Owlead Review – Is It a Legit Twitter Tool?

Last Updated: July 16, 2021

Twitter is a microblogging platform with over 330 million active users.

It offers diverse opportunities to content creators, the public, and businesses to market themselves by growing a follower base.

But attracting people to follow you isn’t easy because of the heavy competition trying to get hold of the same share of audience in a niche.

Hence, to overcome this problem there’re Twitter growth tools that bring you real engaging followers.

Today, we’ll discuss one such tool – Owlead. If you’re considering it for your Twitter growth, this article is for you.

Let’s get started…

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How Do Fake Followers Affect You?

Twitter Fake Followers

Before diving into all the key aspects of Owlead. Let’s understand how fake followers affect your account. This’s important because you must know that the tools you’re investing in are only bringing you real followers.

If all you have is a fake follower base, believe me, you’re doomed.

Fake Followers Don’t Engage With Your Content:

What good are the 2000 followers if they won’t like, comment, retweet, or share your posts?

This’s a crucial aspect of growth on any social platform because when followers engage with your content, they share it. That way you get exposed to new audiences.

Fake Followers Leave Irrelevant Comments

The Comments section is a hub for meaningful conversations.

This’s where people express how they feel about your content. Hence, you want your comment section to attract people, but this becomes difficult when people see irrelevant comments.

Suppose you posted an infographic about “SEO TIPS” and your fake followers comment “Great hair”, “Nice jacket”. Do you think it’s welcoming for people?

Obviously, not.

Fake followers don’t invest their time engaging with your content and leave irrelevant comments.

Fake Followers Are Normally Spammers

You might have linked your email to Twitter or perhaps your mobile number. Fake followers take advantage of such information by spamming you. They might even use your followers’ list to spam them as well.

Your Account Could Be Banned

Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc don’t entertain fake followers.

Using bots to generate growth and bringing fake followers is against their terms of service. They even conduct regular purges to identify accounts involved in such malicious activities and ban them.

Now, let’s break down Owlead.

Owlead Review: What is Owlead?

Owlead logo

It’s an all-in-one Twitter growth tool that claims to grow your audience with its template growth service.

What Owlead offer?

Owlead Works
  • Automatic marketing: They follow Twitter accounts and unfollow them after those accounts have followed you back. This is an automated process that takes place in the background. This is also the kind of process that is associated with bots. Most of the time, bots will take on this kind of method as a way to save time themselves and make sure that their clients are getting regular growth for their Twitter profile, even if it is random and not very practical.
  • Their AI algorithms will find the most relevant followers for your account.
  • Quality score: They assign a quality score to your audience to help you engage with the most relevant ones.
  • Manage Campaigns: You can adjust your campaigns with various filters like keywords, localisation and language. It’s nice that they have a function where you can customize the campaigns that they have set up for their clients, but honestly, we don’t think that they are putting enough effort into their campaigns. It’s concerning that they manage them for you but leave you to customize them – a little bit confusing.
  • Analytics: This feature lets you analyse your growth and dive into metrics like demographics and interests of the followers you’re gaining. Analytics are a great way to figure out what’s working in terms of your Twitter content, and what’s not. In fact, we don’t suggest that you try to grow your Twitter profile without making the most of Twitter analytics, otherwise it’s just going to be a waste of time.

Finally, Owlead helps you by showing keywords relevant to your followers, so that you can create content around them.

We love that they focus on keywords, because they know that this is the key to finding the right audience for your content. There are other ways to grow a Twitter profile, but personally we think that doing it through keywords is highly specified, and effective.

So far, so good.

Owlead offers many amazing features, despite that, it’s a scam.

Lets discuss why.

Owlead chart

Owlead claims to predict the number of followers you’ll gain. How can any tool predict this?

A tool can help you connect to relevant followers and expose your content to a wider segment of audience.

But when they claim the exact numbers, chances are followers they promise are fake. As we discussed above you know the consequences of fake followers.

When they deliver fake Twitter followers, it means that they use bots to achieve that. This’s against Twitter’s policy and can get your account completely banned.

Twitter is always on the lookout for companies that are violating their terms and conditions, so if you are a brand that is trying to grow your page on Twitter, but you are using a service like this, then there is every chance that they will pick up on the service and restrict your activity.

When you choose a service, you want to be connected with the team throughout your growth. This’s important when you face problems after purchasing the service.

Owlead doesn’t provide you phone or 24/7 customer support. They don’t even have an FAQ page to help you with your queries. All they have is an email listed on their site.

They have many positive testimonials, but it’s difficult to say whether they’re legit because when they claim exact number of followers you’ll get, they could have created fake testimonials as well.

There are plenty of ways to fake positive reviews with companies like this, so there’s every chance that they have found someone to say good things about their services, whether they are true or not.

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Review Conclusion

This article should have given you a clear idea about Owlead.

It’s not a terrible tool, but using bots can harm your growth.

At the end of the day, you’re risking a lot by giving your account details to them.

Bottom-line: Owlead is a big “No-No”.

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