A Quick Guide To Signing Documents Online

Last Updated: November 10, 2022
Electronic or digital signing of documents is common nowadays. Read on as we share some tips to quickly sign documents online.
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How do you sign important documents? 

Are you a business owner or a client thinking of shifting to electronic signing moving forward? 

Signing documents on paper is now being replaced by electronic or digital signatures, which are a lot easier and quicker. 

Electronic or digital signing of documents is common nowadays.

Because of the advancements in technology, many companies and agencies now accept electronic signatures in approving contracts and other legal documents. 

This helpful article provides a quick reference guide to signing documents online.  So, read on!

What Are Electronic Or Digital Signatures? 

Electronic signatures or e-signatures are the digital versions of handwritten signatures. But, instead of paper, you use a special pen, app, or other similar tools to affix your signature on a smartphone or any electronic device.  

As when you sign a physical document, the same legal bearing applies when you sign online. You can digitally sign sales contracts, financial documents, agreements, waivers, and offer letters using an e-signature tool.  

Benefits Of Signing Documents Online 

Here are some of the advantages of electronic or digital signatures:  

Fast And Easy 

The most practical benefit of signing documents online is the convenience you can obtain from it. Because you can quickly sign contracts and other documents electronically, you can save so much time and effort waiting for a mail carrier or a messenger to deliver the documents. Everything is processed online using a reliable e-signature platform. 

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Signing documents online is highly secure. E-signature platforms have security features to keep all documents digitally sealed, such as a public key infrastructure (PKI). A PKI seal means that the document’s e-signature is valid and hasn’t been altered or tampered with since its signing date. It serves as strict authentication proof or additional evidence of the validity of an e-signature. 

Business Growth 

Electronic signatures streamline document workflow to attain business growth. Businesses don’t need to wait for days, weeks, or even months just to get their investors, clients, and other stakeholders to sign important documents. They can obtain request approval or confirmation quickly, allowing businesses to close more deals and move on to their next project. 

How To Sign Documents Online 

Before signing documents online, choose an e-signature platform to ensure a proper verification process with an accompanying authentication stamp or proof. You can use an e-signature app, plugin, or software program intended for this purpose.  

Once you’ve installed the right e-signature tool on your device, you can start signing documents online following the platform’s instructions. Take a look at this general step-by-step guide: 

Step 1: Upload The Document  

Upload or import a Word document, PDF, or any acceptable file format to the e-signature platform or app.  

Step 2: Drag And Drop Your E-Signature 

Choose an e-signature type, create your digital signature, and add it to the document. Place your signature, date, text, and other relevant information on the required fields by dragging and dropping them. 

Step 3: Send The Signed Document 

Click ‘done’ to save the changes and download the document. Now, you can send or return the completed, signed document via email or cloud storage service. 

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Tips When Signing Documents Online 

You can take advantage of e-signature technology to improve your business processes. However, before doing so, you should always remember that signing documents online also entails keen observation and taking extra precautionary measures. 

Check the following tips when signing documents online: 

Know and Verify The Source 

Know the email source once you receive a request to sign a document digitally. The requesting party may send you a link to click. So, it’s important to determine its origin or the sender to ensure it’s not spam or fraud. 

Read The Document Thoroughly 

Once you’ve verified the source, carefully read the agreement, contract, or legal document. Don’t sign the document if you have doubts or see signs of alteration, such as misspelled words, or a different font or color. Call or email the requesting party using the contact details on their website or the paperwork they provided you in the past.  

Keep A Copy 

Keep a copy of the signed contract or legal document in your cloud drive as a backup. In that way, if anything goes wrong with the transaction, you have evidence to show. While these problems rarely happen when using trusted e-signature platforms, it pays off to stay ready and vigilant to avoid facing major issues in the future. 


Signing documents online is convenient, secure, and cost-efficient. Business transactions are quicker, saving everyone’s time and effort. You can quickly sign documents online by choosing a reliable e-signature platform to ensure the validity of your signature for all your transactions.  

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Written by Allison Langstone

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