NordVPN Background Process Is Not Running: How to Fix

Published on: November 18, 2022
Last Updated: November 18, 2022


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There’s always a chance you’ll run into an issue when the NordVPN background process is not running.

You must have heard assurances that NordVPN is the best available option.

Experiencing such setbacks in its operation is somewhat rare but can be totally devastating. So, what do you do when you get an error message like this?

There are three ways to end the problem with the NordVPN background process not running.

First, click the “Start Process” button once or more than once, depending on what you need to do.

Secondly, try deleting and reinstalling the application. Finally, clear the application’s cache by closing it with Task Manager and deleting the app data folder.

This article will troubleshoot issues with holdups in running the NordVPN background process.

I believe this article will give you all the necessary answers to get back on track.

What Causes The “NordVPN Background Process Is Not Running?” Error?

NordVPN is consistently ranked as one of the best VPN apps for all devices.

Nevertheless, while NordVPN is a fantastic VPN service, it is possible that, like any other product, it has certain shortcomings.

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However, these minor issues should not dissuade you from downloading and using the software. Most of the time, fixing them is not too difficult.

After you get past these problems, you’ll be able to use NordVPN‘s speed and reliability to the fullest. 

The error message “NordVPN Background Process Is Not Running” has been encountered by many.

This issue is typically triggered by the release of a new version. So what do you do about it?

How to Fix Background Process Error Messages in NordVPN

Here are the possible solutions to this issue:

1. Click The “Start Process” Button

First off, click the “start the process” button. Some users have reported success with a single click, while others have said they need many tries.

2. Reinstall The App

Reinstalling the VPN client software is the quickest and most effective option to solve the issue. If you delete the program and reinstall it, the issues should end.

3. Clear Cache

The task manager may be accessed by pressing “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” simultaneously. Click on the “Process” tab to continue. 

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From here, find both the nordvpn-service.exe and the nordvpn.exe files. Right-click on it when you find them.

Afterward, select “End task” from the available options.

Remember that you need to do it for the nordvpn-service.exe and the NordVPN.exe processes. Next, close the task manager.

Now, simultaneously hit the Windows (Start) and R keys. A checkbox appears next to the word “Open.”

Enter “%localappdata%” and hit the OK button to access your local applications folder.

You will once again receive an extensive list containing several subfolders. There are no other applications on your smartphone other than those.

The long list is in alphabetical order, so you can just scroll down to the section again. Locate the “AppdataLocalNordVPN” folder and then delete it.


I’m confident the three options provided in this post will get your VPN working as usual.

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After this, there should be no more NordVPN background process issues experienced.

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