QQTube Review – Is It Legit or a Scam?

In this article we will be reviewing QQTube.

YouTube is one of the top social media platforms clocking in at roughly 2 billion monthly active users— the most of any social media site. This means that YouTube offers the unique opportunity to reach many people all around the globe with interesting content. 

Years ago, when YouTube first started, it was a simple video-sharing platform. Now that money is involved, people actually make a living off of YouTube and don’t have to do any other full-time work. The only way to do this, however, is to have a lot of YouTube views. 

While most platforms focus on followers, YouTube success is based on how many people view your videos. That’s not to say that you don’t need subscribers, but it’s far more common for users of YouTube to view videos from channels of which they are not subscribed. 

For this reason, high view counts on YouTube is the ultimate indicator of success. With so many videos uploaded to YouTube, it can be tough to get your videos seen by enough people to gain traction on the platform. 

Many companies have emerged claiming to help jumpstart your YouTube performance through more views, but it’s tough to find real companies that can actually offer you something valuable and long lasting when it comes to your YouTube growth. 

For this reason, we’ve used our experts to take a look at a YouTube growth company, QQTube, that offers you a bunch of different packages that are aimed at helping your YouTube views increase. 

After you read our QQTube review, you’ll have a better understanding of whether or not they’re a good option for growing your YouTube views. Let’s take a look! 

What is it? 

QQTube Dashboard

QQTube is a social media growth company that sells different packages to increase your YouTube subscribers and engagements. They claim to be the top YouTube views supplier and can help boost your account to success. 

They also claim to offer 1000 free views, but nothing is free, so of course there is a catch. They ask you to register and give your email, which means they want your information to constantly pester you to buy their services. 

In any case, what they offer are simply packages for YouTube views and more. While it may seem like an attractive option at first glance, YouTube is not naive to this.

They know that when you buy fake views from sites like this that you are simply trying to appear as if you have a bunch of views so that you can meet the requirements to capitalize off of your content, or even to perpetuate a reputable image. 

The views that you will get from QQTube are fake, so they won’t do anything in terms of helping your YouTube performance. Let’s take a look at the features and options that QQTube offers to see if there is anything of interest. 

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QQTube Features

One thing that is interesting about QQTube is that they offer a user dashboard, which most other companies don’t do. There  you will be able to see a variety of different things, but mainly the packages you have purchased.

QQTube markets this as a really awesome feature that will give you a lot of great and valuable information, but it’s nothing more than a progress check on the packages that you’ve purchased. There really isn’t anything interesting or valuable about the dashboard, even though it’s a nice feature to have. 

In terms of YouTube growth, QQTube focuses mainly on selling views, but you can also find other packages for purchase such as likes, comments, shares, and subscribers. We’ll get more into that in the next section to touch on the pricing. 

The one thing that you should keep in mind about these packages is that they don’t mention anything about quality, nor where the engagements and subscribers come from. These are all likely to be fake, low-quality engagements and subs that won’t actually help your account in any way. 

They also have the disclaimer that they are not affiliated or endorsed by YouTube, which means their service is frowned upon by YouTube, putting your account at risk of violating terms of service. 

Let’s see how QQTube compares with pricing and plan options. 

Pricing and Plans 

QQTube Pricing

We will say that it’s unfortunate that QQTube doesn’t offer real YouTube views and subscribers, because if they did, their packages would be pretty competitive. Ultimately fakes don’t do anything to help you, but QQTube provides a lot of options. 

They will offer you not only different numbers of views, but they also have different order start times, so you can buy ones that start instantly or within 0-12 hours. 

The bad thing about QQTube is that their pricing options are really confusing. They are not clear about how many you’ll be getting, so you really have to pay attention, and they also appear to be recurring, as they say 500-10,000 per day, but these plans are one-time purchases, so it’s not very clear why they add their services like that. 

It also mentions something about retention, and it says things like “10-50% retention.” If that’s to say the followers will remain at these percentages, this is a terrible retention rate and your followers will basically all drop off. Not only that, sometimes they discuss retention in terms of seconds to minutes, and it also says things like “random retention.” 

These are not good indicators of a quality service. If you are buying something valuable and according to set numbers, the retention should be what the set numbers say. They are offering a service that isn’t going to stay on their clients’ YouTube accounts, so they are purposely selling something of little value.

Review Conclusion

QQTubes looks like a pretty legit website at first glance, but after more careful revision, it’s clear that this service won’t help you with real, long-term YouTube growth. They claim to have good support and do provide a service guarantee, but even still, it’s not worth your time to buy something you’ll eventually have to contact support about. 

There are better options available for YouTube growth than QQTube. Next! 

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