Best Proxyscrape Alternatives

14 Best ProxyScrape Alternatives 2024 (Free & Premium)

Published on: July 17, 2023
Last Updated: July 17, 2023

14 Best ProxyScrape Alternatives 2024 (Free & Premium)

Published on: July 17, 2023
Last Updated: July 17, 2023

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In a hurry?
The best ProxyScrape alternative in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is ScraperAPI!

As the average person’s dependence on technology increases, more steps are required to hide your tracks while browsing the internet.

With platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr readily available to connect with friends and family or keep up on current events via news feeds, it has become straightforward to track down personal information about strangers.

Once the trails of web history are left behind in our computer’s browser cache, deleting and hiding what was typed out only a moment ago might seem impossible; unless you have Proxyscrape.

Proxyscrape is a free program that helps internet users avoid leaving behind personal information, like names and locations, while browsing online. Free proxies are seen as a dream come true, but it quickly becomes a nightmare.

Finding a list of free proxies may be a big success, only to find that many other mechanisms are the main burden of the claim. In other words, free web scraping proxies are rarely perfect.

The free proxy may work for a while, but as its usage increases, more and more websites are blocked. Paid proxies can also be banned, but the risk is lower because the proxy address is not included in the public proxy list like most free proxies.

With a free proxy, the provider has almost no control over the use of its proxy address, so that IP may be blocklisted for various reasons.

By using IP addresses in the free proxy list, you can share addresses with other web crawlers and anonymous web browsers, who usually pay little attention to maintaining sustainability, rotating old IPs, or other ways to avoid proxy bans.

With a free proxy, this is not the operation of you to block the address but the operation of others to stop it.

However, free proxies have a significant advantage: obvious.

They are free.

But what is the best free proxy?

Not all free proxies are safe to use – which is why we have compiled a list of the top premium proxy servers and the best free proxy servers for web scraping.

What Is ProxyScrape?

ProxyScrape is a recognized site for scraping the web, and it has a standard list of proxy fees with simple classification options such as hiding the exact location and SSL.

Order by country can be confusing because it uses two-character country codes instead of full country names or even easier-to-understand three-character country codes.

An important feature is the “timeout” slider bar, which allows users to limit proxy results to those that meet or exceed a certain timeout threshold (in milliseconds). Like many others on this list, they provide excellent services with rotating agents and other advanced features.

However, ProxyScrape does not have a free trial period, so users must pay for these benefits, defeating the goal of obtaining a free proxy.

Those with a more charitable mindset may be interested to know that ProxyScrape makes donations to various charities, including Teamtrees and the Animal Welfare Institute. However, it is not clear how you contribute.

ProxyScrape provides three types of free proxy lists: SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and HTTP/S. Each batch is marked according to its creation time, and each list only contains the valid authorization at the time of creation.

The list is marked when it is created: 3 hours ago, one day ago, two days ago, etc. Users can browse lists created a few months ago, but the older the list, the more inactive agents it contains and the more updated it will be.

In any case, the group comprises active agents from the previous list. After selecting the list, the user can select one or more countries to be included or excluded and then export the IP address to a text file.

Rating options are limited to free users; paid premium members can access custom API scripts, ports, etc.

While ProxyScrape is an excellent free proxy provider aside from its high-quality paid proxies, below are some ProxyScrape alternatives that can be adopted when it appears to be losing its viability.

Premium ProxyScrape Alternatives 2024

Here are our top choices for premium ProxyScrape alternatives:

  1. ScraperAPI – 🏆 Winner!
  2. ProxyCrawl
  3. Scraping Bee

1. ScraperAPI


The ScraperAPI is an alternative scraping API that can be used to web scrape. You should note that it is better than Proxyscrape. Their service is rendered to Amazon, Symantec, and LegalZoom, which use its proxy API.

Their service comes with a large proxy pool with the presence of over 40 million IPs in it for you to keep spoofing as much as possible.

When considering the services rendered in geo-location targeting, you should note that ScraperAPI has support for over 50 locations which makes it possible for you to access localized content present in such locations. 

This service also comes in the paid version while providing you with a whopping 5K free requests as a new user to try out the service before making a payment commitment. 

The tool is offered as a restful API and sends you a web request on the page; it then returns the page data response as an HTML.

2. ProxyCrawl


The Proxycrawl service comes with a full-fledged web scraping package. It possesses an API scraper that can scrap the Internet by collecting structured data from web pages.

