Pionex Bot Review – All-In-One Option or a Generic Crypto Trading Solution?

Pionex Review 2023: Legit Trading Bots & Exchange or a Scam?

Published on: April 17, 2023
Last Updated: April 17, 2023

Pionex Review 2023: Legit Trading Bots & Exchange or a Scam?

Published on: April 17, 2023
Last Updated: April 17, 2023

Pionex Review 2023

Having a crypto exchange equipped with its own functioning crypto trading automation tools sure does simplify the trading process, but nothing guarantees that these bots are really the most optimal way of conducting crypto trade.

So, are the Pionex trading bots worth sticking with? Is the exchange safe to us?

Somewhere around a decade ago, the idea of having a digital currency not tied to any national bank or centralized body of fiscal authority wasn’t taken seriously.

Fast forward till today and you’ve got a booming crypto coin market with scores of new users flocking to get their slice of the crypto pie.

In such an atmosphere of rapid growth, on-the-go experimentation, and constant innovation, the cryptocurrency exchanges too have taken upon themselves to attract a portion of the user influx by sweetening their offer.

So, how do you attract an eager but unskilled day trader-to-be? By promising a simpler way of doing complicated trading processes and a lot of quality of life improvements over the basic premise, of course!

Everyone can manually access cryptocurrency exchanges in order to make a deal, but scouring the market by yourself is by no means an easy task.

Conducting crypto trade in person requires a lot of time and effort, as well as tough calculations and forecasting that at times almost borders with gambling.

This is precisely why most of today’s crypto trade gets done by automation tools, or crypto bots. These require no effort by their human users other than setting them up and they remain alert around the clock, seven days a week.

Using crypto bots effectively means that the workload that would take hours of tedious and boring labor gets delegated and reduced to mere minutes of oversight per day, if even that much.

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Add these two together and you get a natural progression–crypto exchanges offering their own, pre-built bots to let their inexperienced users venture into the market without having to go through the (for them) pain-staking of making their own bot first.

This is exactly what Pionex, the young crypto exchange, decided to do when they launched their pre-built crypto trading bots.

Are they the best solution for the current market conditions and competition, though?

It is the goal of today’s Pionex review to find out, but already we have a really really good feeling about these guys.

Overview of Pionex Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • 16 free trading bots
  • Over 120 cryptocurrencies supported
  • Friendly support
  • User friendly UX
  • Bot tutorials included
  • Extremely low trading fees of 0.05%
  • No demo account available

What is Pionex (and the Pionex bots?)

Pionex mobile app review

Pionex is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency exchange that gained relevance in 2020 and which has managed to acquire the status of a major and popular exchange backed with fiat currency investment and aggregated liquidity from the most popular crypto exchanges online.

Fully licenced and approved by both the relevant opinions and the community, it is a welcome addition to the domain of every eager day trader.

One of the dominant features of Pionex is its free integrated bots, currently numbered at a high number of 16 total – this is pretty impressive.

Meant to streamline the process from registration to trading, the bots complement the Pionex’s offer and make the platform an all-in-one solution for new crypto trading initiates.

The bots also simplify the trading process itself, lowering the expertise threshold and eliminating the need to sacrifice conventional jobs due to the high investment of time on the users’ part.

In theory, this is everything that a beginner in crypto trading would ever need.

Everything packed in one place, designed to be simple and easily understood, and pre-built in order to eliminate the human error factor in the strategic approach making process, the Pionex offer sounds like an amazing deal.

Sprinkle the fact that the bots come “for free” over the top and it seems like you’ve got yourself a bargain.

How do these bots perform in the field, however? A detailed analysis of their features in this Puobex review for 2023 will perhaps provide answers.

Reciew of Features

Pionex Review

Pionex’s crypto trading bots come pre-built in an effort to reduce the necessary investment for new traders before they become able to participate in the crypto market.

Having a bot (or bots) that are already set up has its benefits, but also disadvantages. More on that later, let’s stick with the bots’ features for now.

In short, there are 16 crypto trading bots with various strategies and approaches to handle different market conditions and try to get the upper hand with competing software.

For example, the classic Grid bot is a great feature for all-around low-risk endeavors.

Purchasing when low and selling when high is an easy and relatively safe logic, so new users might as well start there.

Reverse Grid is on the menu, Infinity Grid as well.

