SidesMedia Review – Is It a Scam?

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SidesMedia: A Review

If you’re on TikTok, chances are you are also on Instagram and possibly even Twitter, with so many social media accounts that need your attention, how do you grow them all effectively?

Whether you are a brand or an influencer, you need a sustained presence across all your platforms to grow effectively. These days, most social media users have multiple accounts across all platforms, so they’ll be able to notice if you’re present on one, but absent on another. 

Having a consistent cross-platform social media strategy is increasingly important in 2020. So, how can you build followers across all these different social media platforms? 

There are a variety of growth services out there that offer growth services for multiple social media platforms all in one place. SidesMedia is one of them. 

Here, we’re going to review SIdesMedia to find out how effective they are at helping you grow your social media platforms.

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Who is SidesMedia?

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SidesMedia is a well-established service that provides their customers with high-quality likes and followers for TikTok, according to their website. They can provide these different engagements to you  Considering how expensive some of these products can be, SidesMedia offers their customers a fair price for their service, making them one of the most affordable providers on the internet.

SidesMedia offers their customers a variety of different packages, making sure that you get the volume and combination of services you want. 

One of the biggest changes in SidesMedia is that they’ve limited their services to TikTok only, which means you can’t fortify your cross-platform strength using SidesMedia. This is a big problem for those who want to get all of their engagements from one place. 

It seems like they’ve discontinued service for Instagram because Instagram has simply made it too difficult for companies like this to actually deliver on their promises and fulfill their orders.

Does SidesMedia Work? Is It Safe?

In short, yes, SidesMedia does work. They are providing a transaction-based service, so what you put in, you get out. Unlike growth services, there is no ambiguity when it comes to results and the results are as instant as you want. That’s not to say that they’re entirely valuable, however, and we’ll talk about that shortly. 

If you are purchasing a high number of followers, it is advised that you drip feed them onto your account, so you don’t flag TikTok’s algorithm. SidesMedia offers anywhere between 500-5000 likes and followers, so you can take your pick; their estimated delivery time is 72 hours.

It may also be worth factoring engagement into your budget, because if you buy followers, you’ll probably have to buy likes as well. 

You don’t just want to buy followers without the corresponding engagement as this may damage your follower to engagement ratio.

Why Is The Follower To Engagement Ratio Important?

The more followers you have, the more your engagement is expected to go up. Past 5000 followers, your engagement should go up by 5% every 10,000 followers, it isn’t an exact science, but that is what the research suggests. 

It’s vital that your engagement levels are healthy alongside your follower growth if you want credibility and to perform well against the algorithms.

If you load any of your accounts, be it Instagram, TikTok or twitter with followers and forget to purchase the corresponding engagement, it will flag algorithms. 

This is one of the biggest problems with buying followers in bulk. You’ll no doubt see an increase in numbers, but they’re pretty empty. Those accounts typically aren’t going to interact with your content, so you’ll need to buy supplemental packages that help to bolster your likes and comments. This is the only way to appear even the slightest bit credible.

It becomes a vicious cycle, and really it doesn’t help you in the long term. SidesMedia says they provide real followers that are created by people in their network, so they may be “real” accounts but they are not guaranteed to be active, nor are they guaranteed to view or interact with your content at all. If they aren’t engaging or interested in you, there’s no way to get a return on your investment. 

Since TikTok runs off of views, likes, shares, and comments, if you don’t have engagement, you don’t have much. Your profile will look totally phony if you have a bunch of followers but no engagements. It’s not hard for users these days to take notice of this.

Are SidesMedia Legit? Are They a Scam?

Unlike other services that sell followers and engagement, SidesMedia are legit and provide their customers with a point of contact and customer support. This is something that not all providers will give their customers, so it does make a difference, although it’d be better if you didn’t need support at all. 

A good thing is that you don’t need to hand over any of your login details when you are dealing with SidesMedia everything is completed through your TikTok URL, which does help to keep your account secure. 

If you are buying likes and followers in bulk, a provider won’t need to ask for your login details. Chances are that provider is a scam, as this is unnecessary for these types of services.

Final Thoughts

SidesMedia provides likes and followers for TikTok; while they claim to be real followers, it looks like you won’t see much engagement from them, although SidesMedia claims otherwise. With services that deliver packages of followers and likes, it’s often only for a quick boost and not for something long lasting. 

When you purchase from SidesMedia you can be sure that you are buying from a trusted provider that will deliver your purchase quickly and effectively, that’s true. They claim to deliver your order within 72 hours. You can buy anywhere between 500-5000 likes and followers for TikTok. 

They don’t ask for your login details, so your account will remain safe and secure, unlike with other scam providers.

If you need a quick infusion of followers or likes, SidesMedia might do the job. But in terms of building a real, interested following base, you won’t see much substance through bulk follower packages. You also won’t be able to do any cross-platform growth, as SidesMedia now only offers packages for TikTok.

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  1. SidesMedia has been a great asset to a small business like ours, very affordable services and their customer support is 5 stars….They get all the systems right and they even explain to you in a simpler way the rationale behind things you ask about.

  2. I first started my business and being so busy preparing for my website launch, meetings, and running both Instagram and TikTok pages was stressful. I was so happy finding out about SidesMedia. Now we know that TikTok is important if you want to advertise new businesses SidesMedia site provides a clean platform to get my work in front of the followers I need on TikTok. It is one of the best services on the market.


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