SlideShare’s Presentation-Sharing Service Takes its Features Pro

Last Updated: September 15, 2021



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SlideShare’s Presentation-Sharing Service Takes its Features Pro
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With more than 30 million visitors a month using Word document, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF, you might think that a company like SlideShare doesn’t really need to mess with what is working really well.

However, as the brand looks to increase its profits and make sure that its business clients are getting the kind of features that they need, a change in strategy makes complete sense.

In fact, there are a lot of clients asking for it right now.

SlideShare CEO Rashmi Shinha says that in forums, they asked for feedback from existing clients, and got a lot of people saying that they would be more than willing to pay a subscription fee for a set of advanced features.

As a result, Salesforce was created, which popularized the SaaS model, or subscription model. With subscription feeds, it’s easy to see what clients are spending their money on.

When it comes to SlideShare, the basic service is free. The company charges for other services, including creating a custom channel for presentations, and a pay-per-lead service.

These features will now come under the umbrella of their new subscriptions, that are divided into three different packages: the Silver package which is $19, the Gold package which is $49 a month, and the Platinum package, which is $249 a month.

Slide already includes a number of enterprise clients that are testing out their subscription service, including Pfizer and Dell. More than 150 brands have been testing the subscription concept out.

Features that focus on enterprise users include capturing leads, branded channels of content, and usage data.

George Palantine, Dell’s senior eBusiness manager, said that SlideShare is the quickest-growing social media site that Dell is using to engage.

He continues on by saying that it’s really easy to get set up with them, and the new analytics features make it super easy for them to measure what they are managing, and how they are able to generate leads from the communities that they are part of.

With the Pro version, enterprises gain access to analytics that aren’t available with any other service, including being able to track messages on Twitter about a service or product by company name, even if the company name has been shortened in a link referencing it.

Sinha says that SlideShare is all about people, and embracing big social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

He says that the large enterprise clients, although told about it in advance, have been really receptive to the new subscription rates.

One of the biggest attractions with the pro service is the ability to control certain aspects like transcripts and commenting, which some companies don’t want to always be turned on.

This way, companies can channel their YouTube content to SlideShare, and extend their content to their website or blog.

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Hi! I’m the editor at EarthWeb. I have a deep interest in technology and business. I also enjoy testing products out. Contact me to be featured!

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