Rsocks Review – Do Their Proxies Work?

Last Updated: November 22, 2021



Rsocks is a popular service provider because they have quality proxies for any use case scenario. They have residential proxies and deal in the exclusive, data center, shared, and mobile proxies.
Rsocks Review
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Rsocks Review

Rsocks is a quality proxy provider that offers a wide range of proxies. These proxies have been developed to perform a variety of tasks.

Their main product is residential proxies, but they do touch every niche in proxy provision. Of course, you can go for their VPN service too. 

But how good do they are? We are going to find all about it in this in-depth Rsocks review. 

So, scroll down to read more about them.

What Does Rsocks Have to Offer?

As we have already mentioned, Rsocks have a range of services on offer. They deal in quality residential proxies, including SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP, and HTTPS proxies.

These proxies are valid for: 

  • Viewbotting, mass liking, and mass following, etc.
  • Content posting in high-volume with proxy support.
  • Web browsing with high anonymity using all web browsers.
  • Parsing, scraping, crawling, checking, and other online activities.

Rsocks is a popular service provider because they have quality proxies for any use case scenario. They have residential proxies and deal in the exclusive, data center, shared, and mobile proxies.

Plus, they have a VPN service too.

Rsocks Review features

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Rsocks Overview

As you can see, they have a range of different proxies on offer.

But, unfortunately, it can get very confusing for the users, and to make the matter worse, the general arrangement of these proxies on their website doesn’t help either.

Rsocks Overview

But if you know how their system works, you will learn to accept their complexity. Rsocks proxies come with limitless bandwidth. Moreover, the non-residential proxies are super-fast. 

Rsocks Overview 2

Nevertheless, this service is not cheap. It is one of the reasons why not many people try out their services. But the good thing is that they have trial options available too.

But, of course, the free trial duration depends on the type of proxies you are going for.

Moreover, Rsocks have a refund policy in place for its customers.

So, if you don’t like their services, you can get your money back within a specific period. You will always have that peace of mind when testing and using their services.

Rsocks Overview services

Rsocks promises to be a 99% up and customer-friendly business because they are highly responsive to customer complaints online.

Rsocks Proxies’ Highlights

Rsocks proxies' highlights
  • Supports different protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS4a, and SOCKS5.
  • They have a 24-hour money-back guarantee.
  • Rsocks have 24-hour technical support available. Moreover, they have different communication channels for their users to get in touch. For example, you can use Jabber, Telegram, Skype, QQ, WeChat, ICQ, live chat, and a ticket system.
  • They also have free trials and test packages.
  • Rsocks have a quality VPN service with a no-logging policy.
  • A variety of different payment methods are available at Rsocks.
  • Their services are easy to configure.
  • They have a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to manage your proxies.
  • Referral-based payments are made within 24 hours.

The Rsocks Residential Proxies

These proxies route clients’ requests using the device’s map to different home addresses. Residential proxies come from real internet users in their homes.

Websites will only see residential IPs, and they will trust them and get access to the website you want to use.

The Rsocks Residential Proxies

Various proxy providers use different techniques to access residential proxies. And like others, Rsocks also doesn’t disclose how it accesses these proxies.

Therefore, there is no way to ascertain that these proxies are legal or not.

However, Rsocks have over 500K proxies, and they display numerous online devices to route your request. You can use their residential proxies from the US, the UK, China, Malaysia, Russia, and Ukraine.

Trying out Their Residential Proxies

The working of their residential proxies is pretty simple. Rsocks have a massive pool of proxies that their users can access. They allow three people at most to share a single residential proxy.

Therefore, the cost can be reduced if you compare this plan with their exclusive proxies.

Trying out their residential proxies

An interesting point about these residential proxies is that Rsocks change up to 20% of these IP addresses in their pool every two hours. Furthermore, Rsocks allow a maximum of 500 threads per user.

Have a look at their user control panel.

Their US service supports IP authentication. It is their default service, and it only grants you access to one IP address.

But you will be paying more for that.

Another thing that you will notice here is that you cannot test their proxies for speed. It is because their service blocks the proxies to check any speeds.

If you are looking to check the speed, then you can do it using StupidProxy. The details are on this link.

