Multimedia Rollovers

Published on: December 12, 2002
Last Updated: December 12, 2002

Multimedia Rollovers

Published on: December 12, 2002
Last Updated: December 12, 2002

Submitted 11/01/2002
Make your image rollovers much more dynamic by using the Microsoft Transition Filters built into Internet Explorer on the Windows platform. The low bandwidth of an image swap with the high impact of a Flash animation (without using Flash).

Dynamic Screen Saver
Submitted 10/24/2002
The script reacts like a screen saver. If no activity is detected a full screen window is opened to display your favorite script effect. Once activity is detected the full screen closes showing your previous window.

Submitted 10/03/2002
With this script we’ve cut up an image to demonstrate how to drag and drop objects using JavaScript.

Change Background: Picture/Color
Submitted 09/10/2002
A very simple script. Just a new idea made after the basic Background changers. This time there will not be a change between colors but between a color and an image(animated or not). The “flash” is short and after that the page loads…

Image Scale
Submitted 08/05/2002
Image Scale uses JavaScript to give you quick control of image size. Exercise personal choice over pictures.

Submitted 06/14/2002
This script scrolls your images across the screen. Works great as an ad rotator.

Gliding Layer
Submitted 04/28/2002
This little script glides a layer into position with a gradual slowing down effect. It is cross browser compatible and lightweight.

Stretch Rollovers
Submitted 04/21/2002
This demo is another example of what can be created using the “Zooming Rollovers” script. As you mouse over an image it grows in width (stretches) and on mouse out it shrinks. Only one image per rollover is required.

Snow Flake
Submitted 04/08/2002
This script makes images fall like snow flakes. Picture is changeable. savepoint.gif used on this one. Change ]snowflake.gif ] in the line that says: [ var snowflake = “savepoint.gif”; ] with the name of whatever image you wish.

Bionic Bouncy Ball
Submitted 02/22/2002
This shows a good example of interval use and shows how well CSS can work with JavaScript.

Editor’s Note: I changed offset for ‘w’ to -2 and received better results.

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