Pionex vs. BitUniverse

Pionex vs BitUniverse Comparison 2023: Which is Better?

Published on: April 19, 2023
Last Updated: April 19, 2023

Pionex vs BitUniverse Comparison 2023: Which is Better?

Published on: April 19, 2023
Last Updated: April 19, 2023


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Pionex Vs Bituniverse, which is the better one?

Pionex and BitUniverse are cryptocurrency trading platforms that have automated tools for users.

There are 16 free in-built bots integrated into Pionex, making it a perfect bot trading solution for cryptocurrencies.

Wallet service and regular payouts are some extra features that users can find. 

On the other hand, BitUniverse is itself a trading bot for crypto that works 24/7.

It allows you to access and utilize a large number of bots that can make it easier to trade several cryptocurrencies on various exchanges. 

Both of these cryptocurrency bot trading platforms are easy to navigate and have high-level encryption and security.

If we do a quick review, Pionex provides more features and the best value for your currency than BitUniverse.

It might be a better option to choose between these two.  

So, many people are confused about choosing between these two.

It is a long debate about which one is better for your cryptocurrency trading and why? 

This extensive and detailed review will answer all your questions related to Pionex vs BitUniverse.

Pionex vs BitUniverse: Trading Tools and Features

Although both platforms are automated trading tools, they still have many operating and functioning differences.

They offer different types of trading tools, strategies, and features.

Let’s discuss trading tools and features for each of these separately. It will let you know which one offers better trading for cryptocurrency.

Features of Pionex


The bot trading platform of Pionex offers multiple features and types of bot trading.

Here are a few key features that you can keep in mind. 

1. Grid trading bot

This type of trading at Pionex enables you to place a sequence of orders in any path. It gives you options of:

  • Buying low, selling high
  • Selling high, buying low

The bot also allows you to make smarter investments and generate a higher profit with time. You als

2. Manual trading

 You can place orders on Pionex manually. This covers a range of categories such as:

  • Limit
  • Market
  • Grid orders
  • Buy and sell
  • Swap orders

This feature of Pionex enables you to have more control over your orders and allows you to implement your personal strategies. 

3. Rebalancing bot

The feature or trading bot of Pionex enables you to apply a strategy of rebalancing with a very straightforward method.

The bot readjusts the weightings of your collections in time-wise, selling and buying assets automatically. 

4. Arbitrage bot

This bot allows you to buy and sell similar pairs of cryptocurrencies on various exchanges and profit.

This feature minimizes the risk of loss and can provide steady profits. 

5. Trailing Buy/Sell and Stop-Limit

Pionex has an automated feature that places trailing stop-limits and buy/sell orders for you.

There is no need to follow these orders yourself. 

6. TradingView charts

There is a trading view platform in Pionex, which is multi-featured. You can easily gain access to:

  • Time frames
  • Chat types
  • Drawing tools
  • Indicators

Features of BitUniverse Trading Platform 


BitUnivese doesn’t offer as many features as Pionex, but you can utilize quite a few key features to your advantage. 

1. Integrated trading bot: 

The trading bot of BitUniverse offers very simple and basic features but still can execute multiple procedures like:

  • Buy/sell orders
  • Stop-loss setup
  • Take-profit orders
  • Trailing orders

2. Portfolio tracker

The most fundamental and promising feature of the BitUniverse platform is an automated portfolio tracker.

An in-built cryptocurrency manager calculates profits and losses.

It also tracks variations of price and future trends in real-time.

3. Interface and usage ease:

The interface of BitUniverse is unified, and it enables you to trade in two ways:

  • On a mobile app
  • On a Web version 

Charting is done using a proprietary system, and you can place orders either with bots or yourself.

Pionex vs. BitUniverse: Strategies

While selecting a platform for crypto trading with the help of a bit, it is important to consider accessible strategies.

You have to choose a bot that can complement several strategies of crypto trading so that you can scale up your chances of profits. 

Pionex trading platform uses a large number of trading strategies and include:

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum Moon
  • DCA trading
  • TWAP trading
  • Arbitrage trading
  • Grid trading
  • Rebalancing
  • Backtest 

Additionally, in Pionex, an excellent TradingView charting system allows you to execute setting up signals of trading and other strategies. 

