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Legal Ways to Read Someone’s Text Messages without Their Phone

Last Updated: November 19, 2021

The following will discuss legal ways to read someone’s text messages without their iPhone.
Legal Ways to Read Someone's Text Messages without Their Phone
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Smartphones provide the fastest and most convenient way to communicate and stay in touch with friends, family, work, school, and others.

These devices can easily connect to the Internet, allowing you to make phone calls, share images and other multimedia files, and send instant messages to whomever you want, regardless of where you are. 

One issue that arises from this technology is the misuse of how convenient it is. Children and teens are unwittingly susceptible to this misuse, which can compromise their security and safety.

According to Cyberpurify, before the epidemic, surveys from 2017 found out that about 40% of children partook in sexting at the young age of 13. 

Another survey of around 4,000 children between 8 and 13 years old uncovered that 43% of young children have had contact with strangers online, which about one third of that percentage chatting with strangers once a week or daily.

The epidemic has caused these percentages to rise, pushing it much higher than 40%. One reason for this, is that electronic device usage has doubled as of May 2021 as compared to just a year earlier. 

Another reason is that the average age that children are getting their first phones is just over 10 years old. Almost half, (around 46%) of 12- to 16-year-olds believe they are addicted to their smartphones.  

The increase in usage, the age of phone users, and the substantially higher times spent on these devices, especially on social networks, is having an impact on sexting.

Teens are now spending around 9 hours per day just on social media channels. This information along with the fact that there is also a rise in online predators seeking out children and teens.

They disguise themselves as children and use chats, groups, social media, communities (like gaming), and group chats to attract children, encouraging them to send them sexually inappropriate photos or videos of themselves. 

This content is often shared, or used to blackmail young people to continue to send more of this content. It is called sexual exploitation.

These predators use fear to prevent the children and teens from telling their parents what is happening to them.

All of this information should be a huge concern to parents across the globe. 

As a parent, how can you find out if your child(ren) are being targeted by predators online? One way is to have access to their phones to intercept them before this can start. 

Most children, preteens, and teenagers are not very accepting of their parents have much control over their privacy.

So, parents and guardians need to find ways to intercept such messages without violating their children’s privacy.

The following will discuss legal ways to read someone’s text messages without their iPhone, and help you keep your kids safe from predators without making them feel like you are trying to completely control their lives. 

Legal Ways to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

1. Use mSpy to Track Chats and Messages


If you see that your child seems depressed, or is not acting quite themselves, and nothing you say or do seem to get them to open up, consider mSpy.

This is a phone monitoring app recommended for parents to circumvent such issues. 

Parental control is a main feature of mSpy, so you can read text messages without using their phone, once you install the software.

How do you do that?

  • Go to the site and choose the best subscription for your needs.
  • Input your billing information and pay for the subscription.
  • In your welcome email, follow the instructions provided by mSpy.
  • Use the Control Panel to configure the settings and make adjustments within the app.
  • You can then read your child’s texts from your own smartphone.

The deal with iPhone is to use iCloud credentials. On Android, it will install as an APK file. 

Once the installation to your device completes, you can find text messages and social media chats and read them off your child’s phone using your phone.

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2. Checking iPhone Text Messages

iPhone Text Messages

If you need to read text messages without having to install software on your iPhone, you can use the iCloud backup. You just have to log in to their iCloud to restore and read this data.

To get started reading your child’s text messages on iPhone without their knowledge, do this:

  • Sign in to the person’s iCloud account.
  • Select ‘Recover’ from the backup files.
  • Pick the backup file that stores text messages, download it.
  • Tap on ‘Messages’ in the window that pops up and start scanning.
  • After the scan completes, you can then preview the data and start reading the messages you want to read.
  • Choose ‘Recover to Computer’ and save the data.

3. Check Android Text Messages Using Another Phone

Android Text Messages

All SMS messages that are received and sent by Android phone users are backed up and locally stored on their phone.

So, when you want to restore and read these messages, just look for an app on Google Play or on App Store.

Getting access to this kind of information means you have a high level of trust with your child.

So, if your child is avoiding talking to you about their problems and will not let you look at their phone, you will need to find an option that allows you to secretly monitor and read their messages. 

While this is not ideal, you do need to protect your children at all cost.

What Can You Do to Prevent Your Child or Teen from Being Harassed Online?

Child Harassed Online

Sexting is not the only reason you might want to monitor your child’s or teen’s messages. Bullying is another issue that requires monitoring.

To do this, you will be best served by mSpy, or similar apps with sophisticated monitoring features, which should include:

  • SMS and Call Monitoring
  • GPS Location Tracking and Geo-fencing Solutions
  • Keylogger to Match Passwords
  • Set Trigger Words/Language
  • Block Any Suspicious Contacts
  • Manage Social Media
  • View Bookmarks and Browser History

Now, you know that mSpy is not just any old monitoring software app, but it is an efficient tool for parents to protect their children by remotely tracking their online activities. 

Doing this can help to prevent predators and cyberbullies from bothering your child or teen.

You can do this without violating your child’s privacy or having conflict from pushing them to open up to you and tell you what they are going through.

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