4 Most Stylish Moissanite Tennis Bracelets to Buy in 2024

Published on: February 17, 2023
Last Updated: February 17, 2023

4 Most Stylish Moissanite Tennis Bracelets to Buy in 2024

Published on: February 17, 2023
Last Updated: February 17, 2023

Rocking a moissanite tennis bracelet is the perfect way to show off your love for elegant jewelry and fashion.

Moissanite has a hardness of 9.5/10 on the Mohs scale, making it a valuable alternative to diamond.

Moreover, it shares many properties with diamonds and tops all the gemstones that can be used in place of diamonds.

Adorning the wrists with jewelry is not new, and there are several ways to do it, including wristwatches.

However, lab-grown gems have taken center stage with their stunning appeal, widespread availability, durability, and ability to match any outfit.

Today’s e-commerce world means you can look dashing with a Moissanite tennis bracelet with just a few touches.

Despite its widespread availability, many still mistake moissanite for a diamond. The two gems have inherent differences in their looks, even with their near-similar structures.

So, we will touch on a few crucial areas and tell you all about this jewelry, including a deep dive into tennis bracelets and our top picks for the most stylish bracelets.

Best Moissanite Tennis Bracelets

We have a few products that will wow you. They include:

1. Moissanite Tennis Bracelet

Moissanite Tennis Bracelet

This tennis bracelet from Barkev’s has 50 prongs set with moissanite’s brightly sparkling on a white gold base.

The 14K white gold variant is $4,085, but it is also available in 18K gold and platinum, both of which cost more.

2. “To My Valentine” Tennis Bracelet

To My Valentine Tennis Bracelet

She.Said.Yes’s tennis bracelet starts at $930 for the 10K white gold variant, with prices reaching $2,415 for the 18K gold and platinum.

The accessory is also available in rose gold to give you more colorful options.

3. “My Heart is All Yours” Tennis Bracelet

My Heart is All Yours Tennis Bracelet

A more affordable tennis bracelet from She.Said.Yes is this love-designed accessory.

Pricing starts from $765 to $1,960 for the platinum metal build. It has 23 different cut gemstones to give you an all-around sparkle.

4. “You Are My Missing Piece” Tennis Bracelet

You Are My Missing Piece Tennis Bracelet

The “You Are My Missing Piece” tennis bracelet has a colorful watermelon gem as its highlight feature. It has about 57 tiny cut gemstones around its entire circumference.

Tennis Bracelets And Why You Need Them

pexels iva prime 5361139

Before we get to the lab-grown jewelry, having a basic idea of tennis bracelets is crucial.

What we will discuss in the following few lines will make you better appreciate the Moissanite tennis bracelet.

Not as a rival to diamonds but as a unique luxury item in its own right.

Tennis bracelets have symmetrical patterns or rows of diamonds or gemstones, with a precious, thin metal chain providing the link.

Typically, diamonds are more prominent than gemstones in tennis bracelets, hence the initial name of “line” diamond bracelets.

With the advent of lab-grown gems, that name no longer holds and sounds outdated today.

The diamonds or gemstones in tennis bracelets often have the same size, color, shape, and clarity.

Having them as an accessory adds glamor to your style and, most importantly, versatility.

That said, you can wear them alone or pair them with other accessories, depending on your styling for the day.

This accessory, including the Moissanite tennis bracelet, is convenient and versatile. Its lightweight design brings comfort, even when worn for long periods.

That is not the case with most jewelry, whose weight begins to tell after a few hours.

Aside from being lightweight, tennis bracelets match almost any styling, from jeans and t-shirts to more formal settings.

A practical example and a turning point in their use were back in 1987, during the US Open.

A simple loss incident drew media and spectator attention to Chris Evert’s George Bedewi diamond bracelet.

Composition Of A Tennis Bracelet

We mentioned that tennis bracelets have diamonds or gemstones lined in symmetrical patterns or rows.

What then makes the bracelet sturdy and functional? Let’s explore this further.

One of the most popular configurations is a single-row design. The tennis bracelet has only one row of similarly sized diamonds or gemstones in that setting.

Nevertheless, you could get up to 55 diamonds on several rows.

The beauty of this tennis bracelet is that it is still affordable, regardless of the number of gemstones. That is because it costs less than diamonds, which are hard to find.

The other valuable component is the precious metal carrying diamonds or gemstones.

This metal is, on its own, a luxury item and is also available in different colors, including silver, rose gold, gold, etc.

Styling A Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets shot to the peak of fashion after the unfortunate incident at the 1987 US Open.

Since then, they have become synonymous with fashion pieces, from casual to formal.

You can pair them with just about anything in your jewelry set, from diamond earrings to necklaces.

Styling them boils down to personal preference, as there is no limit to the number of ways you can use them. How about wearing them with a wristwatch?

Wristwatches not only tell the time; they have become integral parts of a fashion statement. As a result, styling your tennis bracelets with them becomes even more crucial. 

You should note a few things when wearing a wristwatch with a tennis bracelet.

First, ensure the diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals match the design of your watch. Doing that will create a seamless flow and a visual appeal.

The second thing is to wear the bracelet closer to the wrist than the watch. This one is a silent, unspoken rule for styling bracelets and wristwatches.

Nevertheless, there are even more ways to style jewelry.

You can wear this accessory with your bridal ring set, which will form a perfect match.

The same applies to engagement rings, adorning you with elegance and glamor.

How The Moissanite Tennis Bracelet Differs From The Diamond Type

sabrianna 2z7MxnXQs3k unsplash

We all love the sparkle of diamonds, don’t we? However, their price and availability often put us off, as they are expensive and somewhat rare to find a good cut.

Gemstones offer similar glamor at more affordable prices.

A moissanite bracelet is a solid alternative to the diamond variant, but there are differences.