On the other hand, BitUniverse supports a few trading strategies, mainly grid trading.

The bot’s performance is excellent through grid trading, and this is one of key advantages that you can get with BitUniverse.

Almost all the trading bots also offer this type of trading in the market nowadays.

Pionex vs. BitUniverse: Pricing and Subscription Structure Comparison

Both the platforms have different pricing and structure for subscription which can allow their users to register and trade easily. 


Pionex Exchange with In-built Crypto Trading Bot

The pricing structure of Pionex is mainly similar to most of the bot trading platforms of cryptocurrency present around the globe.

There is no fee for a subscription, and usage is totally free.

There is a fee for a market maker/taker (when an order enters the order book/when the order is executed immediately), which is 0.05% for each. 

Every order placed in the crypto trading either becomes a market maker or taker, so for each order, you place a fixed 0.05% on every order that will be paid to Pionex.


Trading Bot Pricing and Subscription

The BitUniverse trading platform is also completely free to use. There are even no charges on placing orders and withdrawals.

Though BitUniverse offers a plus/prime plan for $20 or 20 BUBs (points you get by referring BitUniverse to friends), there is still nothing specific or special with the prime version.

BitUniverse claims that the prime version allows them to get more profits. 

The latest news says that BitUniverse might reduce the number of bots and features for free users, which definitely will limit the available features for users who don’t have a prime version. 

Pionex vs. BitUniverse: Customer Support and Security

Pionex vs. BitUniverse: Customer Support and Security

There is always very little risk in using automated bot trading platforms for cryptocurrencies.

They are mostly safe and provide excellent product and money security.

No storage in the bot’s wallet is made from your funds as they are connected to exchanges with the help of APIs. 

For example, if you connect your Binance account to Pionex or BitUniverse, your funds will remain in your Binance account and will not be stored in these bots.

In this way, the security and safety of your funds are maintained, and a trustable environment is generated. 

Pionex has a ‘Money Services Business license by FinCEN (they claim this on their website), making them more trustable by crypto traders.

On the other hand, BitUniverse claims to provide a military-level safety and guard for your funds and trading. 

Both of these trading bots provide excellent customer support as they have a devoted support team and developed system.

Pionex talks to its users for support via Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.

Facebook and Reddit’s presence in Pionex is also well established.

Furthermore, Pionex has a YouTube channel, blog, and FAQ section where you can get all the necessary information. 

BitUniverse also provides customer support to its users via email, Twitter, and Telegram.

It also has a Medium blog and FAQ to provide needed information. 

Which Should You Choose? 

Some features show the uniqueness of Pionex and clearly define that it is a better bot trading platform than BitUniverse.

These unique features include: 

Trigger Price

This feature enables you to select an optional trigger price for the bot and leave the rest.

The bot will keep track of the maximum price range and bottom price range and hold your funds.

The bot will automatically set the selling and buying prices according to the limit (Grid trading). 

Stop-loss price

This feature allows you to be safe from greater losses as you set the minimum price limit for selling the funds when the price goes down.

It is a cool feature, especially when the crypto market is unstable. 

Al backtesting 

This AI feature helps new customers set up their first one or two grid tradings in the bots. They can do it without any experience.

It is also advantageous for experienced traders who become confused in choosing strategies. 

Grid spacing

A cool and unique feature of Pionex that allows you to choose between two parameters to set the system of arranging orders.

These parameters are:

  • Geometric
  • Arithmetic

Release profit

Due to users’ excessive requests, this exclusive feature was recently put into Pionex mobile app.

With this feature, you can release your profit during running Grid and reverse Grid bots without canceling them. 

Final Verdict 

Both Pionex and BitUniverse are rich in excellent features, and they provide top-notch bot trading platforms for crypto miners.

However, certain differences and unique features of Pionex give it an edge over BitUniverse. 

BitUniverse only supports one or two trading strategies, while Pionex offers several strategies to have a great trading experience.

The fee structure and user interface of Pionex are very basic and simple to understand and use. 

Overall, Pionex scores more points due to its genuinely excellent features and more value for your money.

When it comes to Pionex Vs Bituniverse, Pionex is a better crypto-bot trading platform of the two.

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