Seek Socially vs Kicksta Comparison 2022: Which is Better?

Last Updated: November 12, 2022
This article contains a detailed Seek Socially vs Kicksta comparison and their components.
Seek Socially vs Kicksta Comparison
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Seek Socially vs Kicksta Comparison 2022

The world is evolving remarkably, and more than 4.2 billion people have become active on various social media platforms.

As a brand or business, you need to understand that your business needs to grow more digitally in current times.

Many digital marketing strategies can help you grow on social media. 

Along with different strategies to help you reach maximum users on social media, services like Seek socially and Kicksta come with expert features to help your brand or business gain recognition on social media platforms.

These tools have distinctive features that help you deduce the differences between Seek Socially Vs. Kicksta.

Seek Socially

Seek Socially Home

It is one of the most prominent social media marketing services which can help any brand or business grow primarily on Instagram and different social media networks.

This service comes with an automated tool that can be used for TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram.

Seek Socially has a money-back policy that allows users to test their services before buying its packages. 


Seek Socially Features

Some of the main attractive key features of Seek Socially are hashtag targeting, location-based targeting, Story viewing, helping improve various campaigns, comments like managing, tracking the follow and unfollowing method, and many more.

One of the key points to keep in mind when looking for Seek Socially VS Kicksta is that Seek Socially has two plans.

They have standard service plans that help businesses grow with organic followers, and they also offer more expensive but more advanced features.


Seek Socially Pricing

When you look at Seek Socially VS Kicksta, Seek Socially offers two price plans that you can choose from as per your social media growth requirement.

The starter plan is $44/month, and the premium package costs $99/month.

This gives their customers the edge to choose a plan according to their budget and required goals. 

Target Usernames

Seek Socially Grow

When you log in for Instagram, the first thing you will be required to do is select the targets.

This will include a list of profiles or usernames that have the same interest as your target audience.

This feature of Seek Socially allows your content and brand profile to reach the right audience. 


In the comparison of Seek Socially VS Kicksta, Seek Socially offers hashtag-based targeting, which helps users searching for specific hashtags to be redirected to your Instagram profile. This tool allows you to choose hashtags that best fit your brand or business’s niche and target audience.

Many public accounts tend to use more hashtags to get maximum reach, but this is ineffective for getting followers such as your targetted audiences. These tools help you use the right amount of hashtags to gain more organic reach and engagements. 


Kicksta Home

It is an excellent tool for the organic growth of your brand or business on Instagram that makes sure that you do not get ghost followers or spam accounts.

This tool uses AI (artificial intelligence) technology which has been tried and tested to give you proper engagements with your required target audiences.


Kicksta Instagram growth

The AI of Kicksta narrows down accounts under your business’s niche that helps Instagram users come and check your account; the users who are already following similar or same niches are directed towards your brand or business’s accounts.

This also primarily depends on how engaging your Instagram content and profile are; this helps organic followers to come and follow you.

You can make sure that you offer a digital product or engaging content for the users to engage with and remain as your brand or business’s followers.

Kicksta also provides you with a customized dashboard that can help you track the progress of your Instagram account, and you can check how many new followers you get and also be able to switch your target audiences.

Kicksta engagements

The primary Kicksta feature is that this tool creates an engaging platform for your selected target audiences; you will have to set the niche of your target followers when you first start using this tool.

Kicksta features include the tracking of your progress through the dashboard, various marketing guides, and courses to help boost your Instagram accounts; you can also blacklist specific accounts; this tool gives you advanced targeting based on geolocation and hashtags, and help you partner with different Instagram influences to give your rapid business growth, etc.

Unlike different tools that provide similar services, Kicksta does not require you to give them your password, and this is what makes Kicksta a safe method for organic following and growth.


Kicksta Pricing

When you consider Seek Socially vs Kicksta, you will find that unlike Seek Socially, Kicksta offers three pricing plans which depend entirely on how fast you want your brand or business’s Instagram account to grow.

They have a different range of monthly pricing, such as starting from $49/month and highest at $218. 

Their standard package, which costs $49, is perfect for moderate growth, but you do not get VIP support or any advanced targeting in this package. 

Their premium package costs $99/monthly, and this gives you access to advanced Kicksta features such as blacklisting accounts; this package allows your Instagram account maximum growth.

Their most used and attractive package is the boost of $218, this allows your business IG account maximum growth, and they ensure that you gain 850+ followers each month.

Kicksta is known for its Instagram growing service with organic reach and followers.


Kicksta safety

Kicksta offers features such as filtration; when you compare Seek Socially VS Kicksta, the filter feature allows you to set various filters such as gender, business accounts, profanity and language, and the blacklist filter.

You can customize your dashboard with these filters, which can directly help your Instagram account grow organically.

Target Usernames

Kicksta Banner 1

You can also set username targets which allow you to manually create a list of profiles to target that can grow the engagement rate of your brand or business account.

This tool can also connect to content or posts under your niche with the profiles you have chosen to target.


In comparing Seek Socially VS Kicksta, Kicksta also offers hashtag-based targeting.

Although both these tools provide this service that helps search for an audience looking for similar posts or content such as your brand or business account.

Location Targeting

Kicksta Banner 2

Another common feature of both Seek Socially and Kicksta is their location targeting; this is a feature that allows users to set the location of their brand or business and narrow down the list of users it wants to target within the location reach.

If you want to expand your business internationally or focus on gaining followers within a single location, this feature tool of both Seek Socially and Kickta is of great use.

Seek Socially vs Kicksta: Which is Better?

Seek Socially

Seek Socially logo

Seek Socially is a famous company that guarantees ultimate social growth.

They provide their clients to gain genuine and organic followers that are real and targeted; they provide services that also help with the engagement on various posts and content on your brand or business account.

Like Kicksta, Seek Socially also uses artificial intelligence to narrow down searches and help you gain authentic followers.

When you log in to their website, you will find tabs for different social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, and you have the leverage to choose any or all social media platforms for maximum boost.

Seek Socially is a safe service mainly designed for different public figures, businesses, or influencers to reach the correct audiences as per their niches.


Kicksta logo

The Kicksta website has the option of logging in through their website by using basic information such as name, email, and Instagram account. 

Kicksta is a tool that provides services through interacting with your set target audience to like one to two posts per user.

This tool uses the profiles manually suggested by you and in regard to your content generation.

All the services offered by Kicksta are aligned with the policies of Instagram; this allows your brand or business the leverage of not getting your Instagram account blocked and deleted.

Kicksta is known to be reliable as the services offered by them help organic reach and target audiences as per your set niche.

Through Kicksta’s personalized dashboard, you can keep a check on the number of your followers and their engagements on your content-based posts.

You can also analyze and track the growth of followers of your competitors to help you understand the market of your niche better.

Seek Socially vs Kicksta – Conclusion

Both Seek Socially, and Kicksta are great service providers for Instagram; they are known to be safe to use and help your brand or business grow with organic reach and engagement on Instagram.

However, Kicksta offers services limited to Instagram whereas, Seek Socially offers tools and services for all social media platforms.

When you narrow down the comparison of Seek Socially vs Kicksta, you will come to conclude that both are popular for gaining organic Instagram followers, Seek Socially is better if you want to boost your engagement rate on various social media platforms at the same time, while Kicksta can only be limited to Instagram growth.

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