that many Snapchat users are loving.

Let’s not fall off the trend at this point! Here are some of the best Snaps games you should try in 2024.

Best Snapchat Story Games 2024

Our list of the best Snapchat Story games is carefully curated to fit your taste, whatever your personality is. Honestly, whatever game you have in mind can be played on Snapchat.

Many users are loving the use of Pinterest templates when hosting their question and answer portion.

Try each one of these games to see what works best for you. You will surely love LOADS of them!


Honestly, who does not like an engaging ice-breaker? Especially one that lets you talk about yourself in a limited number.

Yes, the 15 QUESTIONS ABOUT ME is the best option you have if you wanna get into the world of Snapchat Story gaming.

This QNA segment could have simple questions such as someone’s name, age, location, and other basic stuff you can think of.

But, if you like to include a little bit of excitement to it and get your followers to fidget on their seats waiting for your answers, consider adding questions everyone loves to talk about:

Relationship status? Do you have a pet? Your hobbies? Your vices? Your type?

Talk about anything you like!

The best thing about it is it’s limited to 15 questions and you get your audience wanting to know more.


Has anyone ever not played this game at least once on their Snapchat accounts?

There was a time, around mid-2020 when both my Snapchat and Instagram Stories are flooded with these posts.

In the THIS OR THAT game, you will choose between two things which one you like best.

Netflix or HBO? Snapchat or Instagram? Beach or mountain? A holiday on a tropical island or a snowboarding trip? Riverdale or Stranger Things? Friends or How I Met Your Mother? 

Whichever pair you can think is allowed, there are no restrictions. There is already a wide selection of THIS OR THAT templates uploaded on Pinterest.

If you wanna play this, just download a pin and upload it on Snapchat Stories.

However, you can always edit your own to customize it and make it more fun and personal.


Of course, we are not getting away without including the good old classic Never Have I Ever. 

Some of the interesting questions you can include are: 

  1. Drunk text your ex
  2. Lied to a bar with “only 18+” restrictions about your age
  3. Kissed the same sex
  4. Made out in the dark
  5. Peed on a pool
  6. Went on a date for free food
  7. Fell in love with your best friend secretly
  8. Made out with someone else’s boyfriend/girlfriend

The list continues. Don’t forget to make it fun and add some personal touch.

Even if you only post your answers online, don’t ditch the drink when you have done the action in the past. No cheating!


With the popularity of Netflix and chill, who would dare skip a movie challenge?

In this Snapchat Stories game, you will provide a checklist of popular movies and shade out which ones have you already watched in the past. 

As they say, someone’s taste in movies reveals so much about themselves.

Another good thing posting templates that are readily categorized such as cozy Christmas-themed movies (will this be complete without Harry Potter? Never!), teenage dramas, movies with magical themes, Marvel Studios, fantasy films, and many more. 

Make it as diverse and relatable as possible.

But also make sure to include titles that are not mainstream. You will never know how many people like these kinds of movies! 


image 15


What is another way to get the ball rolling without a book challenge? Similar to a movie challenge, post a template with checklists of book titles.

Check on the ones you have already read and encourage your friends to do the same. This game will let you get started with a book club in no time.  

Strike a balance between classics and modern, and fiction and non-fiction. This way, you can cater to the likes of every bookworm whatever their preferred genre is.


Ahh, the secret lying behind one’s phone has always been an interesting thing to know of.

We spend at least 12 hours a day scrolling through these little tempting gadgets and this is exactly why some discreetly peek at a friend or partner’s smartphone to see what they do. 

A phone tour game includes fulfilling a number of challenges indicated on a list. The most common types are:

  • Post a screenshot of your home screen or lock screen 
  • The latest photo in your gallery
  • The first photo you have taken on your phone
  • Screenshot of your hidden gallery
  • Your YouTube history
  • The latest thing you searched on Google
  • Your Snapchat search list
  • Saved posts on Facebook
  • Your latest Tweet

This may come with a little bit more privacy-invading challenge, but if you are up for a reveal, why not?


This is your chance to act cute and let someone know about your dream date.

The date ideas challenge reveals your dating style:

  • Play board games?
  • Netflix and chill?
  • Visit a planetarium?
  • Like talking about science and existential crisis?
  • Stargazing?
  • Picnic at the park?

This challenge can also be a good reference for friends, especially when planning a themefor a  group date! It’s not always about a romantic partner. 


There are a lot of ways to entertain your Snapchat followers, and one of them is through games and challenges.

These are also easy ways to let people know something about your preference and how you like doing things, instead of leaving them guessing in the dark.

Games can change the way we look at a person, so make sure to ask the right questions and be honest as possible about your answers.

Make it fun, lively, and remarkable! After all, these will speak about you and your ultimate preferences.

Thanks for reading our article about the best Snapchat Story games in 2024.

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