Also, when the proxy company is compared to ProxyScrape, Proxycrawl is a better tool for web scraping, and it has support for Amazon, Google Search, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The service is equipped to allow you to enjoy unlimited bandwidth, making it easy for you to web scrape and get the requisite data that you want.

Using the Proxycrawl scraper API, you would be refrained from fixing your scraper every time the layout of a website changes.

The scrapers built for use by Proxycrawlers are equipped with the proper infrastructure that is scraping-focused. 

3. Scraping Bee

Scraping Bee

The service provided by ScrapingBee is regarded as one of the best web scraping APIs to have graced the market. Without mincing words, the ScrapingBee is considered a more effective web scraping tool than the ProxyScrape. 

The reason for this upside is that it provides you with high-quality proxies that are efficient in the scraping of data. Aside from this, it can also handle proxies, browsers, and Captcha for the sites you access.

The ScrapingBee is also equipped to offer you an extraction API that you can easily use too quickly to parse out data from any web page easily and efficiently. The impressive feature of this site is that you will only have to pay for successful requests.

Therefore, if you register and make payments for the services they render, you would immediately get a dedicated account manager who would guarantee that you enjoy a tailored experience from their customer service agents.

Free ProxyScrape Alternatives 2024

In addition to paid proxies, there is also a list of free proxies for those who can’t pay the proxy fees. This section was written as an alternative to the paid Proxyscrape list.

It is important to note that we do not encourage free proxies, regardless of the provider, except that the free version is only for free trials. However, if you decide to use the free proxy list, the sites where you can get them are listed below.

Here are our top choices for free ProxyScrape alternatives:

  1. Geonode – 🏆 Winner!
  2. HideMyName
  4. Spys.One
  5. GetProxyList 
  6. ProxyOrbit
  7. PubProxy
  8. GatherProxy
  9. Freeproxylist
  10. SSL Proxy
  11. CollectionAgent

1. Geonode Free Proxies

Geonode Free Proxies

Geonode is one of the newest proxy service providers developed to avail the pros of premium proxy services without any of their cons.

While this elimination of perks must be integrated into their paid proxy service offer, you should stem your expectation of their free proxies. Their website has on it a good list of a free proxy list that is published for website scraping. 

Though their paid proxies are considered fast while their free proxies are not exceptionally equipped with speed, you can rest assured that the proxy lists they have on offer are definitely of better or better quality than the ones previously mentioned; downloading their free proxy list comes in various options like TXT, CSV, or JSON files.

Another impressive piece of information about this service is the location support it provides, which is considerably extensive.

2. HideMyName


The service offered by the HideMyName site has a good number of tools that range from a speed test tool, a proxy checker, an email checker, and a list of free proxies.

The focus here is the free proxy list offer, though the reliability of the free proxy they offer is put in question, just like in the case of others, as they do not have control over it.

It is evident that from this website, you can access proxies that offer different protocols, which include HTTPS and Socks5. When reviewing the anonymity level, they have support for high, average, and low.

However, due to the nature of free proxies, you are meant to filter their proxies and only use them with high anonymity, as using one without might lead to a reveal of your IP fingerprint.

Also, in terms of location support, they have got a significant extension of location support. This makes them a relatively good alternative for an accessible alternative proxy scraping ability.


This site is dedicated to publishing lists of free proxies from which you can select; it is considered one of the alternatives to the proxyscrape for free proxies that are allowed for web scraping.

An important point of note about the Free-proxy. cz is that they do not own, they publish, and these free proxies for web scraping are scrapped from around the internet as well. 

For the website to make money, it ensures that it displays ads on its site, and because it is free, it doesn’t guarantee that the proxies would work.

However, they provide independent tests of the proxies they have on their sites and present the results of these tests (speed and uptime check) next to the proxies; though don’t be surprised that at the time you get your hand on these proxies things would have changed.

4. Spys.One


This is another site where you can access the free proxy list alternatives to Proxyscrape. is a proxy list database containing IP addresses from 171 countries/regions worldwide, although many countries/regions have only a few addresses from their location.

In the first three countries on the list (Brazil, Germany, and the United States), there are more than 800 agents available in each country, and there are thousands more available in any country you can imagine.

The process is to divide the HTTP proxy list into subcategories, with sorting options such as anonymous proxy, HTTPS/SSL proxy, SOCKS proxy, HTTP, and transparent, allowing users to limit the type of proxy they are looking for.

