SimplyGram Review – Is it Legit?

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SimplyGram Review 

When it comes to growing your Instagram, we’re all guilty of wanting instant results without really having to put the effort in.

Thankfully our laziness has given rise to organisations that will help grow our accounts with very little effort on our part, but with so many companies offering growth, who do you pick?

Here is a review for SimplyGram, so before you start spending your money on growth services, make sure you a choosing one that will work for you, and this review will tell you if simply gram will or not. 

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What Is SimplyGram?

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SimplyGram is an organic Instagram growth service provider that will grow your Instagram account using the organic strategy methodology.

This strategy takes longer than buying followers, but the benefit of it is that it will fill your account with people who you want to follow your account.

If you are a brand, business or influencer you will want to make sure that your followers are reflective of the demographic you want to be able to market to and SimplyGram can help you achieve this.

This method of growing your account will also keep your follower to engagement ratio intact, which is one of the primary algorithms that Instagram use to judge whether or not your account is popular. 

How Does SimplyGram Work?

SimplyGram’s methodology requires you to input accounts that you like and that represent the type of following you want, from here it interacts with similar accounts to the ones you have targeted to grow your account.

They will also set up between 25-100 Instagram accounts on your behalf and direct message other users thanking them for checking out their account and then directing them to your actual account.

This methodology does work, but like anything it has its limits. There is only so much growth you can achieve through mirroring other accounts.

In reality, a strong organic service will ask you about your audience and who you are trying to attract rather than as you to select accounts that you think represent you and your brand. 

What is Simplygrams’s Pricing?

Simplygram offers three different price points for its clients. The first one is called their Individual package, and it’s going to cost you $69 per week. This package is designed for personal counts that are looking to experience organic growth, and they claimed that they will have 40 Instagram accounts sending you traffic.

While this might sound like everything you’ve ever needed for your Instagram growth, we’ve got issues with the authenticity of these accounts.

There’s no way that they can be doing this without using a bot, which is going to put your account at risk of being suspended or banned. They do say that you can cancel this package at any time, though.

Their next package is called their Influencer package, and this is going to cost you $99 per week. This is a lot of money to part with, especially if you don’t have the biggest marketing budget, and they’re just using a generic bot like every other company out there.

They claim that with this package, you can get significantly faster growth, and it is designed for businesses and influencers alike. They say that they have 80 Instagram accounts sending you traffic.

Their last package is called their Pro package, and this is going to cost you an eye watering $199 per week. Of course, with this they claim that you can get exceptional organic growth, and they claim that it is the fastest Instagram growth service on the market.

They say that with this rate, you will have 200 Instagram account sending you traffic. All of their price points come with a 3-day trial for free, and you can cancel them at any time. We are very hesitant about each and every one of their price points, and we think that they’re charging far too much for them.

What About Their Team?

In the world of Instagram growth, the companies that stand out the most from the crowd as legit, will have a fair amount of information on their website about the team behind their features.

This is a good way for them to show that they are committed to their clients, and they’re not just focused on making a profit. Honestly, we couldn’t find enough information about the team behind the features to feel confident about Simplygram and what they’re offering.

Is SimplyGram Legit or a Scam?

SimplyGram will grow your account, so in that way it isn’t a scam, but when it comes to organic growth services, it sits on the bottom rung of the ladder.

Whilst the followers it gives you are legitimate users; they are not as targeted as they could be and other services can provide you with a more in depth strategy that can change when it needs to.

This is a limitation of SimplyGram, as the mimic strategy and mother daughter accounts strategy can’t be changed as this is the limit of their capability.

If you are an established brand or influencer, you will need a service that you can tailor more appropriately rather than a service that will give you results that aren’t reflective of the audience that you are attempting to engage with.

So, whilst SimplyGram isn’t a scam, there are certainly other companies out there that can do this better. 

Final Thoughts

Organic growth is the most effective way to grow your Instagram account, however you want to purchase a strategy from a provider that is able to really target your results and get you in with the right niches.

The strategy that SimplyGram offer is unable to change depending on the results and its reach is limited.

If you need targeted results that reflect your demographic, then this service isn’t for you.

If you are wanting to grow your account with anyone and anything, then maybe this might be an option, but there are better providers out there.

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