The list goes on with the likes of TWAP bot for long-term, high-volume deals, Trailing Take Profit bot for squeezing out every last drop of a profitable deal, Margin bot, Dollar-Cost Averaging bot, and so on.

The list goes on and the number of bots is impressive, much more than you are going to need whether you are a beginner or a veteran.

Let’s see how that suits traders of differing levels of experience and expertise as we continue the review below.

Ease of Use & Accessibility

Pionex Dashboard

As mentioned earlier in the review, Pionex with its bots is all about ease of use and accessibility.

The decision to tie a crypto exchange and trade automation solutions together makes life a hell of a lot easier to people who don’t want to have anything to do with fine-tuning and tweaking to get the most out of a piece of software.

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However, seasoned traders usually want to add some flavor to their codes in order to make it perform better on the market.

Setting up a bot your own way is tough, but customized bots, when coupled with a sound market strategy, of course, usually beat their generic competition by a long shot.

And in the end, it is the profit that determines whether a bot is good or not.

Pionex’s solutions work best with beginners and rookie traders, and mean that you don’t even have to think about what’s going on with the coding.

They are going to create original, exciting bots for you, and we don’t think that they’re lacking in terms of customization in any way shape or form.

Is Pionex Legit? Is It a Scam?

Pionex is not a scam. It’s 100% legit.

And it works.

Taking into account that Pionex is a relatively young crypto exchange and that it specializes in basic crypto trading initiation, we have decided based on this review that we think that Pionex has a really solid base in the form of various certificates, guarantees, and financial backing.

According to a Bloomberg article, Pionex has more than 100,000 users with more than 5 billion trade volumes passing along each month. It aggregates the liquidity from two crypto giants, Binance and Huobi, near the ticker price.

In addition to this, it is backed with more than $10 million USD by several Chinese corporate giants and has an MSB (money services business) license from the U.S. Treasury’s FinCEN.

On, Pionex has accumulated a good score of 3.5/5 based on 98 reviews, which is pretty awesome for a platform of its caliber.

Pionex has a massive following and a big community across the web. For example, their official Telegram group has almost 15,000 members.

On Discord, a large community of over 4,500 members participates in fostering communication. The official Twitter page has 15K+ followers.

This all goes to show that Pionex goes for ease of access, utility, and mass trading approach, which benefits its strategy of getting more people to drive more traffic through its crypto exchange channels, earning them more through related fees.

Which is a nice segue for us to introduce pricing.

How Pionex Works

Pionex definitely isn’t just another cryptocurrency exchange, because it provides their clients the tools to create customizable automated strategies with their free bots.

Being able to trade using a cryptocurrency bot means that you don’t have to watch the market around the clock, and we love that these guys offer 16 free trading bots that are suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

One of the biggest advantages to this cryptocurrency bot platform is the complete lack of setup required, meaning that you need almost no knowledge in the realm of cryptocurrency bot trading to make the most of them.

They also let their clients use copy trading, so that they can follow some of the top traders out there.

Pionex Mobile App

Pionex knows that it has customers that have all kinds of different needs, and one of these might be the fact that you like to trade on the go.

If this is the case, then you will be looking for a cryptocurrency bot that you can download to your mobile phone. The good news is that they have designed their platform primarily for mobile use, which means that they have a dedicated application that you can download with both Android and iOS.

This app lets you create tons of different bots including scalping bots, DCA bots, arbitrage bots, as well as grid trading bots and you can do other things on the app, including track strategy statistics, receive news in real-time, as well as notifications about your investments, so that you can maximize your profit potential.

We think that the app has a clean yet intuitive design with really positive user rankings.

Does Pionex Offer a Demo Account?

Pionex doesn’t offer its clients a demo account, but we don’t think that it needs to, because all of its cryptocurrency trading bots are free to use.

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Payments Review


Pionex accepts deposits in cryptocurrencies, and it supports more than 40 different digital cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This means that when you use this platform, you won’t be able to include any Fiat currency in your wallet. They also support Stablecoins, which is a good option to avoid price fluctuations between exchanges, so they can limit the possibility of your account capital reducing.

When reviewing this cryptocurrency exchange platform, one of the things that we appreciate the most is that they don’t have a minimum deposit required, and they don’t have a balance level or a funding fee, which means that you literally don’t need any assets in your name to get started with them.

