Poprey Review – Is Poprey Legit? (2021)

Poprey Review 2024 – Is It Legit?

Published on: May 20, 2023
Last Updated: May 20, 2023

Poprey Review 2024 – Is It Legit?

Published on: May 20, 2023
Last Updated: May 20, 2023


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We currently live in an age where our social media accounts (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc.) have become more than just a platform to share funny videos and post pictures for the memories.

You can now start a business or a brand whilst in the comfort of your own home using a few clicks on a downloaded application on your phone…or literally any device with a screen.

Growing your account, especially on Instagram, is a task that can take days, months, or even years to accomplish to the point where you’re making money off your account.

Poprey Review 2024

Social media marketing provider, Poprey is a tool that’ll help you with your goal and I’ll be reviewing it to uncover how it works, its strengths, and weaknesses.

Poprey’s Features

Founded in 2017, Poprey is a third-party social media boosting company which is based in France but provides services to many countries all over the world.

Although its primary focus is Instagram, Poprey offers a wide variety of promotional services for a handful of other social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, and even Tik Tok.

It uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology, also known as “bots” to deliver real-looking followers and engagements on your account, which you can choose to either be delivered instantly or gradually.

How Poprey Works

Poprey Instagram

The process is pretty simple once you’ve decided which platform you’d like Poprey to target, the amount of engagement you need, and the budget for it.

On their website, you can choose the services that you want for your Instagram account from the top menu, where you can see sections like Followers, Likes, Auto-likes, Auto-views, Views, and Comments.

When you click on the service you want, you’ll be directed to various plans that include different amounts of likes or followers, for example, for various amounts of money.

Clicking the “Buy Now” button on the feature that you wish with the price point you’re looking for will generate a pop-up where you’ll be asked to insert your Instagram username and email.

I think this is as straightforward and simple as it’s going to get when purchasing an Instagram growth plan and the order can be processed through PayPal, which ensures the safety of your private information.

Instagram Services

The service that you choose will determine the delivery time, whether instant or gradual, and the type of warranty you receive. They can provide you with a 30-day warranty or a permanent guarantee on some services.

Even though many of its options are customized, most of what they offer isn’t really customizable. Their Instagram services include:


Poprey Pricing

Poprey offers its services at a wide range of prices, which will fit those on a tight budget as well as those who have money to spend to achieve the growth they require.

In the Likes feature, you can choose from plans starting from 200 to 50,000 likes for a price range between only $2 and $139.9.

The Auto-likes feature plans start from 1000 to 200,000 for $4.9 and $339.9.

The Followers feature plans fall between 10 and 10,000 followers for no price at all to $39.9.

The Views feature plans range from 200 and 50,000 for a price between $0.8 and $54.9.

The Comments feature plans include 25 and 5,000 for a price ranging from $3.2 and $199.9, which is more expensive than the other features as it requires more effort than simply clicking a button such as in the Likes feature.

Each of these features has eight options you can choose from to satisfy the engagement amount and type that you require.

Customer Support

Contacting their customer support is as easy as the ordering process is.

You simply go to their contact page, where you’ll only be required to type in your email address and your pay ID (if you’ve made a purchase already) to send any inquiry that you have.

Their customer support is also available to answer any questions that you might have before purchase, regarding a particular package or if you need help deciding the package that best fits your needs.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, Poprey offers a very restricted refund policy depending on the situation.

If your order isn’t processed within 48 hours, you’ll receive a full refund.

As this service only works for Instagram accounts that are made public, your order will not be processed if you forgot to change the settings of your account, but you can also easily be granted a full refund for this.

However, if you enter invalid data while processing the order and it goes to someone else’s profile, you will not receive any refund.

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Unique Selling Points

What differentiates Poprey from other social media marketing tools is the simplicity of the ordering process and free followers.

Minimalistic Website

As we mentioned above, the ordering process is made super simple because the design of the website is very sleek with very few buttons and sections to choose from.

This social media promotion service is perfect for people who like to save time and get to what they want without getting lost in a whirlwind of buttons and features.

Free Followers

Poprey followers

Poprey offers 10 followers for free to its customers so they can try out their service and get a sense of how their service works and whether they’re comfortable with it or not.

Review Conclusion

Although Poprey offers a range of services for many social media platforms, it mostly focuses on Instagram where it offers the most packages, so you’ll have to keep that in mind if your goal is growing other platforms.

While looking at customer reviews of Poprey, it seems that despite the simplicity of the contact page, it was hard to get ahold of the support team in a time-efficient manner. This makes Poprey unreliable and if you have an issue, you’re not covered.

The refund policy seemed to cause many problems for the users of this service, where they were incorrectly *not* refunded without apparent reasons. They typically won’t refund you unless you didn’t get your order. Other reasons are not valid, and they don’t care if you’re happy or not with the services.

The followers they provide are clearly not real, and they also take no responsibility for their services if you read their terms of service. Whatever happens, happens, and that’s on you.