Each address is classified according to latency, speed, and uptime. Most proxies have high latency and low rate, and the average uptime percentage is about 70%, which is not surprising.

The free proxy provider also lists the “verification date,” which indicates when the proxy was last verified as active. About a quarter of the agents were verified in the past 24 hours.

Another quarter was verified in the past week, and the remaining half of all the agents on the list were verified more than a week ago. Some lesser-known countries have not registered for more than a month.

5. GetProxyList


This proxy list is a rotating proxy API that is well equipped to provide you with a random IP address automatically.

The GetProxyList has an API that functions just like a regular API., which implies that for every request, what you will get is a proxy address, a port, country of spoofing, and a plethora of other essential details.

Though to ensure that the usage of this service is effective, you’re expected to verify that the metrics are designed to meet your requirements accordingly before you run your requests by it to guarantee your security amidst other factors. 

Nonetheless, this service they offer also has an API in their books that are certain to provide you with high-quality proxies with some added advanced features to meet your needs accordingly.

The Geoproxy list is designed to be seamless and easy, and helpful to use in web scraping. 

6. ProxyOrbit


Proxy Orbit is a top alternative to ProxyScrape, which is renowned for not only being suitable for web scraping but also really good at getting you to access geo-targeted and geo-fenced content that you would naturally be unable to access from some locations, among a list of other proxy services that it offers.

The service provided by this company is in the form of a proxy API, meaning that all you need to do is to send a web request, and you will get a response in the JSON data format containing details of a proxy you can use.

Another good feature that sets this proxy service apart is the fact that it offers you information on the websites where its proxy services can be used; however, the downside to the services provided by this proxy company is that you have only a few IPs at your disposal in its pool and as such, their service might not be the best for you as it is always good for you to have access too large pool of IPs at once.

7. PubProxy


From its name, “PubProxy,” you can tell that it is a Publicly available proxy service. The proxies are available for use by the public without the need for authentication.

The service offered is also a proxy API that can be accessed by calling the required API without registration.

More so, like the other free proxy service providing company, its websites are not equipped with the effectiveness to detect proxies, meaning that if you are making use of a popular website, you do need to avoid the desire to send many requests within a minimal time difference to prevent you from getting blocked. 

8. GatherProxy


This site provides a free proxy IP address table indistinguishable from almost all other proxy resources reviewed here. The way these agents are categorized is a bit different and a bit refreshing.

The homepage contains:

  • Fifty recently reviewed proxy servers and the update time.
  • Country of origin.
  • Anonymity level.
  • Uptime.
  • Response time of each proxy server.

The “city” data has a field, but the entry is empty. The page refreshes every 30 seconds, although the proxy does not reload frequently.

The address at the top of the list usually shows an update time more than 5 minutes ago, although most free agents are unlikely to stop working in such a short period.

GatherProxy does not use the uptime percentage or bar graph but displays the uptime date as a ratio, with “L” representing real-time and “D” at the bottom left and bottom right, respectively.

However, the most powerful feature is the various tabs at the top of the page, including proxy by port, proxy by country, anonymous proxy, web proxy, and to-do list.

By selecting one of these options, the user will be taken to a sub-page that contains a link to a standards-based proxy. Each country and the port has a score, so choosing from a specific set of agents is very suitable.

Of the 11,000 agents in your database, half have been positively confirmed in the past 24 hours. They also provide free proxy scanning and crawling software and videos on how to use it.

9. Freeproxylist


The free proxy list has one of the most straightforward layouts among the reviewed free proxy server providers.

It only has HTML and HTML proxies, so anyone looking for SOCKS should look in a different drawer. You can specify search criteria, such as port, anonymity options, and country/region.

The list of free agents can also be sorted by region or city, but to find a specific location, you must sort the list and then click an agent with up to 38 pages to find the desired city or region.

This is the only major flaw in the easy-to-use list. Next to each address are two color-coded bar graphs representing response and transmission levels.

Still, there is no numerical data to indicate the meaning of each level, so it is only used as a fuzzy comparison with other agents listed next to each other. The timeout period can be measured as a percentage.

10. SSL Proxy

SSL proxy

The motto of SSL proxy is: “Check and update the SSL proxy (HTTPS) every 10 minutes”. Although all proxies on the list have been checked in the past hour, this is not the case.

