NinjaGram Review – Here Is The Complete Truth About Its Performance

NinjaGram Review 2024: Is it a SCAM?

Published on: February 20, 2024
Last Updated: February 20, 2024

NinjaGram Review 2024: Is it a SCAM?

Published on: February 20, 2024
Last Updated: February 20, 2024

It’s a tough world out there on social media.

Everyone is looking for the most followers and the most attention from people in their target audience. Instagram is no different, and it’s one of the biggest content marketing platforms of the modern world. 

In order to succeed in Instagram marketing, you need to work on achieving one thing in particular— Instagram growth. If no one is checking out your content, your marketing efforts on Instagram will fall by the wayside. 

NinjaGram Review 2024

Because getting more Instagram followers is a tedious process that takes quite a bit of time and dedication, many third-party tools have emerged that claim to offer you the best of the best in terms of Instagram growth.

Need more Instagram followers? Likes? Comments?

These companies claim to help. 

Do they really help you, though? We’ve been examining all of these services one by one to find the truth, and today we’re bringing you our NinjaGram review so that you can determine whether or not it’s worth trying out in your quest for more Instagram followers and engagement. 

What is NinjaGram? 


NinjaGram is an Instagram bot that was built to help you grow your Instagram account, automating actions that you would normally perform yourself. This is the standard functionality of any Instagram bot, so nothing new here. 

Some actions NinjaGram will perform include follows, likes, and automated bot comments. This company has been around for roughly 3 years, but over the course of time their service has deteriorated in quality and results. 

When you search for NinjaGram in Google, the first result that comes up is actually NinjaPinner, which initially sounded like a Pinterest service, but it turns out it’s just an alternative link for an Instagram growth bot under the same name? 

We were scratching our heads at whether or not it’s the same company, but after careful observation, we realized that it must be— the logo for NinjaPinner is the same as the logo for NinjaGram that you can find in their bot software. 

Anyway, when you visit the official NinjaGram link under the same name, you land on their homepage. 

How Does It Work? 

Figuring out how exactly NinjaGram works was a bit of a challenge and we’ve reviewed tons of these types of services, so they truly outdid themselves. Their service is not user-friendly and it’s not an enjoyable process to get started. 

NinjaGram is overly complicated and very unintuitive. Frankly, the whole service just seemed clunky and outdated. 

Another thing is that the service can’t be used via web browser— they force you to download the program onto your desktop, effectively alienating iOS Mac users and those who prefer mobile. The only available software can be run on Windows and Linux exclusively. 

All of that aside, NinjaGram is an engagement bot, which is against the terms of use of Instagram entirely. When you use services like NinjaBot, you’re automatically putting your Instagram account at risk. 

NinjaGram also offers services for TikTok, Tumblr, and Pinterest, but we wouldn’t recommend that you use any of them. 

How Do You Use It? 


NinjaGram offers their services through two different products— a single license product and a multi license unlimited product. One license means that it can only be downloaded on one computer. 

You’ll provide them with your email address and they’ll send you the software and the activation key. That email was sent to us, and it ended up in the spam folder. Makes a lot of sense considering what we experienced. 

After installing their third-party software (which I wasn’t happy about), you’ll have to connect your Instagram account by providing your Instagram username and password.

You’ll then see a new window pop up with features and settings. 


Here are the features that come with the NinjaGram software.

NinjaGram Features

Instagram Automated Activities 

The main use of NinjaGram is to get their automated services to engage with users in your target audience. They somewhat abide by your targeting filters. 

You can also use the tool to unfollow users who don’t follow you back. They have services to like and comment on your behalf as well, which will get your account blocked and disallow you from taking these actions for a period of time. 

The final thing you can use NinjaGram for is to accept follow requests, which is ultimately harmless and not a very meaningful feature anyway. 

Monitoring Progress 

There’s a tab on the software that allegedly tracks your Instagram growth through the service. While it’s meant to be helpful, ultimately it’s difficult to make out, like most other features of NinjaGram.

It doesn’t give you any meaningful insight into what’s going on with your account. 


NinjaGram offers yearly plans only and their pricing is $37.99 for a single software license.

The peculiar thing is that if you check out the pricing on NinjaPinner, it’s the same thing but for only $28. They also have a second option on NinjaPinner that’s not on NinjaGram— 5 Instagram account license. 

The one-year license for unlimited accounts on the NinjaGram website was very pricey: $179.

On the NinjaPinner site, it’s only $99. We didn’t like the fact that they have different prices and packages spread out over two different websites— it’s very unprofessional. 

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Is It Safe? 

NinjaGram is definitely not safe.

Even though it seems legitimate that you download your own software and manage the service through the program, it is 100% against the terms of use of Instagram and your safety cannot be guaranteed. 

Your account is likely to be blocked for as long as you use the service since Instagram implements a variety of controls to deter people from using bots. You will be penalized if Instagram finds you to be using bots. 

They’re now trying to push Pinterest and TikTok services because their Instagram services are worthless. The whole process from signup to download to implementation was uncomfortable, complicated, and not enjoyable. 

I don’t feel good about the fact that their email arrived in my spam folder, either. I felt that my data could be compromised at any moment using NinjaGram. 

Does It Provide Real Results? 

No, NinjaGram doesn’t provide any real or valuable Instagram results.

If the bot runs too much, your Instagram account will be flagged. In order to stay under the engagement limits, the bot barely does anything, and I saw no real follower growth that helped me in any way. 

In my opinion, their software was inconvenient and it doesn’t provide any sort of results that can help you. 

Pros & Cons 

Here are the pros and cons that we identified with NinjaGram: 

  • Some minor activity and movement
  • Service has to be downloaded
  • Difficult to set up
  • Complicated and inconsistent pricing
  • Can get your account blocked
  • Have to wait for an email to install the software
  • Need to buy a yearly license
  • Must provide Instagram password

Review Verdict

We hate to break it to you, but NinjaGram is pretty much a waste of time.

It’s not a secure service and can put your data and Instagram at risk. Bots just simply don’t work on Instagram anymore.

Avoid NinjaGram and their inconsistent services. You won’t be missing anything. 

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Written by Eddie Hurst

I’m a full-time social media research specialist. Actually you could say I’m a bit obsessed. I seek out the latest information and hacks for our How-to Guides. As well as that, I put companies under the microscope for reviews.