We tried out different websites using Rsocks US proxies. The speeds for websites like Google, Amazon, Booking, Instagram, Adidas, and others were pretty acceptable.

So, no negative points there.

universal proxy list

Use Cases for Rsocks Residential Proxies

Rsocks residential proxies are particularly crucial for high-volume web scraping. Furthermore, you can use it for social media automation.

SEO auditing and ads verification are some other activities that you can do with their proxies.

They have back-connect rotating proxies that will change every five minutes.

Plus, they have sticky IP addresses that won’t change automatically. As a result, you can use their proxies for a range of different online activities.

Residential Proxy Prices and Plans

If you look at their plans, you will notice that these proxies don’t come cheap. But you will also notice that these prices are highly competitive when you compare them with their exclusive plans that we will discuss in the following text.

As we have mentioned above, costs drop when each residential proxy is shared between 3 users.

Rsocks residential proxies plans

The Rsocks Exclusive Proxies

Upon visiting their websites, you might get confused by their exclusive proxies. But there is nothing to be confused about here. These exclusive proxies work in the same manner as their residential proxies.

Rsocks exclusive proxy

The only difference here is that exclusive proxies are only for one user, while residential proxies are shared between three users. So, with exclusive proxies, you will have a dedicated pool of IPs that only you can use.

Rsocks refresh this pool every fifteen minutes. So your pool will remain fresh all the time. As a result, exclusive proxies are much faster than residential proxies.

Trying out Their Exclusive Proxies

These exclusive proxies work just like their residential proxies. Rsocks assign a network of devices to you. They will rotate these IPs after a specific period.

If one IP is blocked, they will automatically change it to guarantee you an uninterrupted experience.

Exclusive proxy mix

If you try out their Exclusive plan, you will notice a world of difference between these and their residential proxies. However, it’s very similar in the way you use API and IP authentication.

Moreover, the speed of these exclusive proxies is far better than their residential proxies.

Use Cases for Rsocks Exclusive Proxies

You can use these exclusive proxies by Rsocks for just about anything, as you can use their residential proxies. Hence, we recommend you go for their residential proxies compared to their exclusive proxies because their cost is low.

Rsocks does market its exclusive proxies to be very fast. But they cannot be as fast as any data center proxies.

Plus, the speed of their residential proxies is not that bad for any scenario either.

To sum it all up, Rsocks residential proxies are much cheaper than their exclusive proxies. So we will advise you to go for their residential proxies.

Exclusive Proxy Prices and Plans

Rsocks have very functional exclusive proxies. But they are too expensive for any particular reason.  Most users of their exclusive plans might not necessarily require the IP addresses that Rsocks bundle into their plans.

The most important thing here is speed, and their residential proxies are pretty. So if speedy to do most jobs online.

Exclusive proxy prices and plans

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First we collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the proxies.

These are by far the best proxy providers on the market today.

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Cheaper Rsocks Shared Proxies

These proxies don’t need to be tested for any reason. So we are only going to discuss them in a few words.

Cheaper Rsocks Shared Proxies

Their shared proxies are the datacenter proxies that only authorized users to share among them. These proxies are very similar to various other public proxies with API. However, such proxies are not very secure.

Therefore, they are most vulnerable to websites and their anti-spam systems.

The main reason is the abuse of these proxies. Websites and their anti-spam system can detect them as they have cloud-based IP addresses.

These IP addresses don’t come from internet service providers. So these proxies will get blocked out in no time.

Use Cases for Shares Proxies

Rsocks shared proxies are valid for web scraping at a small scale. Nevertheless, they don’t function on websites featuring a powerful anti-spam system.

Rsocks shared proxies

If you are looking to use proxies on websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Instagram, and other top sites, these shared proxies will not work. Hence, you should go for any other proxies by Rsocks.

Shared Proxy Price and Plans

These shared proxies are much cheaper as compared to other proxies available from Rsocks. You will only have to pay $10 a month to use these proxies. Their shared proxy pool comprises more than 20,000 IP addresses.

Shared proxy price and plans

Rsocks Personal Proxies

As their shared proxies are designed for a more significant number of users, there are chances that you might get blocked by websites. Therefore, to avoid wasting your money, you can go for their proxies.