The unrestrained power of attorney comes from many countries globally, but there are only 100 agents, limited availability. It’s not surprising that users can sort by country.

This time it’s a two-character country code and full name and an anonymous option. Almost every agent on the list is anonymous or elite.

There is also a field called “Google,” which may be related to the acceptance of Google’s acceptance by the proxy server or possibly a proxy from Google.

When we checked the SSL proxy server, all addresses indicated “Google” as “No,” so we could not test their use.

Not surprisingly, this list by name only contains HTTPS proxies, and HTTP and SOCKS proxies are available at a price.

11. CollectionAgent

The collection agent contains more than 5000 free agents, and the list is checked every 2 hours. The standard sorting functions provided by other free proxy providers are also applicable to Proxy-List.

The top list has four options: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. A nice feature is the ability to run the proxy list as a text file or copy the data to the clipboard with the push of a button.

They provide API access to proxy playlists and provide Chrome extensions for web scraping. The most severe web scraping may already be available, but it is still worth a try.

There are some agency services on the market. Some are reliable, some are not so reliable, or not easy to use.

ProxyScrape proxy service is a well-known proxy service that can send many signals; although it is suitable for others, it is not ideal for some people.

Although you usually want to see this, since there is no lousy proxy service, ProxyScrape cannot be ignored.

For this reason, we have provided you with an overview of the service, including why you should use it and avoid it. If ProxyScrape is not for you, we will also look for some of the best alternatives.

Why Use a ProxyScrape Alternative?

There is no doubt that the service is suitable for some people, but there is no doubt that it is not ideal for others. Here are some reasons why it may not be helpful for some users.

Unreliable Proxies with Proxyscrape

When you make a purchase, you think of spending less money to buy more things. However, I found that you pay less for the ProxyScrape free proxy service because the service is unreliable.

Many people complain that some of the proxies ordered are just dead and cannot be used. Others are easily spotted.

Most importantly, there is another problem that the verification code block will destroy your stealth with ease.

Bad Customer Service

In addition to the unreliable quality of your agent, they have poor customer service due to the zero cost attached to its procurement.

They have been noted to possess a history of restricting user accounts without notice and do not provide refunds. Once you need to apply for a refund, you may lose your account without receiving the refund.

Therefore, even if you intend to use it for their cheap service, you should know that you can do nothing if the proxy is not suitable for you. 

Looking at the above content, you will find that using the ProxyScrape data center to commission web scraping is a gamble that you may not want.

Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives you can use, and these have also been discussed above.

What Is Web Scraping?

Web Scraping

Web scraping is the automated collection of structured data from the internet. They are also called network data extraction.

Some of the leading causes of web scraping include price tracking, price intelligence, news tracking, lead generation, and market research.

Generally, individuals and businesses who want to use a large amount of publicly available Web data to make more informed decisions use Web data mining.

If you have ever copied and pasted information from a website, it will perform the same function as any other web crawler, but manually on a micro-scale.

Unlike the mundane and overwhelming process of manual data extraction, web scraping uses intelligent automation to retrieve hundreds of millions, millions, or even billions of data points from the seemingly infinite frontier of the internet.

Basic Knowledge of Web Scraping

It is effortless, divided into two parts: web crawlers and web crawlers. The shoemaker’s tracker is a horse, and the scraper is a cart.

The tracker drives the grabber via the internet like a manual one, extracting the requested data—the difference between reading detection and web scraping and how it works.

Data Is Needed Everywhere

This should not be surprising because Web Scraping provides something valuable that nothing else can provide: it provides structured Web data from any public website.

The real power of web data collection lies not only in the modern conveniences that can create and inspire some of the most revolutionary business applications in the world.

“Transformative” does not even begin to describe how some companies use data from the internet to improve their operations and lead executive decisions about personal customer service experiences.


A web crawler is a specialized tool designed to extract data accurately and quickly from web pages. Depending on the project, the design and complexity of web crawlers vary greatly.

An integral part of each scraper is the data finder (or selector), which is used to find the data extracted from the HTML file; usually, XPath, CSS selectors, regular expressions, or a combination of them are applied.


A web crawler, commonly known as a “spider,” is an artificial intelligence that browses the internet to index and search content by following and browsing links, just like a person who has a lot of free time.

Many projects first “crawls” the web or specific website to discover the URL and then pass it to the crawler.

