5 Outstanding Upcoming NFT Projects To Invest In 2022

Last Updated: March 8, 2022
The exponential growth of NFT has shown to be useful investment to acquire. Let me unveil the captivating upcoming NFT projects in 2022. 
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You guys might be intrigued to benefit from the hyped NFT projects that make your wallets fat. It’d not be wrong to say that almost everyone, especially the investors, is familiar with the word NFT. I can understand that this word hits your brain and you’re over the moon to become a part of this trend.

Oh, I know that you’re already familiar with the exponential growth of NFT in 2021. This trend shows no indications of abating in 2022 as a plethora of NFTs are increasing in value and showing to be useful investments to acquire.

Do you guys know that thousands of new projects launch on a daily basis? How can you break the clutter to find the most promising NFT projects to monitor and participate in?

We’ve been following the buzz around this word due to the unlimited benefits it has provided to the world. If you are engaged in NFTs, you should have a thorough understanding of them. 

I’ll walk you through every step till the conclusion. Let me unveil the captivating upcoming NFT projects that will be listed on the NFT calendar 2022.

New NFT Projects In 2022

Now I’m demystifying NFT projects that are expected to launch in 2022. I know that you can’t wait anymore.;) So, I’ll not waste a single moment here. Let’s dive into it. 

1. Nike NFTs

While it has not been formally disclosed, Nike appears to be preparing to join the NFT industry in 2022 with the partnership of RTFKT Studios, a firm that produces electronic shoes.

I expect that 2022 might be the year when more popular corporations enter the realm of NFT. So I’d suggest you keep an eye on them. Nike NFTs has collaborated with University of Oregon graduate Tinker Hatfield, the business has just created a new Ducks of a Feather NFT initiative delivering 120 limited edition NFTs.

2. Oh, How can I Forget “Illuvium”

Now, I’m cracking great news for players! If you’re a player, you would definitely want to be part of Illuvium. Yeah! Illuvium is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing upcoming NFT projects to participate in. It is a fantastical RPG based on the Ethereum blockchain. The project debuted in January 2021 as a decentralized set of NFTs.

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I’m talking to the players who can win up to a hundred Alluvials, each with a unique affinity, category, and skill. Illuvial may be employed in war and can grab fallen opponent Illuvial. They can also combine to grow more strong, or form alliances with other Illuvial.

3. Imaginary Ones

The name is Imaginary Ones, but the program is not imaginary 😉 If you’re wondering which NFTs to collect now, Imaginary Ones is the best program that matches your taste. Imaginary Ones is an Ethereum-based innovative 3D art project with an initial drop of 8,888 distinct NFTs aimed to convey passion, optimism, and innovation. You’ll be surprised to know that the design team behind Imaginary Ones has over a decade of expertise working with companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Nike.

If you’re an art lover and interested in participating in Imaginary Ones, you can follow this NFT project on Twitter to get a chance to be on the shortlist for forthcoming NFT project deliveries, as well as the latest news on upcoming NFT projects.

4. Invisible Friends

If you’re really an NFT collector, Invisible Friends by Markus Magnusson should be on your list as a new NFT project that’s garnered a lot of buzzes recently NFT project has piqued the interest of many entrepreneurs and NFT collectors because of its original notion of adding apparel to its invisible moving creatures.

nft g06b8efc60 1280

Aside from its eye-catching visual style, the NFT’s patterns are intuitive, vibrant, and easily understood at first glance. Concerned about losing out on the Invisible Friends frenzy? Keep an eye on their Discord server to be updated all-time on any Invisible Friends news.

5. WonderPals, a wonderful NFT Project

WonderPals is currently under development and is expected to be released at the start of 2022.  It has 10,000 colorful cotton candy cartoons with cheerful faces. These top NFTs are adorable, entertaining, and welcoming for collectors.

Some of these lovely showers of sunlight, created in conjunction with @CoolmanUniverse, even have a few extra qualities for their bearers to appreciate. The declared aim of WonderPals is to promote happiness and goodwill and I hope you’ll be interested in collecting them as this is a wonderful option to collect NFTs.

Time To Wrap Up!

There is a diverse range of upcoming NFT projects that are creative, innovative, and worth investing in.  If you’re hunting for the greatest NFTs to collect, think about what you genuinely love and how you could integrate the top NFT projects into your career. 

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Written by Allison Langstone

Allison produces content for a business SAAS but also contributes to EarthWeb frequently, using her knowledge of both business and technology to bring a unique angle to the site.