SMS Peeper Review

SMS Peeper Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: June 26, 2023
Last Updated: June 26, 2023

SMS Peeper Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: June 26, 2023
Last Updated: June 26, 2023

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 SMS Peeper Review 2024: Summary

SMS Peeper

Parents who are concerned about their children being the victims of cyberbullying or sexual exploitation must constantly monitor their children’s use of social media, instant messaging services, and text messages.

Parents who are looking for monitoring solutions face a huge challenge when it comes to selecting a dependable app that is currently operational.

SMS Peeper, for instance, has an unusual design. Any time you visit their site, strange malware will try to install itself on your computer.

SMS Peeper is malware that can infect your computer or mobile device, according to some industry analysts.

SMS Peeper isn’t a general-purpose program; it can only be used to steal text messages from the target device.

Therefore, we suggest uMobix if you want advanced monitoring capabilities.

This SMS Peeper review is for those who have a pressing need for a text message interceptor and wish to learn more about this.

  • It’s a no-cost option
  • No need to be in close proximity to the phone.
  • User surveys would need to be completed in advance.
  • Low rate of success with few if any good comments
  • Concerns have been voiced by visitors to the site that malware would be downloaded and installed on their computers.
  • It is limited to message retrieval and is unable to snoop on instant messaging services, iMessages, or any other similar service.

A larger number of cons than pros clearly define the app’s lack of credibility.

Keep reading to know more about this app before making a final decision. 

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SMS Peeper Review 2024: In-depth

A text message spying service, or “SMS peeper,” allows you to read the text messages of another person.

It has the ability to secretly monitor both inbound and outbound messages without the knowledge of the other person.

Without installing anything on the target device, you can use SMS peeper to spy on text messages. It was first introduced as a tracking method back in the early days.

This software will display 100 text message records, 50 from the sender and 50 from the receiver.

The phone numbers of the senders and receivers of the text messages can be shown alongside the messages themselves.

In this section, we’ll examine the benefits and cons of SMS Peeper, as well as evaluations of the service and how it works.

How It Works

SMS Peeper

SMS Peeper is a well-known web program for remotely tracking messages, and it is used by a significant number of individuals all over the world.

It claims to be able to monitor text messages on any cellphone, with no access to the target device or further software installation required.

A user can intercept communications sent to a target number by entering that number into the system.

Perhaps, but doesn’t that sound too wonderful to be truly the case? We have compiled a comprehensive assessment of SMS Peeper and a list of suitable replacements for your consideration.

Getting started is simple once you go to the main page. Getting everything ready to go requires no more than a few minutes of your time.

On the main page, at the right, there is a purple area with text boxes. Here are the few basic instructions you must follow.

  • To begin, there is a drop-down menu in which you can select your nation of residence.
  • After that, you enter the target’s phone number to have access to their messages.
  • Your email address goes in the final field.
  • Then, select the messages you want by clicking the “GET MESSAGES” button.
  • The system will acquire a total of 100 messages, 50 inbound and 50 outbound.
  • There is a “Show Messages” option located at the bottom. After selecting it, a window will go up with further instructions for accessing your messages.
  • Read the provided guidelines to obtain the required code, then enter it before clicking the “Download” button. The text file containing the code can be downloaded once a survey question has been answered.
  • The instructions will tell you to copy the code, paste it into the box on the left, and then press the download link.
  • The database-sourced notifications will automatically load onto your screen. All sent and received messages, along with contact information and timestamps, will be recorded.

How Unique Is SMS Peeper?

The simplicity of SMS Peeper lies in that only three fields need to be filled to begin monitoring text messages.

Select your region, enter the target’s number, and supply an email address.

After you have selected the Get messages option, the retrieval process will be complete in a matter of minutes at most.

No registration or other credentials are required. There’s no need to even specify the mobile OS of the device you’re trying to reach, either.

No actual possession of the intended gadget is required. It’s not necessary to know the name or anything else; just the number will do.

This is what makes this app suspicious for many users. It is always recommended to stay away from such apps. 

If you are concerned about rooting or jailbreaking your device, you do not need to be because SMS Peeper eliminates those concerns.

It’s simple to use, but it’ll only retrieve your text messages.

As for internet and app monitoring, these can’t be done. uMobix app is the most effective method if you need to do this.

It must be installed, though, and that requires physical access to the target phone. There is no cost to read your text messages using SMS Peeper.

That’s its only selling point in comparison to more robust, commercially available options.

Is SMS Peeper A Scam?

It’s possible that I ought to inquire, given the circumstances. Was it all a fake story? The website seems to have vanished.

This says a lot. SMS Peeper and its Codes are a total rip-off, in my view and based on my own experience with them.

While the site was still active, I tried it and got nowhere.

There have been a lot of people reaching out to me wanting information on this service and complaining that it didn’t work for them.

Based on their claims, I wasn’t surprised.