Rsocks Personal Proxies

In this plan, there is only one proxy for one owner. Hence, these proxies are super fast and highly reliable. Furthermore, these proxies are very safe and secure.

Trying out Rsocks Personal Proxies

When using these proxies, it might dawn upon you that they are no different from their other dedicated proxies. Each of these proxies will cost you around $5 a month, which is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

Download speed is not going to be an issue, but uploads will be limited.

So, if you are downloading a lot of stuff, then these proxies will work. But the same cannot be said for uploading data.

Use Cases for Rocks Personal Proxies

You can use these Rsocks personal proxies for different purposes as long as you need static IP. For example, you can use these proxies for bypassing geolocation-restricted websites.

Rocks personal proxies

Furthermore, you can use these proxies for ads verification and social media management. You can choose these proxies from 44 different countries. In this particular category, Instagram proxies are the major proxies.

Rsocks Personal Proxy Plans and Price

You will have to pay $40 a month to use their dedicated or personal proxies. Rsocks brand them as Instagram proxies, but you can use them for a range of different online tasks.

These proxies come with a decent download speed, but you will have to compromise regarding upload speeds.

Rsocks personal proxy plans and price

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Rsocks Mobile Proxies

Rsocks 4G/LTE proxies work just like any other mobile proxies. You can enjoy the privilege of not being blocked while using these proxies safely on your mobile device.

Rsocks Mobile Proxies

But this has got nothing to do with Rsocks. The quality comes from the way network operators assign these IP addresses to different mobile devices.

You will notice that the number of proxies available that mobile devices can use is significantly smaller than the number of these mobile devices.

Therefore, these IP addresses will be shared among different mobile devices. As a result, you will have to deal with slower speeds. But it also prevents websites from blocking these IP addresses.

Rsocks Mobile Proxies

Rsocks has not mentioned any details on how they get access to these mobile IP addresses. Therefore, you cannot say whether it’s legal or not, just as is the case with their residential proxies.

However, significant operators that Rsocks works with include O2 (UK), A1 (Austria), Plus (Poland), Dtac (Thailand), and others.

Use Cases of Rsocks Mobile Proxies

These mobile proxies are very useful for social media management. You can also use them for assessing how different keywords rank on various mobile devices.

Moreover, these proxies come with a decent uploading and downloading speed.

Rsocks mobile proxies

Rsocks Mobile Proxy Plans and Price

When you look at their mobile proxy rates, you will notice that these proxies are more expensive. They are expensive because they come with limited bandwidth.

Rsocks mobile proxy plans and price

In comparison, these proxies are more experienced than other mobile proxies on the market. But they do offer these proxies for different mobile carriers, and the price comparison becomes difficult in this scenario.

Rsocks VPN Service

The need to remain anonymous is increasing in the modern internet world. And Rsocks understands that all too well.

Therefore, they have introduced their VPN service, which will make your internet connection encrypted.

Rsocks VPN Service

This VPN supports PPTP, OpenVPN, VPN+Tor, and IPsec. With this service, you can enjoy fast internet access that is not logged either.

Use case for Rsocks VPN

You can use the Rsocks VPN service to keep yourself anonymous online. In simple words. You can use this service for various privacy reasons.

You can access different geo-restricted websites with this service, all while keeping yourself anonymous.

Use case for Rsocks VPN

Rsocks VPN price and plan

Rsocks VPN price and plan

If you have tried out various VPN services, you will notice that Rsocks VPN service is competitively cheaper. Moreover, the speed that you will get is pretty good. So, it’s a fair deal to use the Rsocks VPN service.

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Review Conclusion

Rsocks has been very popular among users because of its fast and reliable services for users. Moreover, the versatility of their offerings is commendable.

Not only do they have a range of different proxies, but they also have a VPN service. So, when it comes to only anonymity, Rsocks is a complete solution for you.

The only problem with so many services is that they confuse you. You can’t make a final decision about which service to choose.

But hopefully, this article has helped you in making those decisions.

Rsocks is excellent when it comes to parsing, scraping, pentesting, and anonymity. They have a fast and reliable support service, and you can try out what they are capable of using their free trials.

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