The Process of Web Scraping

This is a standard DIY web crawling process when you want to do it yourself:

  • Determine the landing point
  • Copy the location URL of the page from which you want to extract data.
  • Request these URLs to get the HTML of the page.
  • Use locators to find data in HTML.
  • Save data as JSON or CSV files or other structured formats.

Is it simple enough? This is! If you only have a small project. Unfortunately, if you need large-scale data, you must face some challenges.

For example, if you change the layout of your site, manage proxies, run javascript, or use antibots, keep the crawler open.

These are resource-intensive deep technical problems. You can use various web data extraction tools, but they all have their limitations.

This is part of the reason why many companies outsource their Web data projects. Finally, we provide the data in the required format and frequency.

Ultimately, the scalability and flexibility of web scraping ensure that you can quickly meet your project parameters, no matter how specific.

Fashion retailers inform their designers of upcoming trends based on information collected on the internet.

Investors plan their stock positions, and marketing teams use detailed information to stand out from the competition, thanks to web scraping as an intrinsic part of everyday businesses.

What Is the Use of Web Crawling?

Web Crawling

Below is the use case of web crawling:

Price information

According to our experience, price intelligence is the most important use of web scraping.

Extracting pricing information and products from e-commerce websites and converting it into intelligence is an integral part of modern e-commerce companies hoping to make better data-driven pricing/marketing decisions.

How Online Pricing Data and Pricing Intelligence Can Help:

  • Revenue optimization
  • Brand and MAP compliance
  • Dynamic price
  • Competition monitoring
  • Market survey
  • Monitor product trends

Market research is essential and should be based on the most accurate information available. High-quality, large-capacity, and very eye-catching network-derived data in various shapes and sizes has promoted market analysis and business intelligence worldwide.

Market trend analysis

·    Competition monitoring

  • Optimize access point
  • Market price
  • Alternative financial data
  • Research and development

Use the web scraping data designed by investors to discover Alpha and create fundamental value. The decision-making process has never been so wise, and the data has never been revealed.

The world’s leading companies are using more and more data from the internet because of its incredible strategic value.

News monitoring

Estimate the basic situation of the business

Extract knowledge from SEC documents

Public opinion integration

Property Management

The digital revolution of the real estate market in the past two decades can disrupt traditional businesses and create influential new players in the industry.

By incorporating product data from the internet into daily trading activities, agents and brokers can protect themselves from top-down online competition and make informed decisions in the market.

  • Property valuation
  • News and content monitoring
  • Understand the market direction
  • Pay attention to job vacancies
  • Rental income estimate

Modern media can create extraordinary value or existential threats for your business in a news cycle.

For companies that rely on timely news analysis or a company that frequently appears in the news, network news data collection is the ultimate monitoring solution, compiling and analyzing the most critical stories in your industry.

  • Political movement
  • Internet public opinion analysis
  • Competition monitoring
  • Lead generation
  • Investment decision
  • Sentiment analysis

Lead generation is the essential sales/marketing activity of every business. In Hubspot’s 2020 report, 61% of inbound marketers said generating traffic and leads is their biggest challenge. Fortunately, web data mining can be used to access structured web lists.

Map Monitoring

Monitoring the minimum advertised price (MAP) is standard practice to ensure that a brand’s online pricing is consistent with its pricing policy. Due to a large number of dealers and distributors, manual price monitoring is impossible.

Therefore, web scraping is very useful because you can control the price of a product without moving your fingers.

Brand Monitoring

In today’s competitive market, protecting your online reputation is a top priority. Whether you are selling products online and setting strict pricing policies or just want to know how people view your products online, web crawler tracking can provide such information.

Business Automation

In some cases, accessing your data can be difficult. You may need to extract data from your website or your partner’s website in a structured way.

But there is no simple built-in method to do this, and it makes sense to make a scraper and get the data instead of using complex internal systems.

Why Proxyscrape?


Every time you visit a website, your computer retrieves the site’s HTML code to display it in your browser; elements of this code are called tags, which include specific keywords that reveal exactly where you’ve been on the web.

Like footprints left in fresh snow, anyone who stumbles upon these trails can follow them directly to where you were online (and what you did there). Undoing all of this is impossible unless you wipe your hard drive clean or use Proxyscape to cover your tracks.

You take control of how websites look when they’re displayed using Proxyscape rather than letting the site’s HTML code control what you see, and it becomes impossible to discover the path that led you there.

It does all of this by allowing you to choose exactly how your internet browser will look when loading a site, hiding keywords in the site’s code that would otherwise reveal where a user has been on the web.