While they will not look like a classic diamond tennis bracelet, the upsides will intrigue you. That said, these accessories differ in the following ways:


Diamonds are known for their sparkle and shine. Nevertheless, a colorless Moissanite is not far behind and might even pass off as a natural diamond.

Do not forget that these gemstones are lab-made.

While color and quality may be similar, the two gems play with light differently. On one end, diamonds have a clear or white light emission.

On the other hand, moissanite has several colors. As the carat size increases, you will notice the differences in light emission even more.

Smaller carat gemstone tennis bracelets can effortlessly pass off as diamond variants.

Although you should style them uniquely, carefully select the color and clarity if you want to pass them off as diamonds.

If you want something more convincing, you can go for lab-grown diamonds. However, they are still more expensive than a Moissanite tennis bracelet.


Diamonds hold the position of the hardest known mineral on earth and have a perfect score on the Mohs scale.

That means it has exceptional durability and resistance to scratches and wear and tear. It takes a diamond to damage a diamond.

As odd as that sounds, it is nothing but the truth. Moissanites have their fair share of strength, reaching just slightly below diamonds.

Their toughness makes them more resistant to cracking than diamonds, which is an advantage.

However, you won’t be applying cracking pressure while wearing them.

Unlike diamonds, what damages moissanite is harsh chemicals and water. Therefore, you should carefully tug them away when engaging in swimming.

Keeping your Moissanite bracelet sparkling boils down to occasional cleaning and polishing. Allocate adequate care to it, and you will use it for a long time.


If you consider the same size for both gems, diamonds are pricier than moissanite. While evident, even lab-grown diamonds hold more value and have varying prizes.

You will receive different diamond prices depending on size, cut, clarity, carat, shape, and color.

That is not the case with moissanite, as its price often only varies based on size and quality. Regardless, that does not stop its price from reaching $10,000.

It is easier to find moissanite below $1,000 than diamonds; you can get the former for as low as $150. Nevertheless, you should consider quality when pricing the accessory.

Finding The Perfect Fit

It will be easier to find the perfect fit now that you know the ins and outs of the moissanite tennis bracelet.

Unlike diamond variants, you will not have a tough time during selection because of the fewer options.

However, you must still consider the material and quality, the latter even more crucial.

Like other gemstones, moissanite runs with the GIA grading system, which covers color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.

These four aspects define the quality of a gemstone, in this case, moissanite.

However, your primary focus for tennis bracelets should be color and clarity. That sparkle you are looking for heavily depends on them.

On that account, let us dig deeper and show you which colors and clarity are preferable.


Gemstones fall under three color classifications, Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3. Type 1 stones have no visible inclusions and are deemed colorless.

That means you cannot see any inclusions with your naked eyes.

With Type 2, you can see some inclusions, though not very pronounced. They have a lesser amount of eye-clean stones than Type 1.

The last category is Type 3, and as you might have already guessed, it has very pronounced inclusions.

Getting a Type 2 diamond will still be appealing; you’d have to go for Type 1 if you want moissanite. That also goes for the larger carat size to keep the visual appeal.


With gemstones, sparkle and clarity go hand in hand. Before we make any recommendations, let’s see the clarity levels as described below:

  • IF Clarity: Gemstones in this category are entirely inclusion-free and flawless (loupe clean).
  • VVS Clarity: They are slight inclusions but invisible, even with 10X magnification.
  • VS Clarity: This classification is often eye clean, with slight inclusions, visible to a trained eye, or under 10x magnification.
  • SI Clarity: You can easily see the inclusions with your eyes at this stage.
  • I1 Clarity: This class has more noticeable inclusions.
  • Transparent: Gemstones in this class do not diffuse light but may have inclusions.

With that in mind, your best choice for an optimal sparkle would be slightly included VVS clarity. Flawless is the clear winner, but it is hard to find gemstones in that class.

Preferable Metals for Your Tennis Bracelet

We mentioned the moissanite tennis bracelet because it links the gemstones. There are several durable metals, such as tungsten and steel.

However, tennis bracelets often go from 14K to 22K gold, sterling silver, and platinum.

The most common are the 14K to 18K gold, while platinum is much rarer. You would want to avoid 22K gold because of its softness and susceptibility to scratching.

Nevertheless, 18K has more superb luster than 14K, but the latter is harder.

matt moloney CeFBO6rJnbA unsplash


Moissanite tennis bracelets are viable alternatives to the diamond variants.

They offer similar sparkles at a much lower cost, and their design matches almost any outfit. With them, you will never run out of styling options.

Nevertheless, pay attention to the clarity while getting one.

The best moissanite tennis bracelets are those with slight inclusions, as flawless variants are challenging to find.


What Is The Resale Value Of The Moissanite Tennis Bracelet?

You will not have to worry about resale value, provided the bracelets are in good condition.

Often, their resale value goes for about 60% of the selling price.

Compare that to the 35% resale value of the average diamond bracelet, and you have a pretty good accessory.

Can I Swim With My Tennis Bracelet?

Unless you have a diamond bracelet, remove it before diving into the water.

Moissanites get damaged when in contact with water and other harsh chemicals.

What Is The Best Setting To Optimize My Moissanite Sparkle?

A channel, bezel setting provides the classic sparkle, giving you that timeless look.

You can also opt for a prong setting, which still gives off a plush sparkle and glamor.

Can I Get Flawless Clarity?

Gemstone tennis bracelets with flawless clarity are hard to come by and relatively more expensive than other variants.

Nevertheless, you can find one with patience and the right contact to call.

Can I Get More Than One Row For My Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets come in different designs, including batch-produced ones.

While some manufacturers allow for customization, you should be able to walk into a store and get a moissanite tennis bracelet with two or three rows. 

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