10 Best Moissanite Earrings in 2024 (NEW Styles!)

Published on: November 15, 2022
Last Updated: November 15, 2022

10 Best Moissanite Earrings in 2024 (NEW Styles!)

Published on: November 15, 2022
Last Updated: November 15, 2022

The best Moissanite earrings can quickly enhance your looks, especially if you have a suitable metal.

Gold, Platinum, and Palladium are common metals, although not as lightweight as stainless steel. The latter is hard to come by online or offline.

Earrings come in different types, including studs, hoops, and dangles, each having its application and giving the wearer distinctive looks.

Getting the best Moissanite earrings and having a balanced collection for yourself will involve cutting across these categories.

Thankfully, they are not as expensive as the diamond variants and not as rare to find as the latter.

The Gemological Institute of America affirms that moissanite looks like the South African diamond optically and physically.

Hence, you will get that stunning look for much less money and stress. That takes us to our top picks you can add to your collection today.

Our Top Picks Of The Best Moissanite Earrings 2024

We have taken great care in making this selection. Factors we considered include color, inclusion, cut, shape, and metal.

As a result, you can expect nothing but stellar options that will enhance your beauty for every occasion.

We will divide our selection into categories for easy sorting and identification. That way, you can quickly choose one from each category if you want a balanced collection.

With that in mind, here are our top picks for the best Moissanite earrings:

Moissanite Stud Earrings

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A stud earring goes through the earlobe. It has a simple design that gives it extensive versatility.

For one, Moissanite stud earrings are the classic alternatives to diamonds.

You can pair it with formal outfits, casual wear, and clothing with high, scoop, and illusion necklines.

They will blend perfectly with a dress or a heavily detailed gown and reinforce your statement piece.

If you want to try out a few, the following are worth looking up:

1. “Forever & Always” Round Cut Stud Earrings

Forever & Always Round Cut Stud Earrings

The Forever & Always round-cut stud earrings have a timeless design and are a must-have for your jewelry collection.

It will draw attention, albeit subtly, to the two round-cut stones gleaming brilliantly as you glide along.

This Moissanite stud earring is versatile, and you will have no challenge matching it with any style.

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If anything, it will add color and vibrance to your styling, bringing your beauty to prominence.

It is available in three metals, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. However, you will get two stones on each side with a 2 CT carat weight.

The 10K gold (both rose and white) starts around $405, rising to $640 for the 14K variant. You can also get the earring in 18K gold or platinum, both of which cost $965.

2. “Get Lucky” Round Cut Floral Stud Earrings

Get Lucky Round Cut Floral Stud Earrings

This product is a beauty among the best Moissanite earrings. Its floral design makes it the perfect addition you need for a stunning, shimmering look.

The “Get Lucky” round-cut floral stud earrings have round-cut stones and dazzling metals to go with the design.

Then, the flower pattern’s swirling flow tops off the elegant and polished look, placing you at your finest.

This product is ideal for your jewelry collection, and it comes in 10K to 18K gold and platinum metal. The most affordable costs $445, while the platinum goes for $1,080.

3. “Eternal Flowers” Cushion Cut Stud Earrings

Eternal Flowers Cushion Cut Stud Earrings

If you love the flair of colors, the Eternal Flowers cushion stud earrings will give you a perfect look. It comes in a shiny green that is as beautiful as it feels luxurious.

Then, marquise stones frame the cushion and cut polished gems in the center.

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Although the color means you would be choosier with your clothing, it still has an unrivaled brilliance.

Pricing starts at $540 for the 10K gold variants and reaches $1,335 if you want it with platinum or 18K gold.

Ultimately, the Eternal Flowers earrings are a sparkling and colorful choice.

Moissanite Dangle Or Drop Earrings

Stud earrings are classic, but having a dangle gives length to your styling. Dangle earrings are the go-to option to be more pronounced in your fashion statement.

Pair them with v-necklines and other low-neck outfits, and they blend perfectly. They also have a bit of versatility, expanding your styling options.

The following are the best Moissanite earrings you can get with a dangle style:

1. “My Bright Star” Pear Cut Drop Earrings

My Bright Star Pear Cut Drop Earrings

This product comes in a stunning yet classic red that immediately establishes your dominance. It has a perfect height of 23 mm, which is not too short or too long.