Anyone can hide their tracks while browsing online by making a few changes in Proxyscape looks and functions.

Proxyscape is a free program that hides your online trail by altering the HTML code to display websites in your internet browser.

Is This an Open-Source Project?

Yes, Proxyscape is considered “open-source software” because it can be viewed and altered by anyone. Does this require root access on my phone/tablet/computer?

Answer: For Android devices, you will need root access for installation; if you do not have root access, please download from another device or notify me via email (see below), and I’ll send it over.

Do I Need Any Dependency on My Computer to Use This?

Answer: No, find a compatible version of Chrome and Firefox, and you’re all set! Proxyscape is an open-source tool that provides users with the means of detecting where “proxies” have been used to mask web activity.

Seeing which IP addresses connect to which websites and what country they’re in gives users the ability to determine whether or not their internet connection has been hijacked or if someone is simply accessing the web on a proxy server elsewhere.

The process of proxy scraping begins by entering the URL (Web Address) of a site like,,, etc…

After clicking “go,” you will be able to see all of the IP addresses that have connected with this website recently; some entries will be colored green and others red depending on where they originated from on the globe.

Green means that your computer/connection is NOT being proxied while red indicates that it IS being used through another machine somewhere else in the world… put; green means safe, and red means anything but – proceed with caution!

The Results of Using Proxyscrape

The results of using Proxyscrape can tell you what websites you’ve been visiting, which countries they’re in, and the physical location of the proxy server itself.

This could come in handy for many reasons: employers looking to investigate employees’ activity, law enforcement agencies trying to track down internet criminals, or simply someone who wants to get a better idea of where their web traffic is coming from.

With that said, there are certainly legitimate uses for this application; it’s not always bad, folks! It’s essential users understand that Proxyscrape does NOT inspect packets (conversations between your computer and other servers on the internet).

Therefore it cannot see ANY information like passwords, files being downloaded, or anything else. It simply reads the proxy server you have been using and shows where it is physically located on a map – nothing more.

Proxyscrape is an extension that enables you to view the IPs of websites visited. This means it can tell you which countries are being accessed through proxies. Proxyscrape doesn’t inspect packets or other things like downloads.

Therefore it cannot see passwords or files. It simply reads the proxy server you have been using and shows where it is physically located on a map – nothing more.

The Evolution of Proxyscrape

The original design used green, yellow, and red highlights to show where proxies had been used; this has now changed to using different colored dots on a map:

Changes like these make Proxyscrape easier and simpler to use while still providing results that help users understand their online privacy better.

When combined with other tools like ProxyBay, you’re getting some serious firepower!

The Benefits of Proxyscrape

Proxyscrape allows users to see where proxies have been used; this is good for many reasons: Employers and Law Enforcement Officials can use Proxyscrape to track employees’ web activity.

If your boss suspects you of using sites like or when they shouldn’t be, then ask them if they want to see your history with Proxyscrape – it’ll quickly prove whether you’re snooping around behind their back.

Police and other organizations can utilize tools like these to locate criminals using proxies to cover their digital tracks: This is especially helpful in cases involving cybercrime or child pornography where screenshots don’t provide enough details about who or where a person is.

Individuals who want to stay safe online can use Proxyscrape to learn whether their location could reveal additional information about themselves: If their home country shows up as the USA.

You’re buying many things from stores that ship from Asia, and then it might be a sign that you shouldn’t shop with those particular sites anymore.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying overseas goods, but the cash you save by shopping there might come at too high of a cost if someone starts snooping around!

The Dangers of Proxyscrape

It cannot see passwords or files being downloaded: All it does is display IP addresses for websites visited – which could indicate sensitive information if they’re going through proxies.

If someone wants to steal your password or files, then they’ll simply need to use that information alongside proxies to stay hidden; Proxyscrape can’t help with that.

It’s only as safe as the site you’re using it on: If you’re looking at proxy sites for proxies that will protect you on the internet, then you’re probably not doing anything wrong by checking out where traffic is coming from – but if you’ve joined a proxy network.

The Bottom Line About Proxyscrape

Is it a wrong tool? No, not! It’s just to create some level of awareness before you start using it. If you’re surfing the web and want to see where traffic is coming from, then Proxyscrape is a great way to do that, while you also take astute cognizance of the alternatives available should Proxyscrape not meet your demand.

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