7 Of the Best Ways to Promote Your Facebook Business Page

Best Ways to Promote Your Facebook Business Page

Published on: September 30, 2022
Last Updated: September 30, 2022

Best Ways to Promote Your Facebook Business Page

Published on: September 30, 2022
Last Updated: September 30, 2022

So, you have a Facebook business page and you want to get followers, engagement, and traffic to your website from there. Facebook is the social media giant that offers an effective method for getting exposure to your page that can result in website traffic.

After all, you cannot make the most of your business page on Facebook without exposure and followers. It can be challenging nowadays to get your Facebook business page seen much less get likes and comments. The things you need to naturally grow your page include likes, views, comments, and followers.

The following will discuss some efficient ways to enhance your Facebook business page for free to reach your goals of getting more engagement and clients on this platform.

1. Build Your Audience Base with Family and Friends


Once you create and set up your business page on Facebook, you need to invite and welcome people to “like” your page. The invitation is something you share on your Facebook personal or professional profile or a group that you operate. 

Make your first post one that welcomes your new followers and “pin” it to the top of the discussion section using the “Pin to Top of Page” option from the three little dots in the top right corner of the post. That way, it stays on top of future posts. The likes you get among your friends and family set the tone for a good test crowd. 

As you create more posts, be sure to remind your friends and family to share and invite others to like and share your Facebook business page. This is how you start organic growth.

Getting started is about promoting your page with the intent of drawing a crowd that is interested in your offerings. It is within the quality and relevant following that helps to enhance and advance your page’s presence. 

2. Host Facebook Contests and/or Promotions

Facebook Contests

Offer a great promotion or contest to your followers. Get your followers to share that promotion or contest to appeal to more people. You can also do this as a Facebook Challenge or a giveaway. These options are motivational and are most likely to generate likes, offers, comments, followers, and shares.

The idea of Facebook challenges and limited time offers include:

  • Hosting an occasion or event for your fans that they will share.
  • Promote a drawing for services or products.
  • Offer something of value for those who share your post the most.
  • For limited-time offers, offer something to entice new clients.

There are many ways to engage people through challenges, contests, limited-time offers, and other promotions. Always keep your content relevant to your audience so you can draw people interested in your industry.

3. Engage with Customers and Get Feedback


Your customers are the foundation of your business. When you provide superior services and products, your customers/clients will want to share their experience with you in the form of ratings and reviews. 

Be sure to welcome customer feedback, including constructive criticism, to add to your business credibility and to help you learn what works, what doesn’t work, and what you need to change for better products and services. These open exchanges are unique and appealing to new potential customers.

You may even find that a customer survey will help your business page grow and allow open exchange with clients. 

4. Create and Share Unique and Useful Content


Your Facebook business page is a great vehicle for social activities. The goal is to create a following and engaging with your target audience, and is less about selling. It is unlikely you will sell thousands or millions of dollars worth of products or services on Facebook, but you can relate to your target audience and organically attract thousands to millions of likes and followers. 

You do this is helpful, interesting, and unique content relevant to your industry. Here are a few ways to achieve this.

  • Occasions and news stories – Find videos and articles regarding your industry that are interesting and trending.
  • Tips and tricks – One of the most engaging type of content relates to solving problems. People want to know how to handle certain problems. Motivational ideas regarding your industry that solves a problem, funny memes, and other content that helps them solve a problem they have can go viral.
  • Behind the scenes – The inner workings of your business are interesting to your audience. Show them what you do from your office. Take pictures of office birthday celebrations, show how something is made, or show pictures of your staff smiling and working to give your business a credible face.

The more substance you share, the more likely it is to be seen and shared across social media channels. When your followers share your content on Facebook, they are willingly promoting your Facebook business page for you. That is a good place to be on this platform.

5. Collaborate with Influencers and Related Businesses


Another way to expand your Facebook presence is to reach out to related influencers and businesses to collaborate on promotions and events. You do this by reaching out to them via their pages to get something interesting started. 

Connections with similar companies and influencers allows you to cross-promotional opportunities. Working in tandem on various promotions gives you and your “competition” a way to share posts to more of your targeted audience.

Follow local news sources and people with a large following to further impact your reach. This is another way to get seen by more of your targeted audience. Watch influencers in your industry to see how they engage and get more followers. 

6. Provide Promotional Updates

Promotional Updates

As your business grows, it should also expand. For instance, if you currently sell widget X, consider adding more products like widget Z and promote it. If you offer services, expand your service offerings and promote that from your page.

Ideas for promotional updates:

  • Create new products and/or offer extra specials and discounts.
  • Post about changing business hours.
  • Let clients know when products are back in stock or back-ordered.

This will keep your followers updated on your newest and latest offerings, which will in turn attract new business to your page and website. They will appreciate that you keep them updated this way and it won’t cost you a thing except a few minutes of your time. 

7. Attract More People 

Attract People

Your Facebook business page is accessible to the public. When someone randomly likes a post from your page or makes a comment send them an invitation to “like” your page. This naturally expands your audience with more relevant followers that could turn into loyal customers. 

Make sure to thank them for engaging with you when you send them the invitation and if/when they like your page, be sure to give them a personal shoutout on your page and welcome them. Labeling/tagging people on posts, pictures, videos, and other social content is good for attracting their friends. 

What are some ways to tag people?

Tag customers in images, screen captures, or other content with positive reviews and thank them. Tag your coworkers/employees and request that they share the post on their profile. 

Request that customers send you pictures of themselves using your products and make sure they are okay with sharing it on your page. Tag the image with the person’s name and thank them for their purchase. 


You can attract more people by using the methods mentioned in this article. Building, growing, and expanding your Facebook business page is more than just promoting your business and profits. It is connecting with people, building relationships, and allowing that to further your business.

As you grow, be sure to check your analytics to be sure you are providing the content and offers your audience wants. Use customer feedback to guide you along the way as you grow.

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