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Mr. Insta might be the kind of company that can make a serious difference to your Instagram growth – or perhaps they’re not. Either way, we’re here to figure it out.

If you’re a social media influencer, you may have heard of up-and-coming brand growth platform Mr. Insta. But what is it they really do? And is this something you can safely trust to help push your social media presence to the next level? 

Mr. Insta is a service promising their clientele Instagram followers and likes, free of charge. Yes, you read that correctly … they’re offering Instagram followers and likes without you having to dish up any money.

There are many services out there offering to help bolster your Instagram presence, but most of them require you to pay an upfront fee or subscription. You may have heard of Buzzoid, Skweezer, or one of the other services offering to turn your cash into likes and followers, no questions asked.

So, for Mr. Insta to claim they’ll do this without charging you any fees may sound too good to be true. And if you’re new to the game and don’t have much money to invest in your brand, this can seem like an enticing way to begin building your presence online.

So, is this a hoax? A scam? Or is it a useful free service that can prove beneficial to budding influencers? The answer is…let’s find out.

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A Straightforward Process Out of the Gate?

Not exactly.

The Mr. Insta website offers instructions for their service, though most will find their registration process to be pretty difficult. Registering will allow you to receive ten free likes if you follow their five steps.

These steps include logging into the Mr. Insta site through your Instagram account, activating their free “starter” plan, and then either completing a survey or answering a short social media questionnaire.

This is classic scam material – most companies should be able to offer their clients a free trial without having to fill out a survey. This means that you have to devote your time to doing something in exchange for what we think are low quality features anyway. Not so great.

In exchange for that relatively painless (and more importantly, costless) effort, you will receive 20 likes on your most recent Instagram post, while being able to repeat this process every 24 hours. 

Mr. Insta also offers other services under their “Premium Instagram Services” section. This means that of course they want you to end up signing up for a service, as there’s no such thing as a free lunch. 

Which brings us to the next thing you should know that at this point, Mr. Insta’s free offerings end; these services, which include purchasing bulk followers, comments, post likes, and post views, require payment to unlock. 

What’s more, all of them come across as low quality, and potentially fake engagement. This is all too common for services that offer package likes and followers, which is really not beneficial for your account. 

Not only that, if you’ve got a bunch of bot-generated comments that look fishy, it’s just going to ding your credibility. This isn’t something that you want to invest in. 

What Are Mr. Insta’s Features?

Mr. Insta Features

So, what does Mr. Insta offers its clients, then? They say that through your time spent filling out that survey – which I’m sure they glean information from in the process – you will get 25 followers. 

What’s so great about this? They’re probably fake, and in the very least low quality, which means that they’re going to do next to nothing for your Instagram growth.

They also claim that they deliver within 12 hours, but we doubt that they can achieve this across the board. After all, how many people are signing up for this, and how can they meet the demand if it’s offered for free? 

They also say that they don’t require your password, which is actually bad— if they did, this would mean that they would be sending you real engagement. There’s no way that they can send you real interactions without your password. 

It may sound good because you know your account will remain untouched, but ultimately they can’t provide you with anything of value.

What is Mr. Insta’s Pricing?

Mr. Insta Pricing

Mr. Insta’s pricing is a little bit confusing. They say that they have a monthly subscription starting at just $20 for 15 followers, and they say that they can deliver these every 24 hours. Really? Every 24 hours? Why isn’t everyone using this, then? 

They claim that they don’t use a bot and only send through real followers, which we highly doubt, and again, they don’t need your password, so real engagement is basically impossible. 

If you want 30 Instagram followers, you’re looking at spending $40 a month, and if you want 60 followers, you’re looking at spending as much as $80. They say that you can cancel anytime, but good luck getting in touch with them to do so.

Overall, their pricing is really high for what they offer.

How Did Mr. Insta Do in Tests?

We make sure that we do a thorough job when we review companies like Mr. Insta – this way, you can be sure whether they’re a good fit for you or not. Choosing an Instagram growth service is vital to the health of your Instagram, and we don’t take this lightly. 

We put Mr. Insta to the test, and got 60 Instagram followers for our profile. We’re sad to say that we didn’t like the results. We got them in good time, to be fair, but they didn’t stick around for too long, which means that they have a terrible retention rate and won’t provide lasting growth.

What About Their Team?

Mr. Insta - Logo

So, what do you think is important when you visit a brand’s page for the first time? You want to see a bit of information about the people behind the features, right? 

This makes it easier for you to trust them, and sign up for one of their packages. You might have been able to guess at this point that we couldn’t find anything like this on their webpage.

Their level of transparency leaves more to be desired.

Mr. Insta Reviews are Plentiful and Easy to Find

Many websites will review brand-building services and compare them.

Many reviewers will be biased towards services where you can pay for immediate results — they paid for those services, so that bias is expected really — and this doesn’t mean that Mr. Insta is a good option for those looking to grow their brand, either. 

It’s hard to get started organically, so being able to get that extra boost (for free, no less) can be a huge asset for any aspiring influencer. Not with Mr. Insta, though. It’s just too good to be true and isn’t valuable engagement for your account; it certainly doesn’t promote long term growth.

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