Odysius Review – Do They Still Work?

Odysius Review 2023 – Is It Safe?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Odysius Review 2023 – Is It Safe?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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Odysius Review 2023

When it comes to growing your Instagram account, you want to make sure that you are handing over your strategy to an organization that understands how to grow your account. With so many Instagram growth services out there, it can be tough to know which ones can actually deliver on their promise of real Instagram followers and which ones simply can’t. 

You don’t want to fill your account with fake or bot accounts that add no value. Unfortunately, this is the history of Instagram growth services, and many growth services claim that they don’t give you fake or bot followers, but actually do. 

In place of these low-quality followers, you actually want real, targeted followers that will engage with your account, in turn helping your account to be viewed by a wider audience. This is the basis of the Instagram algorithm, and if you can’t work well with it, it will be difficult to perpetuate constant reach and build your account over time. 

When you find the right Instagram growth service, they will help you get your real follower count up, which will then boost your engagement, thus working your account into the Instagram algorithm. This means you are more likely to be featured on the explore page, or even as part of the “top posts” on a  hashtag feed. 

Odysius is the new kid on the block when it comes to Instagram growth services, so here we have reviewed them to help you make the best decision for your platform and Instagram growth.

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What Is Odysius?

Odysius logo

Odysius is the new kid on the block of fully-managed growth services, with thousands of clients using their services.

What we really like about Odysius in comparison to these veteran Instagram growth services is the range of packages that they offer, which range from account verification to niche strategies that will help your account flourish. The more options, the merrier! 

We’ll talk more about how Odysius works and what we like about their method in the next section. The only drawback that we’ve noticed with Odysius is that they are a new service a world of already well-established growth providers, so they haven’t built up the same reputation that you can find elsewhere.

When you don’t have the track record to back up your work, it can be hard to gain traction and credibility, especially when it comes to Instagram growth. 

Until Odysius has proved themselves and has a solid customer base under them, it might be a good idea to keep your eye on them and go with one of the services that has a little bit more reputation to their name.

How Does Odysius Work?

Odysius Work

What really stood out to us is that Odysius doesn’t use the follow/unfollow tactic that so many other providers offer their customers. While this used to be one of the most popular growth methods, it has quickly become a thing of the past. 

Why Follow/Unfollow is a Thing of the Past 

Odysius AI-Powered

When Instagram growth services first became popular, the main method of growth would be follow and unfollow engagements. Basically automated technology would have your account follow thousands of users and hope that the notification would get you a follow back. While it’s true it has promising results, it doesn’t always work. 

Nowadays, when users get a request from a strange business, influencer, etc., they automatically assume it’s from a bot. Not only that, if you’re an Instagram user with a lower follower count (under 10k) and you are following 7,000-8,000+ people, it looks really desperate. It’s clear you’re just trying to boost your follower count by follow/unfollow. 

What’s more, your account becomes totally cluttered with all of these new followers’ content, which is pretty annoying. Your account is also totally polluted if the service doesn’t go ahead and unfollow all of those users as well. The idea is that they do, since the name is ‘follow/unfollow,” but that’s not always the case. 

Using these types of Instagram growth services that offer automated engagements like follow/unfollow to pull new followers is really not the most effective way anymore. Instagram has cracked down hard on automation and bot interactions on the platform, and if you go over the daily engagement cap, Instagram flags your account as using automation. 

Also, because of these rules, growth through bots and automation provide such little results that they’re not even worth your time. You can suffer consequences on your Instagram account such as less reach, suspension, or even deletion if you don’t follow the terms of service. This is definitely a downside to using Instagram automation these days. 

Odysius: Targeted Advertising 

Odysius Pricing

Odysius doesn’t worry about that follow/unfollow stuff. Instead, they target your audience using paid advertising, which is included in your package.

This also means that the service they provide is fully compliant with Instagram’s terms of service, which is something that really helps as it means your account won’t get shadow banned or blocked from the platform. Services that use follow/unfollow have a high likelihood of failing or having negative consequences because of the strict policies that Instagram has against third party services that work on automation. 

Another great thing is that you’ll never have to hand over any of your sensitive information to Odysius, which is what makes them so compliant when it comes to Instagram’s terms of service. 

They also give their customers the chance to get their Instagram account verified, a highly desired element to any Instagram profile. This little blue tick next to your name can make all the difference in brands wanting to engage with you as well as how successful you’ll be at monetizing your Instagram.

Review Conclusion

When it comes to covering all bases of a growth marketing strategy for Instagram, it seems that Odysius has got it covered. 

From what they describe on their website, it appears that they offer a very legitimate service that really will grow their customers’ accounts for them, while at the same remaining compliant to Instagram’s terms of service.

However, Odysius are new kids on the block when you compare it to some of the other services that are available on the market, and these older services have a large client base to back up their claims. Until Odysius gets more clients behind them, it will be worth steering clear until we know that they can be trusted to fulfill the claims they are making.

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