Deposits will take up to an hour from submission to show up in your account, but this isn’t uncommon in the industry.


Pionex again only lets its clients withdraw cryptocurrency, and there is a small withdrawal fee that you will have to pay that varies depending on the cryptocurrency you are hoping to withdraw.

Customer Support Review

Pionex has a really impressive degree of customer support, making them highly accountable to their clients.

You can contact them through the email address [email protected], you can also contact them through Telegram, or through a live chat functionality that you’ll find at the bottom of the website to the right.

If you just want to learn more about their services and how they work before you try one of their trading bots, they have an FAQ section on their site, which includes topics like how to stop a trading bot, using a crypto dust collector, insurance, and compensation.

This platform wants to encourage its clients to be a part of their trading community as much as they want them to use their features.

Signing up with Pionex

Signing up with Pionex is a lot easier than you might think, all you need to do is choose the ‘sign up’ button that you will find on their website, and then complete a really easy online form so that you can create your login information.

You will either need to share your email address or phone number, so that you can receive a verification code, and there is the option to increase your withdrawal limits if you prefer.

Benefits of Using Pionex

In this Pionex bot review we have talked about it’s features and pricing, now, let’s talk a little about their benefits.

One of the biggest benefits as far as we can tell is the fact that they have a mobile app, which means that you can download them and take them on the go. Another obvious benefit is that they have no minimum deposit, and their bots are completely free for you to use.

We think that they are a great choice if you are someone who tends to quit on your trades really easily based on emotion, and we also think that they’re really good if you’re someone who already has a bit of cryptocurrency invested. The fact that they have low fees as well can’t hurt.

Pricing Review


The main allure of Pionex’s bots is that they come for free. There is no monthly subscription fee, one-time costs, or hidden taxes that come out of the shadows after some time. This is harder to come by than you might realise.

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Pionex is a crypto exchange and it earns money from exchange-related fees.

A fee of 0.05% gets extracted from each maker or taker transaction, and there’s a fixed fee tied to the withdrawal of different coins and tokens, an extensive list of which can be found on the official site, as well as a list of supported cryptocoins.

Is Pionex Safe? Is It Legit?

As a cryptocurrency exchange dealing with a high trading volume on a monthly basis, Pionex has invested a huge amount into security.

There’s a counter on the official site that counts for how many days the site has undergone no hacking attacks or other security breaches.

The site is secure, relies on API keys for withdrawal of cryptocash, and employs a 2FA (two-factor authentication) protocol.

This goes along the standards of the industry and even further at times. Nice job.


Is Pionex Legit?

There is no doubt in our minds that Pionex is legit,and is aboveboard when it comes to their practices regarding cryptocurrency investment and trading.

Is Pionex a Scam?

Pionex is definitely not a scam, because again, they deliver what they promise, and abide by cryptocurrency regulations.

Some cryptocurrency exchanges out there are going to claim this, but won’t be able to show the evidence for it, but Pionex can.

Is Pionex Safe?

We believe the Pionex is completely safe for you to use, and you can see this by going to the website and looking at the timer that they have on their home page.

You will see that they have been working safely for more than 900 days at this point.

Does Pionex Work?

Pionex definitely works and can help you not only exchange your cryptocurrency tokens, but it can also help you with free automation as well, so that you can get started you’re your cryptocurrency investments without having to spend all night on them.

Top-Rated Crypto Trading Bots

These crypto trading bots have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.


Review Verdict

Our Pionex trading bot review verdict is that Pionex is awesome as a free crypto trading bot, and is a formidable force in the crypto exchange domain.

Their bots are enough for seasoned veterans who wish for that bit of an extra push over the competition that they can customize themselves.

Fusing a beginner-friendly policy with rock-solid performance that can be further customized covers everything that any trader can ever ask from any crypto automation software.

Give them a go, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Review Summary

Pionex Review

Are they the best solution for the current market conditions and competition, though? It is the goal of today's Pionex review to find out.

Price: Free

Operating System: All

Application Category: Cryptocurrency

Editor's Rating:


  • 16 free trading bots
  • Over 120 cryptocurrencies supported
  • Friendly support User friendly UX
  • Bot tutorials included
  • Extremely low trading fees of 0.05%


  • No demo account available

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