Attractive yet mysterious is the right way to describe the elegance of the My Bright Star pear-cut drop earrings.

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Each one has a pear-cut Moissanite in a halo frame. The frame appears again at the top to give it a unified appearance.

This option will complement your style. However, it is not as subtle as the classic studs. The price starts at $675 and goes up to $1,705.

2. “The Mermaid Princess” Drop Earrings

The Mermaid Princess Drop Earrings

If you want something to light up the night, the Mermaid Princess drop earrings will do the job. It has smaller cut Moissanites but still extends to 20.7 mm in length.

The Mermaid Princess has a subtle glow and adds two pearls to the mix.

Its 26 round stones have a bezel pattern that gives them a striking appearance. Indeed, you will get both subtlety and dominance with it.

The 10K gold variant costs $445, and the 14K gold costs $730. You can crown it with platinum or 18K gold with a price tag of $1,110.

Also, the option is available in white and rose gold.

3. “Always Here For You” Pear Cut Drop Earrings

Always Here For You Pear Cut Drop Earrings

The “Always Here for You” pear-cut drop earrings come under “My Bright Star.” It costs from $665 to $1,475 and is available in rose gold, white gold, and platinum.

Also, you can pick 10K, 14K, or 18K gold.

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Each side has 66 gemstones surrounding the pear and extending to the top. That gives it a trendy look that will set you apart instantly, hence drawing attention to yourself.

4. “Forever Young” Round Cut Drop Earrings

Forver Young Round Cut Drop Earrings

This option is affordable and among the best Moissanite earrings with a drop design on our list. However, it still carries ravishing glitz that will keep you sparkling all day.

The Forever Young round-cut drop earrings have a unique design that catches and reflects light stylishly.

They have 12 small cut stones, giving prominence to a central round cut stone.

The price for owning a piece of this charisma starts at $270 for the 10K gold variants. Going for the high-end platinum or 18K gold options costs $595.

Moissanite Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings bridge the gap between dressing for informal outings and dressing up for formal occasions. They go with any neckline and have an elegance that is hard to ignore.

With that in mind, here are our best picks for Moissanite hoop earrings:

1. “My Sunshine” Round Cut Hoop Earrings

My Sunshine Round Cut Hoop Earrings

With a starting price of $630, My Sunshine round-cut hoop earrings sparkle with 32 cut stones.

However, they are simple in style, giving you more flexibility in your choice of clothing.

The simplicity of this option does not take away its glamor. Those twinkling accents will give you all the sparkle you need for the day or evening.

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Owning the high-end 18K gold or platinum variant costs $1,590. You also get an option to pick your desired stone color.

2. “The Starry Night” Round Cut Hoop Earrings

The Starry Night Round Cut Hoop Earrings

You can set the night sky on fire (literally) with this option. The Starry Night round cut quickly makes it to our list of the best Moissanite earrings because of its craftsmanship.

It has a style that combines different shades of blue, including light and midnight blue, with yellow gold stones.

Sure enough, it mimics Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, which looks timeless.

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This alluring jewelry goes beyond elegance; it sends a message of hope. That makes you stand out from the crowd when you show up with it.

Putting one on your ears costs as much as $1,505 for the platinum and 18K gold variants. The 10K rose, and white gold variants are more affordable, costing $600.

3. “Love Under The Stars” Round Cut Hoop Earrings

Love Under The Stars Round Cut Hoop Earrings

The Love Under the Stars earrings are all about everyday glamour and are one of the best Moissanite earrings.

They have a halo frame that never ceases to glister, even in the darkest rooms. Nevertheless, the round-cut stone at the center steals most of the attention.

The elegance of this option comes from the 92 small-cut stones that beautify the length of the earring. It also features three stones of different diameters.

Pricing for the Love Under the Stars earrings begins at $435 for the 10K rose and white gold options. The platinum and 18K variants cost slightly above twice the amount at $1,050.


Moissanite earrings help you catch all the attention in subtlety but elegance. They have jaw-dropping designs, and their styling seems to have no end.

Indeed, wearing them will elevate your clothing statement and raise your fashion level.

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The brilliance and shine of Moissanites can cut through any occasion, whether formal or informal.

Wearing the best moissanite earrings will put you in an upscale position that pronounces your beauty.

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