Owligram Review: What’s the Deal, does it Work?

Owligram Review 2023: Beware of Copyright Infringement

Published on: April 16, 2023
Last Updated: April 16, 2023

Owligram Review 2023: Beware of Copyright Infringement

Published on: April 16, 2023
Last Updated: April 16, 2023


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Owligram Review 2023

There is no shortage of companies out there who offer services for Instagram growth. There are many different types of services that range from buying bulk followers to Instagram bots to real follower growth. 

It can be really difficult to understand which services actually work, and which don’t; most websites look relatively professional and well-developed, and they’re filled with attractive buzzwords that can trick even the most unsuspecting Instagram user. 

For that reason, we’ve decided to review one of the latest Instagram growth services, Owligram, to see if they’re a viable option to gain more Instagram followers and whether or not you should use them. Let’s check it out. 

What is Owligram? 

Owligram Reviews - Logo

Owligram is an Instagram growth service that claims to grow your real and targeted Instagram growth followers. We’re going to take a look at that in the next section, but we really want to point something out about their name before we go on. 

Instagram is very serious with how third parties engage with their platform, and has taken it so far as to copyright their name, which includes “gram.”

Any product or service that is found using “gram” could be subject to penalty from Instagram

It really doesn’t bode well for an Instagram growth service who claims to be knowledgeable experts about Instagram growth to have a name like this; it shows their lack of seriousness and lack of awareness in terms of Instagram and how frequently it updates its policies. 

This could also mean that they don’t know how to best provide you with Instagram growth because Instagram is constantly changing and evolving, and if they can’t even come across news that protects them from a lawsuit, what is the likelihood that they’ll be able to get you effective Instagram growth? 

Anyway, let’s see what Owligram offers in terms of functionality. 

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Owligram Review: How does Owligram Work? 

Owligram Work

Owligram is a pretty standard type of Instagram growth service— they claim that they can build your account through auto-engagements, which is exactly how Owligram describes their service. 

They say that they will filter users to find the best ones to engage with, and that they avoid “worthless followers.” They target competitor followers. They also have an “autopilot” feature, which basically indicates that they’ll be running the software all the time. 

They also say that it “emulates human behavior,” so it’s clear that the service provided by Owligram is automated, which means their filters and categories can only be accurate to a certain degree. 

The main function that Owligram uses to grow your followers is through auto-follow and auto-unfollow. While this used to be one of the most popular features for Instagram growth, it has really dropped down the line in terms of both effectiveness and desirability. 

Owligram Review: Follow/Unfollow Makes You Look Bad 

Because follow/unfollow requires you to first follow the account, your following numbers are going to climb way high. This is really not a good look for your account; when you see accounts that are lower in followers than they are in followed accounts, it’s always obvious that they’re using a bot or automation service. 

This high number of followed accounts lowers your account’s reputation and makes you look less credible. 

If this is the principal function of the service, you’ll never reach a moment where your followed is going to be less than your follower count; while there’s a change, depending on how many followers you have, it’s all too common to see things like this: followers- 3280, following- 6895. 

What’s more, users of Instagram know when auto-engagements such as auto-follows are being done. If they see an account follow them that they don’t recognize, they’ll assume it’s to gain followers. Especially if the account doesn’t have top-notch content or is geared towards business, or has a bad follower/following ratio, they’ll be turned off. 

For these reasons, follow/unfollow is no longer the best type of engagement for growing Instagram followers. Not only is it unattractive for your account, it’s also difficult to ensure that the new people you follow will, in fact, be unfollowed. 

It’s really common that these followers never drop off, which means you’ll be stuck with a bunch of strangers clouding up your news feed and the huge, time-consuming task of manually removing them all. Yuck. 

Owligram Review: Plans 

Owligram Pricing

While it doesn’t make up for the copyright infringement or low-level functionality, one thing we liked about Owligram is that they offer analytics data that helps you to track your growth. They also offer a speed control, which is beneficial especially when there is an automation tool behind the Instagram growth. 

Owligram is a Google Chrome extension, which raises some security concerns because it’s much easier for the service to be compromised that way. 

In terms of plans and prices, they have two options to choose from, with the starter plan claiming to gain 150 followers a month, and the medium claiming to gain 300 a month.

First off, Instagram growth services who work off of engagements can never provide true follower ranges, as they can’t guarantee anything. 

The users decide whether they’re going to follow or not, so ultimately they are not in control. The only thing a growth service can do is to provide you with more reach through engagements. If the users don’t follow, that’s another issue and is probably related to your content or poor targeting. 

In addition, between the two plans, there is literally no difference in features or functionality, so you’re essentially paying ten bucks more for… nothing? It’s pretty confusing. 

The good thing is that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and live chat support, alongside their 10-day free trial period. 

There seems to be a lot of guarantees trying to assure people they’ll actually work well. If you’re so inclined, give them a try, but don’t expect to get your money back anytime soon, as it’s extremely common for growth services to evade you at all costs. 

Review Summary

All in all, the fact that Owligram uses a copyrighted phrase in their name is a big red flag. If they get sued by Instagram, you’re most definitely not going to be getting that money-back guarantee anytime soon. 

Not only that, their service uses older engagement methods that are not really good for your profile image, and their plan divisions are not clear in terms of what is truly offered and why you’ll be paying more for a medium plan. 

It seems like there are better growth services out there that can drive more Instagram reach and build your follower count more effectively than Owligram. 

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