But, there’s good news: this doesn’t exist anymore, so you can stop worrying about it. The trouble is, this will come back under a new identity, fooling people once again.

You can avoid such scams in the future with my advice if you read on.

What Is SMS Peeper Activation Code?

All you need is the SMS Peeper activation code to start reading the restricted text messages.

You are going to receive an email with SMS Peeper download codes as well as download links.

After finishing the survey, the download codes will be applied to your account. The codes needed to activate the software are one-of-a-kind for each user.

You’ll need to input both your email address and the number you want to reach. Using SMS Peeper does not necessitate downloading or installing any software.

SMS Peeper is a web-based spying solution.

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How to Use SMS Peeper to Spy on Texts in Detail

SMS Peeper

SMS Peeper is a no-cost, web-based spying tool. There is no stand-alone SMS Peeper app that customers have to get before they can use it.

Its website is accessible from any web browser or operating system, so users only have to use that to gain access to its capabilities.

To quickly learn how to monitor text messages with SMS Peeper, just follow these easy steps.

To get started, fire up your preferred web browser and go to the SMS Peeper homepage.

On the main page of the website, you will be prompted to either (1) choose the nation of the intended phone or (2) enter the phone number.

In addition, please include your personal email address.

After pressing the “Get Message” option, you will need to wait sometime before proceeding.

In this scenario, the application would start snooping around for messages on the target device and keep you apprised of its activities as it went along.

Upon completion, you will see a message that looks like this. Select “Download Code” to continue.

Anyone interested in taking part in the survey must first create an account on the site.

Pay close attention to the instructions presented on the screen as you proceed through the survey.

At the conclusion of the procedure, you will be provided with an activation code.

The interface will display the most recent one hundred text messages that were sent and received on the phone as soon as the verification code is processed.

You may view the outcomes, including the timestamps and phone numbers connected to the texts.

How To Remove SMS Peeper?

Unfortunately, there is no risk-free demo available. As an added bonus, SMS Peeper is completely free.

Seeing as how SMS Peeper is a web-based solution, all you need is your user ID and password to get started.

Following authentication, you’ll be able to supply the details required to read the targeted contacts’ incoming and outgoing messages.

Also, if you’re wondering whether or not SMS Peeper actually functions, it does. The functionality of SMS Peeper is not anything you should be concerned about at all.

It does an excellent job. However, if you decide you no longer need it, you may simply delete it.

Accounts are easy to delete. Your entered email address will not get any kind of message.

Is SMS-Peeper Reliable?

Some people are always skeptical of the newest, greatest, most mind-blowing technological advances, and their want to try them out.

And the idea behind it: do people really wonder if SMS Peeper is genuine or a fraud?

Well, always keep in mind that eavesdropping on someone else’s text messages without their knowledge or agreement is a violation of morality.

To sum up, users can utilize this internet SMS espionage system at their own risk. Further, to read the targeted messages, one must first obtain the SMS Peeper code.

Evaluate its benefits and drawbacks now.

Stay Safe

This article might have explained the gist of the SMS Peeper scam and how it operates. However, it should reveal the true motivation behind this so-called evaluation.

It’s possible that SMS Peeper Codes, which appear to have vanished for the time being, will return in some form in the future.

Its name, design, and even its free service might all be altered. However, other scams will emerge over time. Money can be made.

Consider the legitimacy of the website offering the deal before acting on it.

Think about how you’d like things to go, and then add a healthy dose of realism. Generally speaking, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Search the internet for some information before diving in headfirst. To be fair, these cons aren’t the worst of the worst.

You have nothing to lose except maybe some time and an inbox full of spam. Oh, the pride you’ve lost by falling for such nonsense! Your attention is appreciated.

In Summary, the best spy apps in 2024 are;

RatingSpy ToolGet Offer
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#3 Top Rated#3uMobixStart Now

Review Verdict

As a final verdict, SMS Peeper is not recommended.

It is due to the compromise on quality and lack of features that are actually required by such a surveillance app. 

This app may not have fared well or been recommended in this SMS Peeper review, but plenty of alternative apps are worthy of your time and attention.

There is no better option than uMobix.

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Therefore, uMobix is what you need if sophisticated monitoring features are a priority.

If you’re in dire need of a text message interceptor and want to learn more about SMS Peeper, you’ve come to the right place.

SMS Peeper Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam? - EarthWeb
SMS Peeper

In this SMS Peeper review, we will discuss what features this service has, how it works, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of this app.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android & iOS

Application Category: Monitoring

Editor's Rating:


  • It’s a no-cost option
  • No need to be in close proximity to the phone.


  • User surveys would need to be completed in advance.
  • Low rate of success with few if any good comments
  • Concerns have been voiced by visitors to the site that malware would be downloaded and installed on their computers.
  • It is limited to message retrieval and is unable to snoop on instant messaging services, iMessages, or any other similar service.

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