PerfectLiker Review: Updated for 2021

Last Updated: July 14, 2021

Simply posting content isn’t enough when it comes to boosting your Instagram account. If you don’t have a lot of followers and likes, then your Instagram account will stand out.

Thankfully, there are several strategies that you can implement in order to gain more likes on your Instagram posts. Some of these require a lot of time and effort, others could cost you some money, and there are also a few affordable ones that won’t require much work such as PerfectLiker.

PerfectLiker works as an online platform that sends you massive traffic for only a small amount of money. Sometimes, you can even get likes for free, although you can’t really expect to get high-quality likes. Nevertheless, PerfectLiker is a great tool for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on boosting their Instagram account.

Here’s everything you need to know about this platform.

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What is PerfectLiker?

PerfectLiker is a free app yet it can give you a good amount of followers and likes on your Instagram account. It works as an Instagram Auto-Liker, which automatically likes posts in your niche.

Instead of manually engaging with Instagram users, the tool will do it for you. By liking posts automatically, your account could get noticed by your target consumers and enjoy huge engagement.

If you want to use PerfectLiker in boosting your Instagram, all you need to do is sign-up on their platform. Don’t worry, the website is fully encrypted, which means that they won’t be able to store and save your login information.

Once you’re logged in, choose whether you want more followers or likes.

Their free plan guarantees 10 followers and 20 likes for every 30 minutes without you doing anything. If you’re satisfied with the service, you can upgrade to the VIP plan, which promises quicker growth.

Who Runs PerfectLiker?

Before you pay for any service, it’s worth knowing who are the people behind it. Unfortunately, you won’t find any information regarding the people behind PerfectLiker, which is somewhat shady.

However, as stated on the website’s Terms of Service, PerfectLiker works as a sole entity without any connection to a corporate entity. Even when you check the WHOIS domain report, it’ll turn out negative since the creators of the website have opted for a privacy package.

How Does PerfectLiker Work?

PerfectLiker is different from the other Instagram tools out there. You can’t just sign up on the website and expect to receive new followers and likes immediately. That’s certainly not the case.

You must stay logged in in its platform in order to get free followers and likes.

They claim that when you sign up for a free account, you’ll initially earn 20 likes and 10 followers every 30 minutes.

If you’re going to invite friends using their referral link, you’ll receive additional new followers and likes for every time the person you invited is able to successfully log in.

PerfectLiker sounds like a pretty good tool, except that there are things they don’t reveal to you upfront.

Although PerfectLiker states that you’ll receive free followers and likes when you become a free member, what they don’t reveal is that they function as an exchange service. For you to get followers using the platform, you need to follow back the other users on the platform.

But you don’t have the option to choose this on your own since they’ll automatically do it for you.

In addition, if you ever decide to unfollow the users that they ask you to follow, you could be banned from the service and you’ll lose all the followers that were given to you for free.

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PerfectLiker Pros and Cons

Now that you understand how PerfectLiker works, let’s find out what its pros and cons are so we can decide if it’s really worth your time.


  • Easy to sign-up
  • Free to use
  • Secure https website
  • Their website has an FAQ and Help section


  • They aren’t transparent about the services that they offer.
  • It’s hard to find reviews and feedback about them from other customers
  • Requires your login credentials to use their free service
  • Uses a bot to automatically like posts and follow Instagram users
  • They don’t offer customer service support 24/7

PerfectLiker Pricing

Sure, PerfectLiker offers their services for free but they don’t provide any information if you can avail of other packages for a fee. In fact, you won’t find any information on their website regarding the cost of some of their services.

All you’ll find is information about their free services and how you can sign up to take advantage of them. This is somewhat surprising and makes people doubtful of the kind of company they are.

They Also Have NO Reviews

This is EXTREMELY frustrating. Especially if you’re out on your own and you’re learning things as you go.

Businesses like PerfectLiker only take advantage of people who think all IG growth services are here to help you. Which, of course, is not the case.

If you’re beginning a start-up it’s hard to figure out how to advertise. And, most of the time, people will have no idea how to tackle social media marketing.

So in this case, PerfectLiker seems like a dream, yes?


The fact of the matter is that they are not here to help you. Everything about the company seems very ‘hush, hush.’

If you’re trying to keep to a budget, PerfectLiker also seems like the answer. But is it?

In my personal opinion, most likely not. PerfectLiker may offer a lot of “followers” within 30 minutes, but are these followers real?

Or are they ghosts?

Or are they gone with the wind?

They’re on ScamAdvisor!

In all honesty, I completely forgot ScamAdvisor was a thing. I’m usually in my own little world.

And by ‘own little world’ I mean at home. Watching Kitchen Nightmares.

But thank god for them because no one has anything positive to say about this service.

One user left a comment thanking their lucky stars they didn’t use their business account. They used a private one as a tester and it was blocked.

PerfectLiker’s following algorithm doesn’t work the way the other services do. It is not based on a system, but rather it follows random accounts that don’t relate to your business.

To try to get your following boosted in 30 min means they go on a following tangent.

The customer support system doesn’t even exist to help. Instead they have an email fill-out form to contact their employees.

Yeah, one of those.

It’s never a good thing when the only way you can contact a company is via email. It’ll take days or even weeks before you get a response.

If you even get a response.

I also want to make it a point to say that their website design just SCREAMS ‘scam.’ I never try to judge a book by its cover, but in this case – please do.

There is nothing perfect about PerfectLiker.


Some users are willing to pay just so they can get more likes and followers but they don’t have any information as to how much this will cost them, which is somewhat shady.

Because of this, we believe that signing up for their services is somewhat risky. Even though they’ve guaranteed users that their website is encrypted and none of your credentials will be saved, you can’t seem to put your full trust in them.

There’s a chance that those personal details you provide them could end up in the hands of some hackers that will use your Instagram account for fraudulent activities. As such, PerfectLiker is a platform that we can’t fully recommend.

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