Muchfollowers Review: Are They Trustworthy?

Muchfollowers Review 2024: Are They Trustworthy?

Published on: July 28, 2023
Last Updated: July 28, 2023

Muchfollowers Review 2024: Are They Trustworthy?

Published on: July 28, 2023
Last Updated: July 28, 2023


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Muchfollowers Review 2024

Anyone looking to develop a solid presence on Instagram clearly values the potential that the platform offers and wants to uphold a solid reputation.

The only way to make something of your Instagram account is to build a solid community of real Instagram followers. 

With so many different tools out there claiming to help you grow your Instagram account, it’s no surprise that people think it’s easier than ever to boost your Instagram follower count.

It’s important to have high numbers of all things on Instagram— likes, followers, comments, views, and more. 

These numbers contribute to a higher reputation, but if they’re fake or bots, does it really help?

Many Instagram growth tools claim to offer real Instagram followers and engagements, so can those types of tools help you to have a better Instagram performance?  

Muchfollowers Review

We came across a tool called Muchfollowers in search of assistance in growing our Instagram followers and engagement.

We looked closely at Muchfollowers and all other information available about their services to decide if they’re legit or just another company looking for a profit. 

Read on to find out what our Muchfollowers review concludes. 

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Muchfollowers Summary 

Here is a quick overview of Muchfollowers based on pros and cons: 

  • Relatively cheap
  • Low-quality website
  • No Trustpilot reviews
  • False information on website
  • Unverified follower quality
  • No refunds

All in all, we don’t recommend Muchfollowers. Let’s find out why. 

What is Muchfollowers? 


Muchfollowers is a service that offers clients three different options: 

  • Buy Instagram followers
  • Buy Instagram views
  • Buy Instagram likes 

They claim to have over 100,000+ happy customers, which makes no sense. They have virtually no presence on the web and they don’t offer any type of realistic or professional-looking website. It all looks very amateur, and that’s not something that makes sense. 

Instagram has a strict policy about buying fake Instagram followers and any type of bot activity. If you’re caught engaging in this type of activity, you can be blocked or even IP banned altogether. At the very least, all of the followers and engagements you purchased will be wiped out by Instagram’s sweeps of the platform. 

Muchfollowers claims to offer fast delivery, top-notch quality, and customer support; their orders are said to be delivered within 24 hours or more (based on package quantity), and they don’t need your password. 

If you look closely at the terms of service, they don’t guarantee that your followers will interact with your uploads, and don’t take accountability if your order is delivered late— there are no refunds. They also don’t provide any type of guarantee once the order is complete. 

So far, no good. 

Muchfollowers and Social Credibility 

Muchfollowers Mobile

On their main page, Muchfollowers has a blurb about their services in relation to social credibility— the whole purpose of their services is supposed to be based on the fact that you don’t even need real Instagram followers, and that all celebrities, companies, and more just buy Instagram followers. 

They say that you’ll be able to be taken seriously if you have more Instagram followers, even if they’re not real, because “when you buy Instagram followers you are not only taking your business (or personal page) to the next level and giving it a real boost, you are also giving yourself credibility and visual appeal.” 


It’s true that accounts with large numbers get more traction on the platform, but they are trying to appeal to the idea that if you buy followers from them, you, too, can gain the huge levels of success that these celebrities have. 

It’s not possible, and it’s irresponsible for them to try and convince you that through using their services and buying Instagram followers you will be reaching the next level of fame, especially when most of these followers are going to fall off of your account and you’ll be left with nothing. 

Online Reviews for Muchfollowers 

Muchfollowers Pricing

One of the most troubling things that we found about Muchfollowers is that their Trustpilot has been completely removed. If you check out the site ScamAdviser, you’ll find Muchfollowers there with some alarming information. 

They are identified as a suspicious website and have a trust score of only 56%. The identity of the website owner is hidden, the company sells online social media fans and followers that aren’t verified, and the Alexia rank (traffic count) is very low. 

While the website does have an SSL certificate (at least), they claim to offer money back services, which they absolutely do not. Do not expect a refund from Muchfollowers as their terms of service are very clear that they refuse to back up their services with a refund or guarantee. 

What’s more, ScamAdviser links to the Trustpilot account of Muchfollowers, and if you click it, you’ll be taken to a page that says “This profile can’t be accessed.”

All previous reviews of this company have been removed from Trustpilot. Wow! 

This is not a good sign. At all.

After searching tirelessly on Google for any sign of the old Trustpilot reviews, everything has been removed and Muchfollowers is nowhere to be found.

This alone shows that they are nowhere near as popular as they claim and that something shady is going on. 

Muchfollowers Review: Is Muchfollowers Safe? 

Based on what we saw in the Muchfollowers terms of service, absolutely not. They say: 

  • They do not guarantee any delivery or starting time and any delivery times listed are only estimates
  • No refunds will be processed if you feel it’s taking too long 
  • No guarantee that the followers will interact 
  • Might deliver later and you won’t get a refund if they do 
  • Account must be public
  • Cannot cancel an order after its been placed
  • Prohibit the filing of a fraudulent dispute via PayPal 
  • Not liable for account suspension or consequences 
  • Not responsible if followers drop off 
  • No refunds whatsoever— no questions asked 
  • You must submit non-delivery claims within seven days or the service will be marked as completed 

They also receive your personal information and keep note of information like your IP address. Muchfollowers is not safe and they do everything they can to evade providing you a service that’s worth anything to your Instagram account. 

Review Final Verdict: A Risk 

While there’s not any substantial proof one way or another, it’s clear that Muchfollowers is not a legitimate service.

They go out of their way to outline any possible issue in their terms of service and avoid responsibility.

How can they know what will go wrong? Because it has before, and they’re covering their behind. 

These types of Instagram services simply can’t provide what they promise. While the prices that Muchfollowers charges for their packages seem attractive, don’t fall for it.

Your Instagram account won’t be gaining any valuable social credibility through Muchfollowers. 

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