More Likes Review – Is it a Scam?

Last Updated: September 24, 2021



More Likes is a simple and straightforward service with the basic premise of gaining your more Instagram likes for all of the content that you post. The simplicity and transparency of the service is something we like to see, as this is commonly missed in the Instagram growth industry.
More Likes Review – Is it a Scam?
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Instagram is still the most prominent site for all things social media marketing; Instagram offers brands, businesses, influencers, and creators the opportunity to connect with more people and grow their following. 

In the past, the key indicator of Instagram success was always follower count; the more followers a user had on Instagram, the more popular they would seem. This idea is long gone. Instagram has since changed their algorithm and these days, what really matters for successful Instagram growth is one simple metric— engagement. 

Instagram engagement is what drives everything on the platform. Engagement determines which posts users see, which accounts are favored as doing well, which content gets more reach, and how content will be distributed. This basically means that if you don’t have engagement, you don’t have much of anything on Instagram. 

You also add a level of social cred to your account through engagement. If your content has a lot of likes and comments, it’s perceived as more popular by other users on the platform, and the cycle will continue to perpetuate itself, acquiring more engagement and thus gaining more reach. 

The secret to Instagram growth, then, is engagement. So, how do you get more of it? Doing it yourself can take a while, but there are a few services out there that can help make it easier. 

One of the most popular services for Instagram likes, More Likes, has been generating a lot of buzz lately, so we decided to review it and see what they can do for your account. In this More Likes review, you’ll understand what the MoreLikes service does and whether or not it can benefit your account in terms of engagement.

Let’s take a look! 

More Likes Review: How Does it Work? 

More Likes Work

More Likes is a simple and straightforward service with the basic premise of gaining your more Instagram likes for all of the content that you post. The simplicity and transparency of the service is something we like to see, as this is commonly missed in the Instagram growth industry. 

More Likes follows a few steps to provide you with real Instagram likes: 

  1. You upload a picture or video to your Instagram page 
  2. More Likes automatically detects this new media without you doing anything 
  3. Your chosen amount of likes are delivered to your new upload; you can even control the speed. 

And that’s it! More Likes says that their service delivers real and authentic likes from their network of users who are part of their Like Program, which means they’ll be liking your content in real time. This is a really unique service, and we think they’re really onto something with this model. 

MoreLikes also provides a dynamic likes scheme, which means they won’t send the same amount of likes to each post; they sometimes send 5-10% more in order to keep your posts looking natural. 

You can choose the speed at which your likes come onto your content, and you can even buy credits from your dashboard to get old posts more likes. 

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Is it Safe? 

More Likes Feedback

While it’s no surprise that people have safety concerns about Instagram growth services based on many companies’ track record, More Likes offers a lot of protection for you in a variety of ways: 

  • Real Likes: The system that More Likes has developed works very well with the Instagram platform, and you won’t run the risk of getting banned or disabled, which is great for peace of mind. 
  • Flexible Plans: You can choose the number of likes you want per post, as More Likes offers 6 options with different numbers of likes and different price points. You can start with 50 likes per post, 4 posts per day, for only $9.99 a month. That’s a great way to get some real, extra engagement and build your social cred! 
  • No Contract: We love that you can cancel anytime and they offer a 30 day money-back guarantee for all plans. That’s real service right there. 
  • Customer Support: If you have any issues, they offer 24/7 support to help you out. 
More Likes Pricing

From our research, More Likes is totally safe and they use SSL encryption and safe payment gateways to ensure that you are always protected. We are happy to say that More Likes is not a scam at all, but a very safe and effective service. 

Review Conclusion

Since engagement is so important to get your Instagram moving and get your content in front of more people regularly, More Likes is an awesome service that keeps your account safe and offers you real likes at really affordable monthly prices. 

We are so excited to see a service as reputable as More Likes on the Instagram growth market! They truly offer their clients something valuable and their service will get your content performing better and generate more engagement. Instagram engagement has a domino effect; the more you have, the more will come! 

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