Keeping those obstacles in mind, I find that Poprey is a service that provides growth packages at price points that are similar to other social media boosting services, but that doesn’t mean you should use them.

Better to avoid Poprey overall.

How to Get More Instagram Followers 

It doesn’t matter if you work with Poprey or another (better) Instagram growth service, you have to remain active in your own efforts and continue pushing forward if you want to see success. 

It’s all too common that people see buying Instagram followers as the easy way out and that they’ll enjoy some sort of miracle, allowing them to take a permanent vacation and not deal with the tediousness of social media again. This is a huge misconception and can lead to your demise. 

Any type of real or organic Instagram growth will require you to dedicate more time than ever into creating the best profile that you can muster up, and you should at the very minimum be thinking of the following three things along the way.

Enhance Your Profile  

The first thing you need to do is make sure that all aspects of your Instagram profile, such as username, profile photo, bio, general aesthetic, as well as any IG stories highlight album covers are all perfected and ready to catch people’s eye.

All of these different factors should be branded and clearly illustrate who you are and why people should follow you on Instagram. You only get one chance to make a first impression on a user, and when someone lands on your profile, they should already have an idea about you and why you’re worth following. 

Create Impeccable Content 

Content is the most vital element of your Instagram strategy, and if you don’t have content that attracts your target audience and captures their attention, you’re not going to have any luck.

Focus on who you are and what type of content your target audience wants to see and it will help you in the long term not only to get followers but also to retain them.

Use Hashtags 

Hashtags, while not directly connected to an Instagram growth service, can help you to expand the work that they are doing and get more engagement. When you use targeted hashtags on your posts, you will put your content into hashtag feeds and can get seen by more Instagram users that follow or search for those hashtags.

You’ll be able to see much higher levels of growth and get more reach. When you work with a successful Instagram growth service, the results can be tenfold. Don’t miss out on that opportunity! 

Why You Need Real Instagram Followers 

Having the right type of Instagram followers is vital; without this, there’s no way that you can have a successful profile that builds your reputation and real-world results. 

This is where Poprey really falls short; they don’t offer the necessary targeting instructions to help you get the followers that you need. You’ll see a severe lack of progress and that can really hurt you, and you can even get your Instagram account in trouble, blocked, or banned with fakes. 

Here we’re going to discuss a bit more about each of these elements in detail so that you can better understand how your Instagram growth service impacts you and why you should only work with a company that can really provide real Instagram followers and other engagements.


Your Instagram followers have a huge impact on your reputation, and they can completely change how people view you. Your Instagram followers are the ones that care about your content, engage with you, support you, and even recommend your account to others. 

They can make or break your Instagram page, and it’s no secret. You are at their mercy. 

Imagine if you have tons of fake Instagram followers. None of these people are ever going to engage with your content, making people wonder why nobody responds to your content when you have thousands and thousands of followers.

It raises eyebrows and makes you look like your content isn’t well received or that you’ve paid to have followers. It’s easy for users to see, as well as potential brand partners. 

This can hurt you because users will find your account to be fortified and not authentic. It will also cause potential brand partners to turn away from you, losing your status if you want to work as an influencer. Poprey isn’t likely to help you in this area, and they’re not going to help you boost your reputation at all. 

More Content and Profile Reach 

Instagram used to work on a chronological algorithm, meaning that the platform automatically showed users content in the order that it was added to Instagram. When bot use became really prominent on the platform, in order to provide a better user experience and get content to the right users, Instagram changed the algorithm to reflect engagement.

Now, Instagram content is showed to users based on their interests and what they’ve engaged with in the past. Because bots like Poprey typically give you followers that aren’t very targeted or relevant, they won’t be getting engagement for your profile.

If your followers are fake, they’re not going to engage with your content and they’re not going to get your content seen by anyone else; they won’t recommend it or share it, either.

You need to have high levels of engagement if you want to get your content to the top of hashtag feeds or onto the explore page. It will also appear with more priority in your followers’ news feed, which means your content will be seen more frequently, helping you gain revenue or reach whatever other goals you’ve set for your Instagram.

Tangible Business Results 

Finally, you need real Instagram followers because you likely want to see tangible business results. If you have a lot of fake followers, your account looks like it might be popular, but it’s not. You won’t get any results from this type of strategy.

While people usually use services like Poprey in hopes it will bring in any kind of follower growth and then keep going, it’s not likely to happen with bots since Instagram has such strict policies about their use. You should absolutely look for a service that will work with real engagement strategies.

Not only that, Poprey won’t back up their services and you’re not guaranteed anything at the end of the day.

All in all, you need real, targeted Instagram followers if you want to see higher profits, lead generation, and conversion from Instagram. Poprey isn’t the best choice, that’s for sure.

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Written by Eddie Hurst

I’m a full-time social media research specialist. Actually you could say I’m a bit obsessed. I seek out the latest information and hacks for our How-to Guides. As well as that, I put companies under the microscope for reviews.